and idk why but it seems simple

sometimes adhd feels like those dreams where you’re aware it’s a dream but you still don’t have any control over it. you just kinda sit there watching things play out, knowing what should be happening and knowing what you should be doing to put that into effect but you can’t and that’s the worst part.

and all the dreams become nightmares. and people say, “but if you’re lucid in your dreams then why don’t you just change your dreams to make them happy?” and it seems so simple and you wonder if maybe you’re just not trying hard enough. but every night the same thing happens and you wonder if it’s just going to be like this forever.

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(1/2) Idk, but I think the reason why Frances only came for Ed could be pretty simple. His merch is everywhere, people, both peasants and nobles, may be talking about him, so when Frances got wind of it, which could have taken some time since she doesn't seem to interested in gossip, she immediately went to get him. Lizzie on the other hand, she may assume she's with a friend or something, and we don't know if Ed told her about the music hall before leaving to get her. What I mean by this is

…………Hey Anon and I’m sorry but… are you serious right now? :/

  • Maybe Frances doesn’t know/How should she find out about what’s going on since we readers don’t know about what Lizzie is doing?

Well, she has a son? A son who has been worried ever since Lizzie left the house? Enough so that he left Weston college (when it’s his last year and he’s a prefect) and came to pester Ciel about it once he realized he wouldn’t be able to bring her back by himself so… I’d assume that logically he’d have consulted with his parents about what to do before calling on Ciel as a last resort?

Besides, how did Ed himself know that Lizzie was at the sphere music hall? 

The answer is Paula there (”later I learned” = Paula), since we were just confirmed in the new chapter that the S4 didn’t even know that Lizzie was living at the Sphere music hall… [x]

so if Ed knew she was there that was because Paula came home to report, which means that Frances and Alexis had to know as well. 

And in case Frances  really “didn’t know” because somehow she wasn’t in London just before Lizzie ran away, well, a little bubble of Ed saying his parents weren’t home would have made things more believable when it comes to Frances not being aware of Lizzie’s situation.

The arc started mid-August and we’re mid-November + this is the Victorian era so is Frances supposed to believe that Lizzie has been at a friend’s house for the last two months (when she barely stays a night at most at Ciel’s)?
And when Ed himself knew that Lizzie had run away to go at the sphere music hall (again probably thanks to Paula)? 

So, excuse me Anon, I know you’re just trying to help but where is the logic in all this? I know it’s tempting to forget about logic since Yana herself seems to have forgotten about it (lmao I’m so pissed about the few answers we got so far, that makes no damn sense)…
…But seriously, you don’t just give me the Midfords in absolute cooperation and trusting in each other’s skills fully while fighting the BDs on the Campania, if that’s to have Ed being extremely worried and directly asking for Ciel’s help without even mentioning what he knows of his sister’s situation to his parents beforehand in the current arc.

Again, no offense Anon, I know you’re trying to help :3 but I need logic, so if Yana wants to throw it all away to make it all nonsensical (which I’m afraid might be the case after the new chapter) then I might as well decide to stop reading.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry again Anon, but Frances had to know, otherwise I’ll decide to go crazy and say that the truth behind this arc is that Ed is Bravat’s accomplice and that they took Lizzie away so that Edward, turned completely mad with his love for her, could marry his sister and make her kids. -_-

Sorry that the current arc has me so pissed, have a nice day Anon. 

So, I was playing this Portal 2 community map called, “Nature” and I thought it seemed pretty basic enough, ya know. Pretty textures, nice music, simple puzzle, etc. AND THEN THERE’S THIS THING:



I guess it’s supposed to be a little challenge in this puzzle, considering, well, it moves when you don’t look at it. Idk, I was too busy gushing over how cute this thing is to know how it’s supposed to work in this test.




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1/2 this is hilarious so nobody get mad. i had a dream about bryana and i always thought her good vibes positivity and all was fake. so in my dream, she was going crazy trying to seem down to earth and get ashton's attention that she just moved into a camper thing and lived a simple life. and i'm walking and i see bryana walk out of the camper, only in panties omfG. and she said something i couldn't hear and i said i was a fan of hers and idk why because i don't even like her ????

LMFAO wow girl were you eating before you went to bed? if you eat sugar or certain things before bed you  will have wildass dreams

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oh thank you, that was so fast! but that seemed to save the expression permanently on the model, so the rest of the facials are messed up. is there a way i can edit those facials to work with the new eyes? sorry if that doesnt make sense

YEAH UM idk how i can explain this like super simple but!! i did a really more sophisticated tutorial a while back on eye stuff here:

but basically my tip for u is that dont edit the eyes or anything until after you saved all the facials in their like original state (before messed up) and then once u save all of those separately (number them because that’ll help when you go back to fix the facials), and then do your half-closed eyes save
then open that new file, go to all your eye facials and edit and open the numbered facial files!!! LMFAO THat was a ramble but i explained it in the tutorial so i hope that helps more!!!

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A. Age: 16
B. Biggest Fear: Cockroaches
C. Current Time: 10:26pm
D. Drink you last had: Water
E. Everyday starts with: Me being late (ughh)
F. Favourite Song: Of all time? Probably Mean by Taylor
G. Ghosts, are they real?: Yes….? Idk
H. Hometown: São Paulo
I. In love with: Ed’s new song
J. Jealous of: I don’t know…
K. Killed someone: No (what?!?)
L. Last time I cried: Today because I’m an emotional mess
M. Middle name: ……ugh….
N. Number of siblings: 0
O. One wish: Have no worries at all and just relax
P. Person you last called/texted: My friend
Q. Question you’re always asked: Stuff about what I’m planning to do after I finish school
R. Reason to smile: Pretty sky, meeting friends, having a good cup of tea on a rainy day…
S.Song last sang: One by Ed Sheeran
T. Time you woke up: 6am
U. Underwear colour: ……white
V. Vacation destination: I really wanna go to England and Russia
W. Worst habit: Idk… Maybe organizing things all the time
X. X-rays you’ve had: Well, a lot. Of my arms, legs, feet, teeth…
Y. Your favourite food: Pasta
Z. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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Have you ever climbed a tree ten times taller than you?

   It surely seems like kind of a random question, let alone from someone as matter-of-fact of a person as Kirijo Mitsuru was widely known to be, but in its own way a pleasant surprise - hearing the girl talk about something besides her duties as the heiress of the Kirijo Group or her highly valued academics. A simple conversation starter of a rather silly subject, however quite delightfully so. It was good to see a friend take a break from her busy, obligation-filled lifestyle, be it in the form of a simple, lighthearted chat.

   Shinjiro sneers slightly at the thought that soon reaches him. Did she ask the question so she could brag about having done something like that herself? It sounded uncharacteristic of someone like the Empress, but the Hierophant sort of hoped it was the case - would that not have been adorable in its own way? —Adorable” not usually being the first word that came to the boy’s mind when describing the redhead, though he was well aware of her moments of naivety every now and then. A strong friendship forged in the years that they’d known each other, a sibling-like bond that made itself obvious at times like this one; though funnily enough their roles ever-changing with Mitsuru sometimes taking the role of an older sister, or - as was in this case - Shinjiro assuming the one of an older brother. At least that’s how he felt like at that moment, smiling wryly at the old friend while waiting for her to prove his theory right.

      “You asking ‘cause you have, or what?
      Don’t that sound a like you’re bragging?
      …Admit it. Just a little bit.”

   Shinjiro pauses for a while, until finally deciding to give an answer to the question he’s being asked. Has he? The young man remembers many a times Akihiko and himself had ventured outdoors and climbed trees - usually in the form of a competition, as always… He closes his eyes before giving his final answer and digging up memories in his head, the tone of his voice giving away the amusement, but also the good mood that the seemingly off-topic inquiry has put him in.

      “Dunno… Don’t remember. Never had a
      measuring tape with me when I did that
      crap as a kid. You oughta ask Aki, he 
      probably remembers something like that.
      But I can assure you, if he’s done it, then
      I’ve done it too.”

   He wants to add “probably did better than him, anyway”, competitive as is his nature when it came to Akihiko but decides to leave it out as to not give away the hint of childishness even someone like himself stored deep down in his soul. It is clear either way that he is joking, perhaps a trait he did not so often show in the presence of others. Or perhaps he had the habit of doing it more nowadays, things did look a lot better than they did a couple of years ago, after all. A youthful smile remains on his face as he waits for Mitsuru’s initial reaction, observing the girl’s face and hoping that she will take the boy’s typical sarcasm as well as she usually would.


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1. Taken as a reaction picture after issue 1 of @theacademiczine went live.
2. Waiting outside the car after my mom left me stranded at church one day.
3. Finger gun because why not?
4. Being a dork in glasses before my class at Harvard.
5. Selfie from last spring break, which was so amazing - we went to Death Valley and it was beautiful! Also it highlights my random cheek simple/birth mark that never goes away.
6. No makeup, no filter, 3 day hair selfie. Although in general I don’t wear makeup during the week and when I do it’s very natural.

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