and idk where the other dude is from

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dude i just thought of something; what if the host got blinded by some sort of light or burned? because he has that gold streak in his hair that i didn't notice before so idk where that came from??

oooh maybe! i’ve also seen other theories about bleach. maybe someone splashed bleach at him as a means of escape/distraction and host removed his eyes because of it? and the gold streak serves as a reminder of that too? who knows!!

manhwa/manga/webtoon/ idk recs

2 years ago, I had taken a break from anything related to anime and manga but I’m back at it again…

Gore level 1-10 (lowest to highest)

Bastard: it’s about this boy who lives with a serial killer who is actually his dad. (6)

Killing Stalking: this dude has a crush on this other dude who’s actually a murderer and ends up as a captive, also a bit of stockholm syndrome. (7)

Dead Tube: a fucked up version of YouTube where people get paid to do criminal acts (mostly murder) and it’s legal. (9 or 10)

19 Days: a story between two guys who are best friends. more light-hearted but of course, one of them falls for the other pretty badly. gay. (1)

i might update this soon

today the most FanFic™ thing happened to me and i need to tell you 

there’s this quite small band “peach pit” (i’ve talked about them a few times idk) and since they don’t have merch i made myself a shirt with their logo on it.
today, when i was on the tube, there was this dude staring at me so i stared back, we kinda smiled at each other and then he asked me where i got my shirt from. i told him i made it myself and we excitedly talked about pp, til he 1) asked me to make him a shirt too 2) told me to listen to “men i trust” 3) gave me his number

??? how’s this real

talk 2 me

note: i don’t hate ace people, i used to think and identify as ace myself i just don’t… think… cisexual heterosexual people have a right to the lgbt community. like being ace doesn’t get you killed or murdered, being ace doesn’t get you hated but being gay DOES, being trans DOES, being a lesbian or bisexual DOES.

being ace alone (without being bi/trans/gay/lesbian), at least in western society would probably at most make it hard for you to find a partner that respects you and maybe lead to people thinking you’re weird or unusual and can be alienating but I have never heard of anyone literally being killed or murdered for just being ace. ace people face their own struggles that are different from us but still valid which is why they need a space… but i don’t think the lgbt community is that kind of space.

it’s just like i want cishet aces to have their own spaces separate from our community where they can talk about the struggles they face because i and many other lgbt people feel unsafe talking about our experiences with cishets around in general, like its not even the ACE part that’s screaming no it’s the fact CISHETS are wanting to be lgbt… like i don’t understand how a cishet ace person could even begin to relate or understand what its like to be trans or gay and to face that level of hatred or bigotry other than “yea dude its WEIRD AS HELL being DIFFERENT” or something idk

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when people reblog posts about how the people who hate prinxiety need to chill/that theyre sick of seeing ship-hate, it makes me feel awful because ive stopped shipping it due to the names they call each other. roman saying things like that anxiety isnt needed or insulting him makes me anxious and i feel really guilty as ive made a post saying that prince needs to chill and everyones been posting stuff dragging prince-haters. idk sorry for rambling

It’s okay my dude dw!! I get where you’re coming from bc lately the ship has been making me feel kinda icky :( I’m sorry people are being rude, but you shouldn’t have to feel guilty for not shipping something

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since ive been recently in Tokyo (japan trip yaay! hanami! XD) i noticed that people there often stare at foreigners, but like eye piercing through your soul or the ' omg is it there?? OMG ' every once and again;although i knew this would happen since i had informed myself from other tourists, it was still weird smtms like 'i know dude im a gaijin you can stop now.' and i think that noya and tanaka would sort of do this like ' ryuu, cute gaijin .' where, NOYA-SAN?!' ' 12 o'clock bro. ' 1/2

2/2 … XD so basing on this could i just have a cute request based on this maybe? like idk it could be based off my experience which in this case was quite often but the most hilarious one was inside the subway bcs there was a pair of teens in which one of them was always looking back and forth between his friend, the cell phone and me with this shocked face and i felt so eager to laugh. maybe they’re also in that kind of situation and surprise surprise the person asks in Japanese if they’re ok

1) I’m sorry this took me so long, I just had the worst case of writer’s block

2) I’m so jealous you went to Japan, did you go to the Haikyuu!! museum?

3) I did some “research” (*cough* read the Wikipedia article *cough*) and gaijin is an offensive term, but apparently most people who don’t live in Tokyo or Osaka don’t know that.

Ever since they had arrived in Japan curious eyes followed their every move, but whenever they’d turn around or try to make eye contact, suddenly the floor tiles were the most interesting thing in the world. It didn’t bother them at all, it was quite cute actually. That’s why they weren’t surprised when, in the corner of their eye, _____ noticed a short teenager just a few tables away from them, staring at them, his eyes wide open, they turned their head to face him, but he immediately deviated his attention to his phone screen so _____ switched her focus back to their coffee. It wasn’t too long before they heard a voice say “Ryuu, look, cute gaijin,” they looked in the direction the voice was coming from, they saw the short boy frantically kicking the bald guy sitting in front of him.

“What? Where? Noya-san I can’t see them,” the baldy was looking around him trying to spot them, _____ couldn’t contain a giggle because the café, although spacious, wasn’t very crowded, apart from _____, the two boys and the barista, there were just two other customers, so there was no reason he should have any trouble spotting them.

“9 o’clock, bro.”

Their eyes met when the bald guy turned around to check them out, he quickly broke eye contact, usually, that’s where it’d end, after everyone got a good look at the foreigner so _____ went back to drinking their cup of coffee in peace, or that was the plan, but the sound of the two boys whispering in the background and the feeling that someone was watching them was incredibly distracting, so _____ decided to go talk to them; they stood up and walked over to the table where the boys were sitting, their eyes looking up at _____ wide open and a slight hint of blush tinting their cheeks.

“Umm… is everything all right?” _____ asked, with a smile on her face, their faces shifted to an expression _____ had seen way too often during their time in Japan: surprise mixed with embarrassment, because who would’ve guessed, the foreigner speaks Japanese.

i just had a dream where i knew ten from like elementary school but he moved away and then he came back when we were in high school but we didn’t remember each other until on a field trip i pulled out some old pictures from an old field trip of me and my cousins for some reason on the bus one day and ten was like 👀 girl is that fcking me in the background? and somehow knowing that we went to school together, not that we were old friends, just that we went to school as kids, was somehow plausible grounds for us to start dating.

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Pearl is fucking ugly ! And amour has sooo much more CANON evidence !!!! UNLIKE PEARL, DO PEARLSHIPPERS EVEN KNOW WHAT CANON EVIDENCE IS ? Amour is 100x better and cuter. Fuck pearlshipping, pokeshipping, negaishipping and advanceshipping. Dawn is FUGLY and Serena is BEAUTIFUL. I hate pearlshippers because they're BLIND STUPID AND UGLY!

First of all, calm the fuck down.

Second of all, if you ONLY ship something because of “canon evidence” it’s pretty sad.. That’s not the main idea of shipping.

In reality I should ignore you, but I’m feeling generous so I’m gonna correct your statements:

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Idk where the Stitch picture came from, but some dude that I'm guessing is friends with Gigi's sister Alana posted on his ig stories and it seems like Ned and other people from Zayn's team were at Gigi's dad's house, so I'm guessing Zayn was there as well.

Oh cool!! The whole family!! Perhaps they were celebrating the 4th of july or something? Anyways where are the pics of Zayn with in laws?

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I saw screenshots of what it looks like a new vlog with Simon from when they did the lg video and Simon comes out the bathroom saying really there's gifs of it but I can't find where it's from

SAME THOUGH IDK WHERE ITS FROM maybe some of the other dudes vlogs?

hey sense8 fandom, here are some free capheus fic ideas besides “shows up in other people’s stories to be generically ~wise~, issue-free, and conveniently asexual”

(because a lot of this is the show’s fault but not all of it and you know what, YOU CAN DO BETTER. that is a choice that you have.)

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It honestly confuses me to no end. Where did all these imaginary sexuality's. Come from? Gay and Straight. It's not that hard.

Hi anon! 

Honestly sometimes I wonder the same thing myself, about like, a lot of things, though. I mean, where did all these imaginary colors come from, you know? Like, idk why people want to label things with words like “red” or “purple” or “blue”. Black and White. It’s not that hard. Lmao, all other colors are imaginary.

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I dreamed I was in BNHA universe and idk I probably don’t have quirk but anyway I was trapped w several other citizens in a train and held hostage by Shigaraki Tomura and he made us go to bathroom stalls one by one to “confess our sins” and in there there’s like a tv in there where shigaraki talked to us and I told him he has pretty eyes not bc I want to be released from the train but bc I want more of the muffin they served earlier in the train, he was flattered enough to order muffin for me

damn dude that’s one weird intense dream

kris vs. sm essay

submitting this on behalf of the writer with permission b/c TRUTH

Part 1: Kris Wu Yi Fan is an “entitled child”

Because apparently this is the hill I wanna die on, or something, I’mma have to call out the level of hypocrisy and entitlement in the fans who are all about labeling Kris Kevin Wu Yi Fan Li a selfish human being for, essentially, wanting to quit his really high profile job before an important team deadline. There’s all this stuff from fans calling him childish, lazy, dead to them, whatever, and I just literally read a tweet from someone I’d have previously thought was a p sane, reasonable person that read “myocarditis isn’t even a serious untreatable disease wtf” and like, DAMN. (As a medical student, I’d like to say uh, yes it is serious. And secondly, if you or your loved ones are diagnosed with myocarditis SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP.)

I wanna give y’all the benefit of the doubt and say you are proponents of idk, basic human rights, and would protest labor standards that would lead to emotional and physical distress in basically any other working context at any other job in the world so like, why is this any different?


The fact that this job happens to literally revolve around providing us, the fans, with personal entertainment and joy, only makes this all the more entitled. 

We’re not unaware this stuff has been going on. How many jokes do we make about SME (and other entertainment companies, surely) and its treatment of its employees: intense training period, weirdly parochial non-dating policy, live-in manager dorm life, incredibly intense back to back schedules, uncontrolled sasaeng activity, repeated proof and indication that these kids are expected to pull through despite illness and injury as a celebrity “culture”, idols themselves nonchalantly mentioning that they only sleep a couple hours a night, on average, or that they starve themselves before important events and all as a part of an entertainment industry. Like, to provide the public with a little fun in their lives. AND they earn very little to nothing in the way of real wages for years and years of this.

(Not even gonna address the people who are still LOL OMGGG PLS STOP TRYING TO RIP ON SM THAT’S SO OLD, because honestly if one or more lawsuits occurring in every single generation: HOT, Shinhwa, Dbsk, Super Junior, Exo, is not enough of an indicator to you that there is something seriously wrong with the system that continues to be unaddressed, nothing will, and god bless you.) 

There isn’t anything to glorify about this. If the other eleven members continue to push on in whatever conditions, giving statements that there’s nothing wrong between them and the company, praising a standard of “hard work to achieve their dreams” (a part of SM culture that is so ingrained and underlined that they released an entire documentary about three of their golden boys living out just this theme) then they’ve made up their minds and are able to shoulder the standards of a fundamentally flawed system and we can only wish them the best. And maybe continue to enjoy the music and entertainment after yet another wake up call that everything is not just brotherhood and dreams and idk cute gimmicks on tv shows. 

This DOES NOT make the other eleven better people than Kris. It does not make them stronger, or harder, or wiser or whatever the f. This DOES NOT make Kris a selfish childish person for wanting out, lord. This was probably the product of idk, six years of disillusionment but he could’ve woken up one morning and realized that he was 23 years old and where he once was healthy he now had an inflamed heart that he had to sneak away to get diagnosed on his own dang time. That the eleven other people in his team were living life from a perspective he could no longer get behind and he’d left and been brought back before and tried to work it through for the team and Exo is One and Exo Let’s Love and all that and the day to day of it just wasn’t living out. 

Basically, if you as a fan want to refuse one of the members the right to leave, because it puts greater pressure on the other eleven over-worked, over-stressed, under-rested members I’m gonna need to you to take every single seat in the whole dang building and maybe reassess why you want those people to be over-worked, over-stressed, and under-rested FOR YOU in the first place.

Part 2: But I just don’t approve of the WAY he left, or WHEN, or whatever

And to that, I say: It depends on the perspective you’re coming in from.

First, we’d have to agree that this is a case of a person getting out of a bad situation (see above). If you don’t think that’s the case, because the guy got through whatever five years of training before the fame, before anything, and is leaving at the height of the group’s popularity, while ill, because of laziness or childishness, then goodnight and goodluck, I guess.

From there, have you ever heard of or known anyone getting out of a bad situation? I’m assuming yes, because homes, institutions, whatever, this exists everywhere. People getting out of bad places LEAVE, that’s the thing. And if you agree that the situation was bad, you don’t tell them they can’t, or when they should, or who they should tell first.ESPECIALLY if they’ve tried to leave before in one or more instances, more quietly, in a different manner, at, as you would say, “a better time”, and have been dragged back by the entity they are trying to escape from, convinced to stay by people around them they care about, who profess to care about them. 

ESPECIALLY if you are just a random sitting behind a computer somewhere, who benefitted from or enjoyed the job the person’s trying to escape. Damn. 

(Is no one really creeped out by Suho’s PR “irresponsible to the fans” pronouncement? Like, I don’t want anyone to continue to sing and dance against their will because they’re responsible to ME, jc.)

Second, are we really, I mean really, arguing on BEHALF of SM here? Uhh, as the victim? Because the timing surprised them, or is inconvenient for them? You’re right, it’s not NICE that Kris left now. But this is a tactical escape from a powerful entity. Like, that’s how it’s done, and it’s not necessarily a moral or “nice” thing, but uhh how does someone nicely extricate themselves from a very powerful company that has them in a binding contract anyway? Looking back at DBSK, Hangeng, etc., all legal precedent would suggest you can’t, because the system is inherently hard to bust out of. 

He could’ve told his bandmates/teammates/friends and coworkers that he was leaving, but again, as some random sitting behind a computer who has no claims on THEIR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS man, I don’t get to throw a temper tantrum about it because I don’t get to dictate how close they are, or should have been, or whether the others should’ve known he was sad, or whatever the f. 

The members have the prerogative to feel ANY SORTA WAY about this whole, awful situation. So does Kris. As NUGU FANS with our faces pressed up against the windows of their lives, fans who don’t bear any sort of relation to these people other than to be primary benefitors of their jobs, who don’t know anything about their relationships other than what we can glean from ours and other’s potentially unhealthy preoccupations are we really gonna stand up right now and yell to the masses how so and so should’ve TOLD US, should’ve TOLD THEM, MYOCARDITIS AIN’T BAD ENOUGH, etc.

Everyone ragging on about how what Kris did is “cold”… idk it’s pretty funny. Do you know this dude? Do you know the people who you’re all up in arms over, spitting vitriol to defend because one of their friends and coworkers quit his job unexpectedly on them after being dragged back a couple times? You’re the equivalent of the random busting in on some corporate meeting telling the guy trying to leave that he’s a jerk for hurting the feelings of everyone there, or the stranger off the street running into some house to tell the dude trying to run away from a bad situation that he really should tell like, SOMEBODY he’s trying to leave, or risk you calling him an asshole. 

Idk, it’s a messy situation all around. People are right to be hurt, or angry, or whatever, but when fans start that game about how some dude they don’t know should have PUSHED THROUGH the difficulties of the job where he sings and dances for them, or insist that he should’ve extricated himself from that job in a way that was nicer to THE OTHER DUDES THEY DON’T KNOW, that’s where I draw the line.

What 1D Songs Really Mean

Midinight Memories

Best Song Ever: I was drunk AF when we met and we danced a lot and im trying to tell my friends about it but i keep forgetting how the song went. I luv u Georgia Rose

Story Of My Life: Looking back on life and thinking about some shit. Im using some metaphors to get my feelings across.

Diana: We’ve been fucking for 4 months and idk how anyone could’ve been a dick to you.

Midnight Memories: Narration of this wild house party i went to. Fuck rules. Here is a song you can head bang to. “Just Do It” , Our ad for Nike

You & I : Some other people have a shitty relationship because i got it all figured out so we are gonna last for eves.

Don’t Forget Where You Belong: We are touring and we are trying not to lose our roots and forget where we are from. But Harry keeps migrating to LA so ig this songs pointless

Strong: More metaphors about tying hands??? BDSM AU????

Happily: You’ve got this other dude but we are meant to be. Why you gotta do me like that? call 911 we are on fire. be with me BB

Right Now: I just had an epiphany and i can understand but i miss you so come over so we can fuck

Little Black Dress: Im here at this party and this girl who’s name so imma call you little black dress. Your hot AF and theres some slight kinky ass- sugar daddy shit in this

Through The Dark: A metaphor about how we had some problems what we worked through them so yay

Something Great: We broke up but one day imma come back and fix it all up. then we can fuck

Little White Lies: Your lies are pissing me off so much I keep thinking about them and now i might die because if this room caught fire i wouldn’t know  you lil shit

Better Than Words: Our sex life is so good you can’t describe it 

Why Don’t We Go There: You wanna wait till marriage but if you say yes we can fuck 

Does He Know?: You have a boyfriend but is he aware of who you really are? Does your boy know i wanna fuck you? 

Alive: I’m obsessed with sex and my mom made me go see a doctor and they told me to go out and have more sex so i was like cool. I went to a party and started talking dirty to this girl but dont worry about your friends lets just go fuck it’s chill

Half  A Heart: we broke up and  you won’t give me my sweater back

AU where Ben & Jack own some sort of shop together idk what kind and Ashton is Jack’s friend so he visits the shop a lot and one day he goes in and sees ‘Jack’ restocking the shelves so Ashton sneaks up and playfully smacks his ass bc guys being dudes, y'know, but then 'Jack’ yelps and turns around and it turns out that he’s not Jack at all, but some hot blond boy with wide blue eyes who looks a lot like Jack from behind. And they awkwardly stare at each other as Ashton fumbles over his words until the real Jack comes in and he’s like “Hey Ash! So I see you’ve finally met my little brother, Luke!”

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hi! so i love your fics and you probs get asked this a lot but i thought i'd ask you for some fic recs since you also seem to read a lot and know of the underrated ones. if that's cool :D.. i'm looking for stuff from the old cs fics, if you read a lot of those? cause i'm interested to read the fics from the early days of cs and idk where to start. I've read SSTTR, Path that Moonbeams Make, The Daring and The Devious and love them all. Heaven Disturbed,I'm reading next. Any others you can rec? :D

Dude, I never pass up on a chance to go digging back through early days fic. I love you for giving me the excuse, I went a little wild with it to be honest. I actually had to make myself stop at things first published a year ago, AKA around when ‘In The Name of the Brother’ aired, because the list was getting too long. (Except I did also throw a couple of my faves in just because.)

I’ll divvy by oneshots/shorts and longer fic. Shorter comes first:

Untrustworthy Pirate Moonshine - Emma and Hook get drunk and plot Rumplestiltskin’s death, set before Tallahassee.

-dirty magic - Not sure how to describe this… the summary says “the price for getting what you want, is what you once wanted” and let’s just go with that. Read it though, it’s great.

Of Drunkenness, Jealousy, and Treasure - What the title says, a drunk and jealous Hook. It’s kinda adorable.

Lessons - Hook gives Emma a swordfighting lesson.

a kiss with a fist - Emma yells a lot, uh. I dunno, short and sweetish.

Important Information - There is an information sheet in Granny’s diner where people post important information; it’s hijacked by some personal conversations. This is really funny, and short so no reason not to read.

A Worthy Gamble - Emma makes a deal with Hook to learn about his knowledge of Regina’s plans. I’m unreasonably fond of this little oneshot for some reason.


Longer plottier ones are below. Since a rather high proportion of these haven’t been updated any time recently, I’m going to put a bold star () next to all the ones that haven’t been updated in more than three months. Two stars for ones that haven’t been updated in over six months, just so you know what you’re getting into.

Heartbeat Slowing Down - ‘Curse was never cast’ AU, but Emma still has a duty as the Savior. ✮✮

Give Me A Second Go - Emma and Hook team up after he arrives in Storybrooke. ✮✮

At A Disadvantage - Set after arriving back in Storybrooke, I’m not even sure how to describe it… There’s conflicts and alliances and battles, Emma, Hook, Cora, Rumple, Neal, some world-jumping, flying monkeys - it’s super awesome, okay. ✮✮

Bested Thrice - Emma resorts to using her feminine wiles to beat Hook in their fight by the lake; things sort of spiral from there.

Straight On Til Morning - There’s an extra spell on the bracer Hook gives Emma. This one’s fantastic, you should definitely check it out.

Fortune Favors The Brave - EF AU where Emma is Robin Hood. She starts off stealing from Hook, but ends up working with him before too long. ✮✮

The End Has Just Begun - Killian Jones is Emma’s boyfriend at the beginning of the series. Suuuuuuper awesome, just read it.

(yeah just like me) she was a victim of the night - EF AU, Princess Emma is marrying a prince she’s never met in the morning; she spends the night drinking with a pirate.

The Secret of Drowning - When Hook catches Aurora’s heart at the lake, he overbalances and falls through the portal… taking Emma with him. One of my all-time favorites.

God Only Knows - When Emma falls through the portal after the wraith, Snow doesn’t follow in time. Emma ends up alone in the EF, where she soon meets Hook. Another absolute favorite.

Backlash - Emma is cursed, and Hook visits her in the hospital. This fic is actually an exception to a general rule of mine about a certain trope in this fandom. ✮✮

Screw Destiny - Emma finds out Hook is her True Love when she TLKs him out of a curse. She’s not exactly happy about this. (I don’t usually like those but this is a pretty good exception.)

Forget Me Not - Hook follows Emma after she leaves him on the beanstalk. Through a series of events, they end up in Neverland together.

Beautiful Tragic Love Affair - Emma goes back for Hook on the beanstalk, a choice which changes everything. To be completely honest I don’t remember too much about this one, guess I’ll have to reread it. But I’m pretty sure I remember liking it a lot, so.