and idk he just gets me on a certain level

These two- right next to eachother

there third member?

who goes in first?

My guess is this guy is their pilot

more things to note-

the guy we never see the face of while seeing the rest of  stands at attention in the back of the group,  

the rest of his class and crew have more relaxed poses

probably meaning he’s trying to stay out of trouble and or he and his crew dont get along. OR it could be that the rest of his crew is part of a higher level team then he is equipped to be in, like maybe they have better grades then him? more expectation on their shoulders? experience?

They look kinda bored, that or focus oriented and idk the air around them kinda reminds me of a certain top student drop out we know and love, or at least look like they could potentially get along with him and work in a team with him

Im just saying if Keith was a pilot at the garrison he would have had to have a team and I and desperate so I wanna believe this is his ex team were looking at.

Until we actually get to see keiths old crew Imma pretend these two were his