and idk her


Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha


i read the comic issue where izzy leaves, i cried, i tried to find fanart of her now that i can’t be spoiled but there was virtually none, and so i comforted myself by doodling these while listening to the izzy’s story audio

izzy is wonderful!!!!!!!

Okay so my youngest sister is getting to the age where she is starting to want to watch all the teen drama/romance movies, and my other sister and i realised that the youngest hasn’t seen ANY of the twilight saga yet so we are going to watch them with her and oh boy she has no idea what she’s getting into ehjbfjshdbcsjk I feel like that mom that re-lives through her kids because i canny wait to see her reactions

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i’ll keep you all posted if she is team Jacob or team Edward lmao

Today I was walking behind a mother and a small child who couldn’t have been older than five. The child was walking in that syncopated gait that is instantly recognizable as a small child avoiding sidewalk cracks, which was completely adorable.

And then this adorable golden-haired child looked up at her mother and said in a completely even voice “Someday, I’ll step on it.”

That child is going places. Maybe jail. But places.