and idk i'm excited for the update!!!!!!

Busy, busy~

Heyhoo friends and followers, hope you guys are having a good month!!

I might be slow on updates for a while, got a ton of work on my hands due to some issue with Mr. Paypal, and last week was busy to start getting to things because I was getting ready for a con! (cosplaying for the first time outside was scary but super fun~)

I have tons of fun and cute i7 fanart I wanna draw (scared but excited for part 3~), plus I still have some of those pose requests I want to work on! Sorry for the long wait, I didn’t forget those ;; I miss drawing my fave boys already but I must be a responsible bean for a few more days ´v`

More art will be coming as soon as I get my to-do list sparkly clean!!

Lol don’t reblg but every year my grandpa has this crab feed/seafood cook out with all his other fisherman friends up in Gualala and last year one of my g-pas friends brought his super fuego son and my papa waited an entire fucking year to tell me this boy was interested in me I’m screaming. He called today to tell me lmao, “I didn’t want to be a matchmaker but guess who has been asking about you since the party last year” PERCY I SWEAR TO GOD YOU CANT BE WITHHOLDING INFORMATION LIKE THIS.

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