and idk what the original videos are

He fucking stripped the song of the seductive aura and completely made it about emotions, missing someone, wanting them back. In the acoustic version he took his time, slowed it down, let the lyrics really sink in. It was so emotionally driven, man.

Naruto’s perception of love

You know, I wonder why people are so confused about why and how Naruto confused romantic love with platonic or superficial forms of love. It makes sense to me, and it’s not out of character for him, either. 

Though dense enough to meet the criteria of Shounen Protaganist, Naruto’s not being uncharacteristically dense in Shippuden and the beginning of The Last. He just hasn’t experienced love like most people. He liked Sakura as a kid because she was pretty, just like he likes ramen because it’s tasty. So what he considered to be romantic love, was, essentially, based on a form of superficial attraction, similar to how one likes their favorite food for its taste or favorite color for its aesthetic appeal. It’s based entirely on our external senses. 

He later learns the platonic, brotherly love he shares with his comrades, as well as the strength of parental love. So when his platonic, sibling-like love for Sakura began to outweigh his superficial attraction to her, especially when he realized the extent of her feelings for Sasuke, he gave up on his crush and began to support her. But because of all the fighting and conflict, he never had the time to contemplate about the actual nature of romantic love.
So it’s not uncharacteristic for Naruto to just assume that romantic love is similar to the other forms of “love” that he’s experienced and shared. 

The novels revealed that post-war and Pre-The Last, Naruto and Hinata spent a LOT of time together, as noted by characters like Sakura and Shikamaru.
So it’s within the realm of reason for us to believe that as Naruto discovered the true nature of Hinata’s “love” for him, he also realized the true nature of his feelings for Hinata that was cultivated from their interactions in the manga and their time spent together during the time-skip.

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song - sweat pants (battle tapes remix)

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idk whats UP with the audio but whatevr

So Shun watches this Japanese YouTuber who literally just opens a bunch of trading cards and nothing else, and one of his videos was him getting a thank you gift for the shop owner who he gets his cards from and one of them was an original timewalk and the card owner looks at it and was like “lol what is this???????” And the YouTube guy was like “idk I don’t play Magic?????????” And they looked it up and were like “oh, I guess it’s expensive and I don’t know what it is????? It looks ugly????¿????????” And the entire time I felt like I was having a stroke.

Request for @coachboom who asked for either Megatron or Tailgate (and since I haven’t drawn either of them before I though “why not both?”)

I fully support the idea that Tailgate gets Megs into video games (albeit certain types) so yeeeeeaaaaaahhh idk what to say :}

Also Megatron is by far the most VISUALLY CONFUSING creature I have ever tried to draw and I love it. I came up with like five new insults for the guy while I was drawing him lol.

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i just listened to the full soundtrack of Be More Chill. idk what just happened but it was a fun journey!!! where can i see the actual staged musical tho

i dont rlly think there’s a video bootleg of the original cast?? there’s an audio bootleg tho :0 i can’t link it rn bc mobile gbdng but im p sure @bi-evan has the links :O

doodles of a new character of mine!! her name is wynne and she’s a pink fairy armadillo ovo she has some sort of fairy powers (wow)

the one on the far left was the last doodled n’ it’s prob the most accurate in terms of her body tbh
i wanna make her some sort of partner but idk what animal to go with quite yet! maybe something Big? i’ll have to think about it

Danny : I didn’t drink that much last night.
Chin   : You were flirting with Steve.
Danny : So? We’re dating, Chin.
Chin   : You asked him if he was single and cried when he said yes.
Kono  : Then Steve cried because you don’t want to date the Smooth Dawg.
Lou    : You were both drunk off your asses.It was hilarious.I took a video of it               all and I’m playing it on your wedding day.


A message from Douglas Milford on the nature of our world(s). Excerpted from The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost.

An excellent video combining audio from Mark Frost’s brilliant tome with relevant, parallel imagery from the original show. If this doesn’t get you hyped for 2017, idk what will!

Credit goes to YouTube user “LL eon”

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i think the video DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME posted of the girl being banned from gregs site was fake (the crying was to masculine to be a young girl) maybe im right and this is just a joke, maybe im wrong and im just being an assuming asshole

That was Greg mocking her. This was her video:

Idk what happened to the original. I’m guessing she deleted it.

It’s over.. But is it ?

I was trapped, in a mirror

Trapped alone during over a thousand years

You freed me, yes I know

And I thought it would be over. But then now

Trapped again, right with her

And I fought, to keep control on her forever

Then you came, and again

Just like the time before you broke my chains

It’s over … but is it ? but is it ?

Can I escape it ?

It’s over .. or is it ? Or is it ?

How to forget it ?

I won, but she’s still here

She’s in my head I’m afraid

It’s over.. Or is it ?

Why can’t I move on ?

Fear and control, domination

Fusion, mistrust, and submission

Trapped down below, in the ocean

Cold, and hurt in this relation

Who am I now in this world without her ?

Guilty and scared with nightmares forever

What does it matter I’m still trapped inside

And I can’t even fight by your side…

It’s over … but is it ? but is it ?

I’ll never escape it

It’s over .. or is it ? Or is it ?

I can only hide it

I won, but it’s not fair

I’m the villain it’s not her

It’s over.. Or is it ?

I’m the true monster

Okay so I did this thing, rewriting the sont “It’s over isn’t it” so that Lapis Lazuli would be the one singing. I’m sure it’s crap, but I had a fun time writing it ! Let me know if I can change things to make it better !

Credits : 

Picture taken here  :

The original song belongs to Cartoon Network, and Rebecca Sugar (The link to the Youtube video is here ) 

Hello! I’m new and need friends

Hi, I’m new to the whole Tumblr thing. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this blog yet (Ie whether it’s just going to be a DA/Bioware blog or if i’m going to like.. idk stay in character???). I’d really like to acquire some friends in the DA/MA fandoms that I can fangirl(or fanboy if you prefer idk ur life) with.

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Who's that on your icon? I've wondered about it for a while.

It’s Marinette Dupain-Cheng, from the original Miraculous Ladybug PV that was released waaaaay back in 2012:

I know, I hardly blog about ML…

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heyo! i was wondering if u knew some stuff about how the ad stuff is working on youtube rn? cause i still get ads on cc vids but i live in canada so idk if there's something different happening... i'm just asking cause i feel like you're more educated than i am on this subject. thanks so much! btw i love ur gifs and ur blog!! top tier content!!

Hi bb! I’m not too well educated on the subject, but from my understanding of the ad situation on youtube a lot of videos/channels seen as too controversial or offensive are having their videos demonetized, which means they get no ad revenue from them. This hit a lot of more popular channels like FilthyFrank, H3, Idubbz, and even Cow Chop bc their content isnt really uh…family friendly I guess and as such it’s taking money from them and not allowing them to make as much as they used to. 

For videos like the Mario Kart ones you’re probably gonna see ads bc its not “offensive” content but things like the lube video and such most likely wont have any ads. It’s basically a huge clusterfuck and youtube like usual isnt explaining anything to the channels or even saying what is the deciding factor in demonetization. 

Also anyone with more input and knowledge on what’s going on please let me kno!