and idk where the other dude is from

no okay so my favourite is and wow im sorry i have like 374 of them BUT the hotel room after baltimore??? like fuck me up for 5937 different reasons but…. andrew and neil could NOT have been more wrapped up in each other. it took 0.3 seconds for andrew to fight an fbi officer and get his hands all over neil like at one point he has his hand clutching neils hoodie for dear life??? and neil is just like yes good me too imma frame your face with my hands like we’re in a fucking movie and twist my fingers in your hair (IN FACT DOESNT ANDREW HAVE HIS HANDS IN NEILS HAIR TOO AT ONE POINT???) and touch your chest,,,,, like there is not any point where one of them isn’t touching the other???? and they almost explode if they think anyone is gonna come into their bubble. andrew with his “stay away from Us or im gonna kill you” and neil is practically flinching every time he thinks anyone is coming over. theyve been apart like a day and when theyre reunited they quite visibly and obviously Lose Their Shit… and then allison queen reynolds is like so are you gonna tell us when you hooked up and aaron and nicky are so!! fucking!! flummoxed!!,,,,, like my dudes my guys,,,,, idk what to tell you but you’ve been watching a fucking scene out of a romantic thriller for the last 20 minutes

my writing: contains a scenario in which richie’s parents are abusive or neglectful bc writing a character i identify w in similar situations i’ve been through helps me cope w the abuse and neglect i experienced as a child


same person: but i love the way you portrayed reddie here! it makes me wish they were canon!!!

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can i get uhhhhh the listeners REALLY love the dynamic and debates between ryan and shane on the radio show and the people who 'run' ryan's show invite shane on for an episode because they want higher ratings. the first thing ryan says to shane is 'wow, you were right about bigfoot existing, he's you,' and from then on there's often episodes where they're doing it together irl bc they've gradually become great friends. ((idk dude,, but ur au is honestly blessed thank you so much for this gift))

they insult each other on sight, of COURSE they’d end up co-hosting the show eventually!!
also consider: ryan’s studio actually looks just like their office on buzzfeed unsolved (complete w the mannequin and all) even though it’s a freaking radio show so the first impression shane has when he walks in is
“god, you’re lame.”

manhwa/manga/webtoon/ idk recs

2 years ago, I had taken a break from anything related to anime and manga but I’m back at it again…

Gore level 1-10 (lowest to highest)

Bastard: it’s about this boy who lives with a serial killer who is actually his dad. (6)

Killing Stalking: this dude has a crush on this other dude who’s actually a murderer and ends up as a captive, also a bit of stockholm syndrome. (7)

Dead Tube: a fucked up version of YouTube where people get paid to do criminal acts (mostly murder) and it’s legal. (9 or 10)

19 Days: a story between two guys who are best friends. more light-hearted but of course, one of them falls for the other pretty badly. gay. (1)

i might update this soon

My thoughts of MDRemix besides “it’s lit fam” aka theory lol

Okay, first of all, the mv is the best as a reason why I don’t have a bias in bts. Boys be lookin fine af.

2nd. I think I solved the story.

We can see tons of cars crashed and in flames. Remember the cars? Remember the butterfly effect?

Yeah. These are those cars.

My theory is that they had a crash with the school bus (no more dream) and Jin is the only one who survived. He was the driver. Then he meets that girl and finds out about time travelling etc. He tried it a million times so save his friends (that’s why the dates of HLR are not in order!! And why inu and run are so messy).

He can’t save them, no matter how hard he tries. Then, he has a little car crash, I think he hits Jk tbh, because the timelines are so messed up that what happened before happens right then, and then, Jin’s girl dies in HLR, and Jin travels back one last time. He leaves to erase himself from the timeline. He leaves to have a crash in the pickup BEFORE he can have the crash in the school bus where all of them are because when he dies, he can’t be the one driving them into death. This is why they split, they blame each other and themselves, this is why Jungkook has amnesia, Jin made memories that do not exist anymore. It’s just like the butterfly effect where that dude realizes he is the cause for all bad that happens. So, he erases the cause - himself. Idk it makes sense now. And to add that: you can see how many times he failed. You see how many cars are crashed and in flames in MD, and in the japanese mv, you can see this red room where photographs are made. When Jin erases himself, they all try to find out what happened. Also, MD starts in an interrogation room - the police wants to know who is responsible for the crash. Sad part? Yoongi is either the one who knows, he is the only one standing in the red room while the others are floating around there, maybe he took pictures - or he is the one who caused the fiest crash and that’s why he is so full of anger and self-hate. His poster from HLR says “don’t come near me, you will get hurt.”

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dude i just thought of something; what if the host got blinded by some sort of light or burned? because he has that gold streak in his hair that i didn't notice before so idk where that came from??

oooh maybe! i’ve also seen other theories about bleach. maybe someone splashed bleach at him as a means of escape/distraction and host removed his eyes because of it? and the gold streak serves as a reminder of that too? who knows!!

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I honestly live for the radio au it's my favourite au of all time from any fandom tbh! !! my favourite thing is (parallel to when Shane doesn't call one day and Ryan worries) when Ryan isn't hosting one day (bc he's sick or smnth idk) and Shane is outraged like where is my boy? ?? You know, the one with the dumb theories And the host is like wtf dude I thought you hated him why do you want him back so bad? (Also, 12/10 for accidental meeting where they think each other is hot like that last ask)


AAO - my review

my official review for Against All Odds, a beautiful piece of writing by @royalflushstories read it here because it is so worth it. (and spoilers ahead)

Against All Odds (from here on to be referred to as AAO) is one of the most enchanting pieces of writings I’ve ever read. Possibly because it came form the oddest source, the oddest place at the oddest time. And this beautiful story has changed my life in so many ways. This is a review, and in many ways a love letter, to AAO.

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idk where the trope of women hating other women that join their team started from, cuz let me tell you, my shift lead at work is a girl, named marian, and she’s hounding at my boss every week “can you hire some more fucking girls please. jesse doesn’t count and all we have is alex and me, and the rest of you are dudes. this sucks” and then ask alex about it and she just calls the entire workplace a sausage fest (which it is)

men need to fuck off and think that women are always wanting to be admired by them and want their noodles. women want other women because they want to talk shit about the men and need someone to laugh with.

women love women, especially at work, where everyone else is usually a guy

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Hi!!! Can I ask for a neville x reader one where he shows our kids a scrapbook thats composed of our relationship with like movie tickets, dried up flowers, and butterbeer mugs? thanks!!!

(A/N): Dude, I love the idea! Also, can someone explain why I suddenly have like 10000000 requests for Neville? Not that I’m complaining 

On another note: I’m listening to pirate music. Idk why but it’s fun. 

Originally posted by scrapbookofdemigods

You smiled when you saw your little girl run away from her younger brother. Isabelle had your hair and eyes, but Neville’s really pretty face shape. Her brother, on the other hand, had Neville’s hair and your eyes. 

You rested your head against Neville’s shoulder as you sat down on the bench in the park. 

“Why are they growing up so fast?” You sighted. Neville chuckled and kissed the top of your head. 

“We grew up fast, too.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.” 

You took Neville’s other hand and pressed a kiss to his shoulder. “I just want them to grow up as happy as we are.” 

“Even if they are half this happy, they’ll be lucky.” Neville smiled and you looked up with a small smile. 

“I’m glad you are happy.” He chuckled at your words. 

“I’ve been happy ever since sixth year with you.” He boop-ed your nose and kissed your forehead. 

“Okay, you’re getting too sappy. Let’s go home before Isabelle hurt Aiden.” You smiled. It had happened a lot of times that Isabelle, who played rather hard and rough, hurt the little toddler. 

With Neville’s hand in yours, you tried to gather your children, which was hard since they kept running away. 

When you finally got the children to follow you home, Isabelle started asking you and Neville questions about your time at Hogwarts. 

Isabelle was nine, and couldn’t wait to go to Hogwarts. That is, if she could go. You smiled at Neville and took his hand, so that you were a chain of family. 

“Well, Isabelle.” You smiled. “It was great. We learnt a lot, and made a lot of friends.” You didn’t want to tell them about the horrors that had threatened you every year. 

“Did you and daddy love each other already?” 

“Yes, we did.” Neville smiled at you. “We did lots of things together. And I think we actually kept a lot of things.” He gave you a small smirk. 

“We made a memory book. Want to see it?” Isabelle nodded, and Neville had to grab Aidens hand as he tried to wriggle free. 

Aiden couldn’t speak yet, but he pointed his cubby finger towards the ice cream car. 

“No, Aiden. We already ate some on the way here.” Neville lifted the boy up. “Let’s go home.” 

When you were almost home, it started raining really hard. You gave your jacket to Isabelle, since she was too stubborn to take one with her. Neville put on Aidens cap and handed him to you. You were confused, since you couldn’t really run with him in your arms. But Neville took off his jacket and wrapped it around your head before taking Aiden back. 

Together you ran back to your house. Neville turned the heater up and redressed Aiden and told Isabelle to do the same. You made some hot chocolate. 

When Neville had put on some dry clothes he kissed your head. 

“Honey, go clean yourself up. I’ll finish this.” You thankfully smiled at him and left the kitchen. 

Honestly, you didn’t even know how you got so lucky. Neville was the best thing that had ever happened to you. He was your everything, and you knew you were his everything. 

You put on some pajama’s and took the scrapbook from your room. You smiled when you saw Neville, Isabelle and Aiden on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, you smiled. 

“So, is there a spot?” You sat in between Isabelle and Aiden. “I brought the book.” Neville smiled. The book had ran out of pages a year after you left Hogwarts. 

When you opened the book, you got swallowed in memories. The two of you started with the scrapbook when you were just friends, so the first few pages were just friendly things. Then the flowers came. They were dried and next to them, cute little messages were written. 

There were pictures of you two kissing, and hugging. There was so much. You felt tears in your eyes, these memories were your life, your past. And hopefully your future. 

You didn’t know what the future held, you just hoped it would be next to him. 

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idk if you're still doing the winterboneless stuff but i've always wondered about how they got together. i've seen some fics where ivar's like 'i used to be a viking king' and stuff. i know that bucky has the serum stuff goin on but what about ivar? is he immortal? did he time travel? is he just like a regular danish dude descended from vikings?

In my mind, Ivar suffered a fate similar to Steve’s. I imagine him traveling somewhere with his brothers and a few other vikings and they get caught in a snowstorm, where they’re frozen in the ice for some decades. 

They’re recovered in modern times and after extensive questioning about the past and prodding form historical societies, they attempt to integrate into the modern population and Ivar meets Bucky by chance and they hit it off like a house on fire. They’re friends before they’re lovers and together they learn how to navigate the labyrinth that it the modern world, but little do they know they’re breaking down each other’s walls while doing so.

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Pearl is fucking ugly ! And amour has sooo much more CANON evidence !!!! UNLIKE PEARL, DO PEARLSHIPPERS EVEN KNOW WHAT CANON EVIDENCE IS ? Amour is 100x better and cuter. Fuck pearlshipping, pokeshipping, negaishipping and advanceshipping. Dawn is FUGLY and Serena is BEAUTIFUL. I hate pearlshippers because they're BLIND STUPID AND UGLY!

First of all, calm the fuck down.

Second of all, if you ONLY ship something because of “canon evidence” it’s pretty sad.. That’s not the main idea of shipping.

In reality I should ignore you, but I’m feeling generous so I’m gonna correct your statements:

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Meet the one and only Apollo, an absolutely SHITTY Coatl. 
He’s a two faced SOB. He’s 22 yrs old and 4′ 8″ (SMOL!)  
On one hand he’s very adorable, chipper, suave, and acts like an endearing child. On the other, he’s an extremely smug, entitled, manipulative, and malicious mob boss gangster like dude (you know a zoot suit? pretty much that as a person). He’s crafted this since he was little and his ego just ballooned out due to him being idolized in his birthplace and virtually a perfect being academically, athletically, and politically. He’s a master at pulling other people’s strings and certain outcomes in important matters above ground as well as in the underbelly of Sornieth, particularly in Light territory. 

Nicknames include: The Gremlin, Imp, Devil, Lecher, A-hole, The Bowlcut Menace, etc.    

His familiar, Rochambie (short for Roqchambellis) is his partner in crime and acts like a typical rich high class high school ‘Mean Girl.’ They’ve been together since he started attending boarding school. (I’ll draw her when I have more time -sweats-) 

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you commenting that those dudes from teen wolf are in love on gifs where they’re punching each other is Super Problematic

hi anon thanks for ur input and idk if you’ve ever seen Teen Wolf, but im assuming from ur ask that you don’t know the context of those gifs. In the scene they had to stage a fight in order to create a distraction. so its not actually Super Problematic. Thanks again though. 

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(It's up to you, DNP or not) I was bored and searching insta and somehow found the video that Dylan "horny" audio is from, lol. IDK if you knew there's a couple of other videos with Britt and her friends (and the dogs)? I was wondering, the one where Britt is walking the dogs outside, is the guy walking besides her Dylan or that other dude/or another dude? Also, in another video you can hear a guy/I think Britt talking in the background and I couldn't tell if they guy sounded like Dylan or not?

That’s her bff’s fiance, not dylls. That was him later in the clip talking to brob and the. Fiance.

As for the dogs, we talked a LOT about that a while ago, lol. Dylan has basically adopted them. I think they stay with him when she travels for work. But they’ve always been hers.

oooh i finally watched black museum (the only one so far from the new season) and like of course the dude that could feel other’s physical feelings would 1) use it for sex 2) become a sadist/masochist after accidentally experiencing death

Italian Girl - Nate Maloley

[Request:  Can you do an imagine where skate meets a girl and she’s foreign and all the dudes want her and idk you can take it from there]

[A/N: I think I made it a bit different but I hope you like it anyways. I chose Italian and I don’t know why, but you can read it with any other nationality. Choose whatever you want.]


I could still remember when I met her, I was in Italy with Sammy and John. We went there to have a nice vacation that we fully deserved, and damn she was gorgeous.

When we went back to LA, I was still keeping in touch with her even when time-zones made it a bit difficult to talk, but it was worth it. I could remember her smile, and the way she talked. She had a wonderful Italian accent, and fuck I don’t know what happened to me but I didn’t want to stop talking to her no matter what.

I knew that I should forget her, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. We kissed once in a party, and since then I just couldn’t stop thinking about her lips against mine. It just felt like glory, and damn I missed her. And I knew the best was probably not to talk to her anymore and just forget her, but I couldn’t.

And I was glad things went well, because there was one day she decided to come to USA. And I was just so happy she made the decision of moving, we were just friends but I wanted to try something else. She didn’t move because of me, of course. Her mother was currently living in L.A. because she had just divorced her husband, and she didn’t want to stay with her dad so she needed a change in her life.

“Hey” I went to her mom’s to get her and take her out, maybe to a date if she allowed me to.

“Hello” she smiled, it always surprised me how good she was at English but I kind of loved her accent. She hugged me then, and kissed my cheek. “Come in, I’m cooking.”

“Oh, I was planning on taking you out” I said a bit shyly, her smile grew and she just took my hand and made me step inside the house. “My mom’s not at home, and I’m already cooking. We can go out after we finish having lunch, is that alright for you, amore?”

I could find myself melting inside, I just nodded and she smiled. “You’re more shy than when we met” she giggled.

“Well, the thing is…”

“I think I like you” she said just cutting me off. “And I don’t really know if you like me too or you just think I’m cute or whatever but I kind of felt something the night I kissed you” she said, her eyes were looking straight on mine and before I could even say something I just leant on and kissed her, cupping her face between my hands. My fingers tracing circles on her cheeks.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and our kiss just got heated, full of lust and love. Like, fuck, I really liked her. She was probably just standing on her tiptoes, her teeth catching my bottom lip and I just opened my eyes smirking. “Bad girl” I just said before catching her lips again, it felt so real and so good.

“I really like you too, that’s why I couldn’t stop talking to you over the phone.”

“I’m glad you didn’t stop it” she smiled. “And I’m glad we’re living in the same city, otherwise it would have just sucked a lot.”

“It already did. When I left Florence, I just missed you a lot.”

“I missed you too, I don’t even know why you spent your vacation with me but-“

“Hey, I don’t regret it at all” I smiled trying to hide a bit how happy I was, damn she was fucking mine from now on and I just couldn’t stop my happiness. “Let’s go have luuuuunch” she told me grabbing my hand, I intertwined our fingers.

I just found myself staring at her the whole time, not getting why I was just so focused on her and what was she doing. Y/N would just lean on the kitchen table to get things, and instead of helping her I just couldn’t move. She just was so beautiful I couldn’t stop looking at her.

“I hope you like it” she said, turning around to face me. I nodded, I was positive I would like anything she did.

She cooked carbonara spaguetthi and fucking God it was so good, and after that we had homemade mini pizzas with a bit of wine, we talked about everything and nothing at the same time. I learned a lot about her within two hours.

She was a happy girl, she would look like she was shy sometimes but when she got to know you she was just too good and so extrovert, and you wouldn’t think she had tried so many things in her life. And when she talked about her experiences, I wanted to be part of her future ones.

Y/N wanted to join a charity and travel to a poor country to volunteer, she wanted to donate, she wanted to see the world. And she wanted to be someone as well.

And I told her about myself, about my dreams. About what I had done, about my career, about how it was to take off on things like this. I talked about school and I talked about work, and about my friends who I already considered my family, and my family.

“If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?” she asked then, sipping her wine. She looked even gorgeous like that.

“I dunno” I hissed. “Maybe back to my hometown, or somewhere in Europe. But not a big city. What about you?”

“I’d love to live in Dublin” she smiled. “Well I have already lived there, but I just miss it.”

“Tell me something you haven’t done and you want to do” I demanded, she started to wonder and smiled at the end. “Parachute.”

Weeks after that day, we started to date. I don’t know if it was official or not, but we were dating. I would always go and take her out or she would come to the studio to spend a bit of time with me when I was alone.

“Babe” I called her. She turned around and smiled at me. “I think you should meet the boys” I told her. She was already working in a café while she tried to find another job and at that moment she was just sending her CV everywhere.

She stopped everything she was doing when I said that, she knew it was important for me. “Sure?”

“Yeah, I want it.”

So that night we went out, we had dinner and then we went to Sammy’s. They chatted a bit, but they had seen each other when she came back because she also got well with him and even though I trusted Sammy because he knew I liked her, I could feel myself tensing up a bit every time he approached more than necessary to her.

I tried not to look like a stupid clingy guy so I went to look around to get some drinks, and when I came back. All of my friends were all over her. They were asking stupid questions, and trying to have her number.

I could tell she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but she was behaving because they were my friends. I sat next to her and put an arm around her shoulder, making her head fall on my chest.

She sighed and then Sam served us, we started to have dinner and eventually everyone started to eat. And even though they kept it normal, I could see how hungrily they stared at her even when there were more girls in the room. They all were looking at Y/N like she was a piece of meat, and I knew she had noticed it by then.

“So, how you doing with girls?” I asked.

“Well, I kind of have a really big interest on Y/N now” Derek said, I clenched my fists under the table until they were white.

And when I felt like I was about to burst, Y/N’s hand touched mine and it felt like everything was smoother then. She giggled in a really cute way to what Derek had said and then told him “I really feel complimented with all of your attention, but I really like Nate so it’s a bit stupid if ya’ll keep hitting on me because I only have eyes for him. Don’t lose your time on me”, I smiled and intertwined our fingers before kissing the palm of her hand.

They all looked at us. “Oh man, you’re together?”

“Fuck, sorry”

“I just felt myself leaving everything for an Italian girl.”

“Sorry, Skate, you know foreigners get the best and the worst of me. I hadn’t noticed.”

“Oh I feel like shit, sorry Skate” another one said.

I honestly didn’t care about what they said because Y/N was mine. All mine.

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Matt bomer

Alistair is a hollyweird producer or writer or some stuff like that and he is gay. One time he created this show about two plastic surgeons that got wild as hell, then he moved onto this other show about some forty-year-olds playing elementary school kids roleplaying high school musical instead of going to class. He abuses his power a lot and looooooooves casting his current boytoys as meaningless and useless characters in his shitty shows and for some reason they all look the same? IDK, it’s weird. He hates Taylor Swift a lot and actually manage to have a comple of funny scenes where he dragged her, but then went back to his ugly ways of casting the same boring white dudes cut from the same cookie mold and treating character of colors like shit. just wild!

send me a FC and i’ll make up a character on the spot.