and idk how maggie smith would come in i just want her there

The White Princess Live Blog Episode 3

Here’s my live blog of TWP Ep. 03.  What a wild ride, eh?  Anyway, it’s 5 pages long and full of snark so… enjoy!

Yeah, just throw us right into a childbirth scene.  that’s not jarring at all.

Yeah, IDK why he’s sending Jasper either - seems like a bad idea if there’s a rebellion on this side of the pond.  But whatever.

How is Lizzie just now thinking of this all-important curse?  Been pregnant like 8 or so months and she’s just now worrying about that???

Oh I forgot EW’s imprisoned in the palace.  Looks like we get to see Plotty McPlotterson plotting it up.  Yeah, Feminism™!  Holy Hell! Lizzie’s been in confinement for two months?  That aint right??? Confinement is only supposed to be a month — and if this baby is supposed to be secretly ~~premature~~ that timeline just doesn’t work.  If people are supposed to think this is a full term baby, she would have been going into confinement 3 months before birth so??? I just???

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Richonne S7 Wishlist

No new Richonne scenes for months so I thought I’d bring this up again as a fun pastime.   Last yr I put out a Richonne S6 Wishlist & suggested others make their own as a positivity push. I enjoyed reading everyone’s different ideas & I’m happy to say tptb gave me A LOT of things I asked for.

Does the law of attraction work? IDK. But, it’d be fun to see what everyone has on their S7 wishlists. What 10 things would happen in S7 if you were the boss? Here’s my list:

1. A RICHONNE HUG.  Hopefully S7 it’ll finally happen (a couple times). They NEED a reunion hug after Negan & I’d like to see Rick & Michonne leaning on each other, literally, as they face an all out war. Richonne hugs 1&2)Charlie Adlard, Fan artist hugs: 3)themeedes 4)merlin-rain 5&6) michonneisbae 7)K-EAR-AH  8) madwomanlexie 9)Usskira

2.  “WOW! I can’t believe Rick/Michonne did that” Moments. No season should pass w/out at least 1 MAJOR & 1 minor INDIVIDUAL victories for each.


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