and idk why i'm analyzing this

I’m an observer. I stay quiet, lowkey, taking in everything I can. Stolen glances, facial expressions, the way our eyes can light up, or as if there’s a whole universe imbedded in them. I pay attention when you think no one is looking, that’s when you learn the most about someone. The little mannerisms that make everyone so unique. I’m fascinated by the way people interact with each other. How someone looks at the person they love when their talking about their day. How completely focused and consumed a person is when reading a good book. The way you can tell how much hardship the world has put someone through when they talk about pain. How trusting someone is by how much they share about themselves because they’ve never been hurt. I feel disconnected from most people I come across, and I’m a very good judge of character because of this. Every conversation I engage myself in you may think it’s just a normal talk, but I analyze every single aspect of it. I notice the little things that mean so much to me.

Everyone remembers how the Dinoco 400 ended but no one remembers that Lee Revkins got ROBBED

Like, if they were midway through the race a few seconds after the previous screencap, and he was leading at lap 59, then he’d more than likely led LOTS of laps and was clearly able to keep pace with the leaders.

Here he is getting swept up in the big crash, which, again, wouldn’t have happened if Chick didn’t punt him out of the lead.

Not even in the top ten on the last lap so yeah, #63 fans must have had a rough night that night.


I cannot stop listening to the song “Every Shining Time You Arrive” by idk who and I really truly can’t decide if I hate it or love it but right away the guitars caught me and they’re very ‘Verticle Horizon’ and when the piano starts up at the end I get goosebumps on my legs so there’s that.

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Camila's tweet "head rolling back but i'm faking the rush" are lyrics from a song called It's Strange. That line means the girl isn't satisfied but shes faking it (in the song it's meant sexually). This might be over analyzing... but maybe it has something to do with Camila not being attracted to guys and having to pretend she is?? 👀👀 I mean idk why else she'd tweet those lyrics specifically since they're not her own if she wasn't alluding to something.