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Hey! So this might sounds a little meh, but do you think you can help me find some Sterek fics with some detailed plots? Like where the story has just as much development as the characters. Idk I just want something good to read on the subway

Okay, So I went with Slow Build and longish. Hope that helps with the subway trips. - Anastasia

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Somewhere In Between by amazingpages

(1/1 I 33,092 I Teen)

Derek’s been letting his job dictate his life ever since he was promoted from freelance photographer to official travel photographer. In his five years of travel, he’s built relationships in countries all across the globe, yet he still returns home after each job as lonely as ever. When he decides to try out the pen pal site Laura recommends to him, he doesn’t know what to expect. Derek isn’t prepared for Stiles, a small town guy with big dreams of seeing the world. And he certainly isn’t prepared to fall in love with him. He has to remind himself that this is just a pen pal thing and not to get carried away. It’s not like Stiles could ever like him back.


A Heart is a Heavy Burden by lielabell

(13/13 I 41,242 I Teen)

In Which Stiles: is accosted by unhappy witches, becomes friends with fire demons, is rescued by darkly handsome wizards, discovers hidden inner depths, is introduced to princes, and finds true love. Though not necessarily in that order.

(Or the Howl’s Moving Castle AU fusion fic you never knew you wanted but are delighted to have.)

Amor Fati by alocalband

(8/8 I 42,812 I Explicit)

When Stiles gets thrown into the bank vault about twenty minutes after him, Derek isn’t even surprised.

As it turns out, neither is Stiles.

Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by MellytheHun

(16/16 I 67,901 I Explicit)

Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.

Didn’t See That Coming by knittersrevolt

(43/43 I 83,838 I Explicit)

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.

He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.

Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?

Love Thy Neighbor…He’s Hot by Triangulum

(3/3 I 117,105 I Not Rated)

Derek and Laura seriously lucked out with Stiles as their neighbor. Yeah he can be loud, but he keeps it to normal hours, and he brings them food, they have movie nights, he’s so beautiful, and okay, Derek might be pining. The only problem is, Stiles has a girlfriend. And Derek HATES her.


The one where Derek and Laura live next door to Stiles, and Derek has a completely out of control crush. A Sterek as neighbors one shot AU that got wildly out of control.

Pack Wars by miss_aphelion

(31/31 I 158,626 I Mature)

Scott liked to call it the Great Pack Divide of 2012.

Derek liked to call Scott an idiot.

(Or the one where Derek kidnaps Stiles to teach Scott a lesson, and ends up learning a few things himself)

Don’t Savage The Messenger by exclamation

(61/61 I 172,379 I Explicit)

There is an uneasy truce between the werewolves in the woods and the humans who live in Beacon Hills, protected by a magical boundary that gives warning any time a werewolf crosses it. Then the sheriff is taken by the werewolves and his son offers himself in exchange.

Stiles promises to serve the werewolf pack, not knowing what horrible use they might have for him. But it turns out his most useful skill is the ability to cross the boundary line between humans and werewolves. Life with the werewolves is nothing like he feared and the werewolves themselves are nothing like the hunters’ stories would have him believe.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart by theSilence

(22/22 I 178,630 I Mature)

Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

When Rome’s in Ruins (We are the Lions) by Kedreeva

(14/14 I 209,091 I Explicit)

Humankind has turned arena battles between supernatural creatures into its largest form of entertainment. Stiles Stilinski is a well-known warden who comes to arena-fighter Derek Hale to make him an offer.

Indelible Marks by billtheradish

(87/87 I 295,695 I Mature)

The house never burned. The pack is strong. Derek will never need to be the alpha, and his sister is a troll. (Actually, most of his family is like that.)

Derek is an apprentice tattoo artist, and Stiles isn’t old enough to get ink of his own yet. But that doesn’t stop him from being interesting…

(This story is now out of buffer, but I will always announce when the next update will be, and am trying to keep to a regular posting schedule. Also, please be advised that this is essentially a rough draft. That doesn’t mean it’s riddled with typos, every chapter is edited, just that the overarching plot and side stories haven’t had a chance to be edited in full yet–but they will be. An edited version of this story will be posted eventually, so if the current length isn’t your cup of tea, just come back later.)

The Feeling That I’m Under by wearing_tearing

(20/20 I 289,584 I Explicit)

Stiles is a paramedic and Derek gets into a bike accident.

It’s kind of love at first sight.

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sterek + 15?

drive thru! (this fic is based on your prompt where they’re raising the fake baby together for the week. i’m sorry it took me a year ♥) edit: when i was writing this i was thinking drive in. my bad.


“It’s your turn,” Derek thrusts the baby at Stiles as soon as they leave the classroom.

His ears are still ringing from the fifteen dolls  crying all at once; his face cooling from the mortification of Finstock passing him one of the babies, pointing at Stiles and saying, “Congrats, Stilinski, you knocked up Hale here, go nuts.” 

“What? You’ve had her for all of five seconds, dude, and I have math, next! Math. No child wants to sit through that.”

“She’s not real, Stiles.”

“She is this week, Derek,” Stiles brandishes the baby in Derek’s face, “Look into her eyes, into sweet Mary Jane’s eyes and tell her you don’t want her, man.”

“I’m not— wait, you already named her? Mary Jane?

Stiles shrugs, “It’s a classic.”

“Fine,” Derek rolls his eyes, “I’ll take her to the library, but you have to keep her when I have practise, later.”

“Of course,” Stiles smirks at the silent doll, “We’ll come and cheer daddy on, won’t we?!”

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Thin Walls are Bittersweet

Saw this prompt on @whatthehellisahoechlin​‘s blog and couldn’t resist! 

The walls are paper thin and I can always hear you having sex and honestly idk if i’m more jealous because i’m not getting any or irritated because it’s keeping me up at night?

(Ahh, it’s so hard for me to keep these short! Do not turn this into a sprawling fic, do not turn this into a sprawling fic…)


Derek whipped his glasses off and glared at the wall next to his bed.
His fucking neighbor.

Derek had only moved in to this apartment about six weeks ago, and he’d heard his neighbor having sex with a different girl nearly every Friday night. It was like clockwork, and while he was theoretically pleased that this stranger had such an active sex life, it was getting really annoying. But Derek was way too chicken shit to confront him about it or even slide a note under his door, so he had already resigned himself to a lifetime of listening to his neighbor have sex through their shared wall.

What made it even more weird was that Derek didn’t even know what the guy looked like; they had somehow never crossed paths. His name was Stiles, though, at least according to the moans and groans and squeals that constantly emanated from his apartment.

The worst part, though? It sounded fun. The aforementioned moans and groans and squeals were there in large measure, sure, but there was also way more laughter than Derek had ever experienced in any of his sexual encounters. Which really just made him even more aware of his lack of a sex life. By choice, really—he could go out to a bar and find someone, probably, but that really wasn’t his thing. Laura said he was “outrageously picky,” but he preferred “high standards.”

So with a sigh, Derek reached over to his nightstand for his headphones. Trying to ignore the high-pitched wails of the girl who sounded like she was really enjoying herself, that lucky bitch, he picked his book back up and nestled further under the comforter.

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Imagine #43 || Request #24

Hope I can finish all the Isaac requests this new year so I can start with the brett imagines before the Teen Wolf’s new season starts ♥ I am soooo excited OMG!!! Hope it IS true that Isaac will be coming back for this season. Anyway, this has 2 or 3 time skip since the anon wanted Y/N to be part of the pack and I can’t really do a whole story about the progress on how they really got close to becoming part of the pack because that will be a really long imagine. And I didn’t know how to incorporate the reader’s relationship with Isaac here other than the meeting part and some side comments and gestures that indicate that they are somewhat together because this is almost (if not) a pack imagine already. But I hope you guys enjoy this one. Happy New Year!!!


Breathing in, you waved your hand over the parchment paper and the ink slowly morphed into trees, pathways and roads. Once you’ve found the place you were headed to, you immediately packed the paper in your backpack but not before your ears caught a crunching noise several feet away. Instantly pausing in packing the other things in the bag, you strained your hearing to hear footsteps and murmuring headed your way. And before you knew it, there was a sound that whizzed near your ear before a blast of purple blaze hit the tree just in front of you. You quickly moved to cover yourself on the ground from the flying splinters from the tree that took the hit before getting up promptly and running as fast as you can.

“Y/N!” You name was called from behind by one of the hags chasing after you, another suddenly appearing in front of you making you stumble back and falling down on the ground.

“You think you can get away that easily?” One of them asked, looking just as mad as the rest that were now circling you.

“Four against one.” You started to stand up, looking at each of them. “Isn’t that a little bit unfair?”

“Witches never played fair, hon.” With that, you felt ropes wrap around your wrists that were now holding you down (A/N: cue Halsey’s Hold Me Down song lol) on the ground making you fall back to your knees.

Showing no fear as the silver dagger glistened under the moon’s light in the witch’s hand as she neared you, you bowed down to make you look like you surrender. Watching as the witch’s shadow raise the knife that will instantly kill your kind, the familiar heat in your palms immediately sparked and before any of them knew it, the ropes that held you down caught on fire and eventually they were engulfed by the flames that now encircled you. Walking out of the circle of fire unscathed, you turned to watch the witches wriggle in pain before getting burned to ashes, their screams dying and the smell of burnt hair making you scrunch your nose in disgust.

Waving your hand over the flames, it doused into embers and ashes leaving only the bones of the four that were hunting you down as well as their magical belongings which you took and kept for future uses-you hoped that this will be enough message to those ancestral witches to not mess with you.


“Who’s she?” you heard someone asked, in the corner of your eye you saw a tall guy with a mop of curly hair nodding his head towards your direction when he reached two more students, in which you guessed that those two were friends, standing by their lockers looking your way as well. The one with sun-kissed skin had the look of being good-natured, and the other had the tendency to flail his limbs around while adding sarcasm in his words.

“I don’t know, but she’s new.” The tan guy answered, but not missing what the paler of the two said about you being another threat or villain to cause havoc in Beacon Hills and trouble in their lives.

“She’s hot.” You caught the tallest among the three comment making your cheeks flush red.

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Blue - part 2

Can you do one where theres a new girl in town and she’s actually there to protect the pack because of some old prophecy or something. Idk the idea just came to my mind and I saw your post asking for ideas so why not.

Could you please do an imagine where the reader in a telephatic person and she reveals her power when the pack needs her help the most? Thank you so much!

A/N: I figured this would fit as a part 2 for Blue. Not everything in the requests is added only because I’m savin them for later. ;)

Part 1

“I see this as both an advantage and a disadvantage,” Scott said, scratching the back of his head.

You gave him a weird look, not knowing how the fact that you could hear peoples thoughts would be a problem. 

“You could always tell what we’d be thinking, which is cool, but you could always tell what we’d be thinking, which could sometimes be… disturbing,” Scott shrugged, sitting down at the chair next to Stiles’ bed.

Stiles widened his eyes and you immediately laughed as his reaction.

“I just wanna know what happened to you before the accident,” Stiles said, still being a little anxious about you.

“I honestly don’t remember much. I was on my way home and I heard some rattling in the bushes. I turned around to see what it was but before I knew it, I was laying on the ground with my head hurting like hell,” you explained. “Next thing I know I wake up to your faces hovering over me like I’m some sort of freak show.”

“You’re not a freak show. Do you want some water?” Stiles asked, getting up from the bed. 

“Yeah, and some ice for my head, please,” you replied, shifting your position in bed. 

Scott’s phone was buzzing in his pockets and he made his way over to his jacket to grab it. He checked his phone and noticed he had a missed call from Derek. “I’ll be right back,” he said before leaving out the door to call Derek back.

Stiles returned with a cup of water and a bag of frozen peas in his hands. He handed them over to you as he sat down next to you. Taking a sip of ice cold water and placing the bag of peas on your head was exactly what you needed right now. Your head was hurting like crazy.

You pulled away the covers and were about to stand up from the bed. All of a sudden your head started pounding and you started seeing double. Not being aware of the fact that you shouldn’t have stood up only caused you to collapse to ground.

“Y/n, are you ok?” Stiles said panicky, immediately rushing over to help you up. “You crashed to the ground, what happened?”

“I-I was just going to the bathroom,” you said with a faint voice. You leaned your bodyweight against Stiles’ chest. He carefully sat you down, making sure you were comfortable.

Scott entered the room again and noticed you weren’t feeling well. He had just gotten a call from Derek saying they needed him for some pack stuff. There were new enemies running around Beacon Hills. He tilted his head and gave Stiles a weird look signalizing they had to leave immediately. Stiles returned his look with an even weirder look, shaking his head.

“Uh, y/n? Derek just called me to let me know they need us at the loft. Do you think you’d be fine on your own? Only for like an hour, tops,” Scott anxiously said, not wanting to leave you. He knew that if he’d leave you he woulnd’t be able to help if you needed something. “I’ll call Lydia and-“

“What pack thing?” you asked, cutting him off.

“Nothing too serious. We’re just going over some things,” Scott explained trying to avoid telling you the complete truth.

“I wanna go-“ you said and attempted to rush out of bed.

Stiles grabbed you by your shoulders trying to keep you calm as he sat you back down. “It’ll be quick. Stay here, get some rest and we’ll be back before you know it. Take a nap or something,” he said whilst trying to comfort you. 

You gave the boys a long sigh as you furrowed your eyebrows at them and crossed your arms. You covered yourself in the blankets, pretending to head to sleep. Scott and Stiles headed for the kitchen to grab a snack, then for Stiles’ room to get some supplies and what not. In the meantime you were debating on whether or not you should somehow follow them. They never did pack things without you. Even though you had no supernatural powers, until now, you were still a part of the pack.

You searched the room leading out to the hallway looking for your shoes and socks. Slowly you snuck out of bed, tip toeing on the floor trying to be as quiet as possible. You put on your socks and sneakers and continued walking down the hallway. You overheard some muttering coming from the kitchen. They boys were still there, and you managed to quietly sneak your way past them and to the door. Opening the door was quite a task. The last thing you needed right now was a squeaky door handle. You opened the door as quiet as possible and located Stiles’ blue jeep.

part 3????

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I'm always a sucker for deaged!Sterek. Especially deaged!Stiles. Cute little toddler Stiles with big whiskey colored eyes staring at Derek while clinging to his leg or Derek having to chase the little ADHD boy around and cuddles. So many cuddles.

[I’m sorry it took me so long. Life, you know? Also, I’m sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for. I hope you like it anyway!]


Derek sucks at relationships. No, really, he does. He used to blame it on his paranoia, Kate was a bad experience so he is allowed to worry, but Jack was a nice guy, and Maria was maybe a little too clingy, but they were good people. He could have future with them if he tried, he just – didn’t want to?

His mom says he’s the worst kind of romantic, and maybe she’s right. There’s no such thing as falling in love after just two dates and building trust takes time, but the connection he craves so much can’t be forced either, and the lack of spark? That Derek can’t ignore.

So when Stiles shows up at his shop one afternoon babbling about herbs and potions, smiling widely and blurting out some stupid but somehow cute pick-up line, Derek can feel it in his bones.

What it is, Derek doesn’t know exactly, but he soon realizes he wants to find out.

So they go to a restaurant. They eat and talk, Stiles makes jokes and Derek laughs, Derek tells him about his family and Stiles smiles, Stiles asks if they can go to Derek’s house and Derek’s mouth goes dry.

They don’t have sex, but they kiss. A soft brush of their lips, Stiles’ hands on his shoulders, Derek’s fingers in Stiles’ hair. Heat.

They fall asleep curled up in Derek’s bed and when the morning comes Derek wakes up alone.

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Christmas Morning // Derek Hale Imagine

Request: Can you please write an imagine where (Y/N) and Derek are together during Christmas and it’s full of fluff but also kind of like intimate? Idk if that makes any sense but yeah thank you!

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Warnings: N/A

(I have to post this from my phone at the moment and I’m so upset that I can’t bold and italicize the words “Request, Pairing, and Warnings” lol)


Sun rays leak through the open curtains of the room the couple shares in Derek’s loft. Everything is still and barely audible, besides the air that leaves two pairs of lips. The warm white sheets cover the two bodies as they cuddle closely together, skin against skin. The covers are there to keep them toasty, but the warm temperature of their bodies pressed together is all they really need.

(Y/N)’s head rest on Derek’s shirtless chest drawing patterns. She listens to the steady beat of his heart as it makes her feel at home. She presses a quick kiss on his chest. He looks down at what he thinks is the most precious thing on this earth. It feels perfect holding her in his arms, and he will never let go. Using his fingers, he lightly brushes her hair so it cascades down her back. Reaching down, he places a delicate kiss on the top of her head. She looks up at him with her eyes, and a smile pasted on her beautiful face. A smile tugs at his lips before he once again places a kiss on her full lips.

Quickly, he grasp her body rolling on top of her, removing any space between their bodies. Diving in, his lips meet with her neck leaving butterfly kisses. She extends her neck loving the way his lips feel against her skin. She bites her lower lip and closes her eyes just focusing on his touch. She then wraps her smooth legs around him, pulling them somehow closer. After he’s done with teasing her neck, leaving a mark behind, he begins making a trail of kisses as he comes closer to her feminine chest. Her breaths grow heavier and hitch as butterfly’s are released in her stomach. Only wearing a black brazier and boy short panties, most of her skin is exposed to Derek’s sight and touch. She feels his warm hands reaching behind her back, feeling a tug on her bra clasp to take it off. A breath escapes her lungs, before words leave her mouth.

“Derek, stop.” (Y/N) giggles, jokingly pushing him off.

Right before his lips reach his target, he looks up at her with his warm eyes. He licks his lips as a smile began to form, showing his perfect teeth.
“I thought you’d enjoy it, you seemed to last night.” He says then sends her a sexy wink.

“Derek!” She blushes hiding her face with her small hands, also causing him to chuckle.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby, I know I’m irresistible.” He cockily states joking around, removing her hands that are hiding her away.

An admirable sound travels in the air as she laughs. He climbs from on top of her, resting his back on the head board of the bed. With a light smirk, she climbs on top of him, kicking her leg around, straddling his lap. Derek reaches his finger tips up to her face. He removes strands of hair, that are hiding away his view of her flawless complexion.

He looks into the eyes he has fallen for.
He smiles, “Merry Christmas, (Y/N).”

She lightly smiles while playing with the strings of her boyfriends shorts, “Merry Christmas, Derek.”

Before Derek met (Y/N), previous Christmas’, he was a real Scrooge. He never admitted it, but he hated not having someone he loved romantically, to share Christmas with. Now it’s his favorite time of the year, but he may never admit that either.

The couple smiles at each other and she rest her forehead against his. He wraps his arms around her waist resting them there, but not for long before he starts to delicately trace her back with his fingertips. Goosebumps grow on her skin and Derek smiles knowing that his girlfriend loves when he gives her chills. He continues sending chills up her back, then back down all the way to the dimples on her lower back; her most sensitive spot. (Y/N) jumps a bit at the huge chill then closes her eyes. It seems as if Derek carries lightning in his fingers, and when he touches her a soothing thunderstorm begins on her skin.

His fingers leave her back and make their way to her thighs creating goosebumps there as well. She wraps her arms around his neck and he grabs her by her butt, pulling them together more. With an extension of her neck she uses her plush nude lips to kiss Derek’s neck. Instead of moving down, she kisses behind his ear knowing it’s one of his soft spots. She tangles his still messy, but extremely sexy, bed hair in her manicured fingers which always seems to get him going. Finally being able to even form words, Derek speaks.

“Wow, I thought you didn’t want a repeat of last night.” He chuckles.

(Y/N) laughs along with her lips still pressed behind his ears, making a vibration. She then rest her forehead on his and their eyes connect.

“I would want a repeat but we have to finish cleaning and decorating before everyone comes.”

“May I ask why we volunteered to host Christmas this year? I hate cleaning.” Derek states.

“We needed to get the stress off your mom. It’ll be fun.” (Y/N) smiles.

“How are you so damn optimistic all the time?”

“I have to be. You’re such a sourwolf sometimes.”

Derek rolls his eyes, “Stop. Talking. To. Stiles.”

(Y/N) smirks, “He’s right though. I mean I love you, but he’s right.”

“Babe, I’m never sour to you. You’re the only person who gets the best of me all the time.”

“Yeah sure. Whatever you say. I’m gonna start cleaning.” (Y/N) begins to climb off Derek but he holds her tightly.

“Stay in bed with me for a little longer. It’s Christmas morning.”

(Y/N) smiles and crawls back under the blankets. Derek pulls her in closer by the waist and their legs tangle together.

“I love you, (Y/N)…more than anything.” He whispers softly to her..

“I love you too, Derek.”


Merry Christmas Eve, friends! Thank you for everything and if you’re celebrating, I hope your holiday is wonderful x

demios-itami asked: Maybe peter wants power and a dead kate cause coming back turned him into a delta and jaguars are a form of alpha - what if stiles kills kate cause he’s not as morally gifted as scott (who want to save everyone without death, you poor puppy/the world clearly hasn’t tainted him enough to be a successful alpha) causing stiles to become a human alpha/jaguar/raven/stiles/whatever and peter’s wolf is content to hand in the reigns and be a delta worthy of his alpha and their pup/fellow packmate(malia).

I hope you don’t mind me picking this up:)  This prompt somehow got my muse going so I figured I’d just write something short for it. I’m not a huge fan of Stalia, Steter will forever be my OTP (Hey look, it rhymed! …Yeah, you can tell I’m writing this after pulling a caffeinated all-nighter studying for a test.), but Stiles/Malia with a sibling-esque relationship is something I can get behind, especially with Stiles as Malia’s Alpha.

Also, Idk about the Delta thing, so let’s just say there’s a connection between Peter and Kate b/c of the way Kate was turned and then they both died and Peter lost his Alpha status while Kate turned into an Alpha werejaguar from her time in La Iglesia, and Peter basically has no choice but to obey her.

General Warnings: AU, Language, Violence, Preslash, Stiles Stilinski & Peter Hale, Stiles Stilinski & Malia Hale, Steter, Pack of Three

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tickatocka. tumblr. com/post/85456038831/i-really-want-an-i-accidentally-broke-into-your Hi! I'm just...leaving this here ;)

lmfao omg, accidentally drunkenly breaking into someone else’s apartment and sleeping there.

imagine Derek standing in the door to his bedroom with a baseball bat, watching this drooling shirtless mess of a hungover barely legal somehow bizarrely still attractive guy stretch sleepily, and then his eyelashes flutter and he looks up at Derek over the back of the couch like “Scott, man, why do you have a bat— oh, holy shit! you’re not Scott!” and leaps up, and Derek darts out into the living room like, “duh, what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?! are you homeless? who the hell is Scott? how did you climb up to this floor?!”

which obviously makes Stiles groan because so many questions asked so angrily, and wow how do your eyebrows do that first thing in the morning and heh, he’s pretty flexible so he climbed the fire escapes and Derek DOES NOT LOOK DOWN AT HIS LEGS AND THINK YEAH, HE PROBABLYY IS PRETTY FLEXIBLE, but instead totally tightens his grip on the baseball bat and tries to look menacing. except, Stiles isn’t even paying attention, he’s grimacing and looking at Derek and ASKING IF HE CAN BORROW A SHIRT, and Derek’s like, “what— no! get out of my apartment, i’m still not sure you’re not trying to lure me into a false sense of security to murder me and steal all my shit!” which makes Stiles glance around, kind of smirk at all the boxes of Derek’s stuff like “seriously, you think i’d steal all of this?” and Derek glowers because he has good stuff in there, BASEBALL CARDS, COLLECTORS ITEMS. and they manage to get into some sort of argument about baseball and the Mets and Derek being a heathen and supporting the wrong team and suddenly it’s ten am and Derek’s making them toast and Stiles is stretched out on the couch again like he belongs there in one of Derek’s henleys and they’re lazily watching Saturday morning tv, swapping anecdotes. 

then Scott calls frantically like DUDE, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? YOU REMEMBERED I MOVED INTO ALLISON’S BUILDING LAST WEEK, RIGHT?” and Stiles is like “hey no, totally forgot, but i made a new friend for life, and i’m pretty sure i’m gonna stay and help him unpack his new apartment, and he’s gonna pay me with dinner, pizza,” glancing at Derek questioningly and all Derek can do is nod, “yeah, pizza.” and Scott sighs like “how, how do you do these things,” and Stiles shrugs, messing with the hem of Derek’s henley like “idk man, blind luck,” and when he looks up and grins dazzlingly at Derek, Derek’s v glad he had a drunken burglar the night before.