and idk where the other dude is from

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I really really hope this doesn't sound mean but didn't this entire anti thing start because you didn't want to be around those people? Talking about it sorta just attracts attention from the people who are looking to fight over it for whatever reason.. If you don't want to deal with them then why keep interacting with them? Sorry I normally wouldn't comment but this has been on a lot of my follows blog's lately and it's been weird, idk

nooo my dude it doesn’t sound mean and i totally get where you’re coming from. it’s also my intention to stop talking about it soon and make this blog a place of positivity only!! like, i’m gonna quit my bitching, dw haha.

but also, like… this shit makes me so uncomfortable i legit had anxiety about it for 6+ hours the other day where i was kind of paralyzed and just feeling like shit and unable to do anything??? and maybe that’s me overreacting, bUT i’m sort of in a cleansing period right now so that i can work through the way i feel and move on. i’m a verbose person so it’s really important for me to articulate my thoughts. it’s the only way i’m able to address them. i also want to make it clear where i stand so that anyone who may feel uncomfy with my position can leave or not mistakenly follow me in the first place, because i haven’t done that up until now and i didn’t feel safe that way.

also i… haven’t actually interacted with anyone lol, i’m not… going into tags or anything i’ve just been complaining on my own blog. and if it happens again i’m just going to immediately block whoever it is without posting it or giving it any attention.

hope that clears things up!! and, again, i’m going to stop. i think i’ve literally only been talking about this for 2 or 3 days tbh and i’m allowing myself that for catharsis!

AU where Ben & Jack own some sort of shop together idk what kind and Ashton is Jack’s friend so he visits the shop a lot and one day he goes in and sees ‘Jack’ restocking the shelves so Ashton sneaks up and playfully smacks his ass bc guys being dudes, y'know, but then 'Jack’ yelps and turns around and it turns out that he’s not Jack at all, but some hot blond boy with wide blue eyes who looks a lot like Jack from behind. And they awkwardly stare at each other as Ashton fumbles over his words until the real Jack comes in and he’s like “Hey Ash! So I see you’ve finally met my little brother, Luke!”