and idgaf what you may say

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as parents
  • Bobbi: the ‘as long as there’s no casualties it’s fine’ parent
  • Mack: The panicking hover parent
  • Jemma: the 'I’m the parent so I’m always right’ parent
  • Hunter: the (accidentally) bad influence parent
  • Skye: the fun parent who’s still kind of a child himself, but can be serious if needed
  • Fitz: the 'everything’s a teachable moment’ parent
  • Tripp: the dad everyone wishes was their’s
  • Elena: the 'idek what I’m doing but I’m gonna try’ parent
  • Coulson: the 'touch my child and you die’ parent/the 'idgaf just don’t get hurt’ parent
  • May: the 'my kids are angels you say differently I send you to hell’ parent

Since our ships are all canon by the end of 2014, it’s cool to spread some love to celebrate the soon-to-be-old year and get ready for the brand new 2015.

This post is dedicated for anyone who are in a relationship or still single:

“How to Express Love to Your Special One in 17 NARUTO Styles”


1. The Stalker 

Silently watch him from afar. Memorize all of his little things or even bad habits, let yourself be inspired by him every day and slowly nourish that pure love. If you love him warts and all, he totally deserves you.

2. The Hug 

Tightly hug him whenever he gets angry or upset. Beg him to stop with the sweetest tone ever. Your eyes, your voice and your warm embrace will distinguish his rage and erase his sorrow right away.

3. The Blush

Let him see your shyness every time he comes and talks to you. Your rosy cheeks will make a strong impression on him. He may think you are weird at first, but then he will find it cute and even get excited whenever you are around.

4. The Forehead Kissing

Kiss him on the forehead after being shared about his lifetime goal. He will feel super confident and gain more motivation to fulfil his future dream, of course with you by his side.

5. The Praise

Tell him how great he is and even when he fails, he himself is still a sweet failure in your eyes. He’s gonna get power up immediately and even reveal something that make your heart go doki doki.

6. The Confession

a. Sasusaku Style

- Declare your genuine love. If he’s a good guy, whether he is sure about his feeling for you or not, he’s gonna be deeply moved and say a sincere “Thank you” for loving him. There’s a high chance that he will think about it and give you a surprising answer in the right time.

- Confess again if you are given some hints that he may have feeling for you, but he has to hide it for some reasons. When you get under his skin, he’s gonna recall the nostalgic memories with you and let his body react weirdly without realizing it.

b. Naruhina Style

Wait until he becomes a damsel in distress. Suddenly show up, take all of your courage to protect him from the bad things and bravely confess. He’s gonna be jaw-dropping, and then feel lost in heaven.

7. The Slap

Slap him gently if he is about to do something stupid. And don’t remove your hand too soon but linger it on his face while preaching him. After being enlightened, he’s gonna touch your hand, tightly hold it and gain his spirit back.

8. The Show Off

a. Shikatema Style

Impressively appear and save his whiny ass right on cue. And after finishing your cool action, don’t forget to give him a big shiny smile. He’s gonna suffer from a mixed feeling of embarrassment and amusement at the same time.

b. Sasusaku Style

Show him how bad-ass you are after a long time not being together. Throw a “Watch and learn!” into his face. He will be taken aback, get turned on and internally scream in pride.


1. The Encouragement

Detect her problems quickly. Encourage her by emphasizing on her strengths; show her that you feel proud of her no matter what happens. She’s gonna be happy as hell and gain her confidence back.

2. The Nickname Giving

Give her cute nicknames that you think they fit her. She’s gonna blush and perhaps start thinking about you, even dream of her love triangle with you as the Mr. Right every night.

3. The Sarcasm

Tell her you think women and marriage are troublesome, but in fact show her that you actually care and secretly dream about you and her future wedding. She knows, she can even read you. Women are not only troublesome, but also smart and dangerous.

4. The Sorry

Say a sincere ‘Sorry’ after what you have done to her. She’s not gonna forgive you easily, she may reply with a sarcastic tone like “IDGAF!”, so you have to forget your big ego and desperately beg for her forgiveness.


5. The Bridal Style

Carry her in bridal style and run fast in the middle of the night. And then give her the cutest smile ever! She’s gonna see butterflies everywhere and may consider settling down and have a kid with you.

6. The Forehead Poking

Poke her forehead all of a sudden with your index and middle finger and tease her with your sexy lips, like promise her you will do something special for her in the right time. Even when she doesn’t figure out what the meaning behind your poking, she will believe and wait for that day to come.

7. The Handholding

Hold her hand. Look into her eyes. Feel thankful that she’s always beside you and believe in you. Thanks to your sweetness, she will automatically unleash her unbelievable potential power that you have never seen.

8. The Slow Embrace

Catch her when she’s exhausted and about to fall. Slowly pull her a little closer to your muscular chest while still maintaining the conversation with other people like a boss. It’s purely therapeutic. She’s gonna recover both physically and mentally.

9. The Eyesmex

Look into her eyes intensely and make her go speechless. Research shows that ‘Having eye contact more than 6 seconds without looking away reveals a desire for either sex or murder’.

Either you choose to have sex with her or murder her with your beautiful eyes, she’s gonna die of euphoria anyway.

10. The Cowboy (This is only for guys who can ride motorcycles, horses or anything like that)

Suddenly speed up so that she’ll be forced to quickly grab your body for self-balance. You will feel her smell, her touch, her blush, her boobs and her figure pressed tightly to your back. Be cool and keep calm. Conceal, don’t feel, or else you‘re gonna get out of control with a big boner while riding with her to the sunset and all of your friends will make fun of it.


It is said that Shounen Mangas are all about heroes fighting for world peace and there is no place for love or other cheesy things like Shoujo. But in NARUTO, we can find a bunch of inspiring love stories which give us many life lessons! And those beautiful moments are definitely NOT cheesy at all!

Well, if you wanna express your special feelings to someone you adore, perhaps those NARUTO’s impressive styles above will support you a lot in your love life. Re-read this long rant and replace characters’ names with your name and your love interest to go on a Feeeeel Trip!

Let’s start 2015 by spreading some happiness into the air! Reblog to share the love, no more war please! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!


I’m opening my requests again!  

Mimi’s are still closed for now and she’s just started uni so she’s gonna be swamped for a while as is

So that’s EXO, GOT7 and BTS reactions/scenarios and I’m willing to do oneshots for Y/Nxmember. Plus I’m thinking of starting AUs?

My last post was a BTS college au and I quite liked writing it and I may possibly make it into an actual story series if people want it???

So au requests are now a thing

If you only want a certain member(s) say so and I’m more than happy to do s, makes my life easier anyway hehe

Idgaf about genres, you want fluff, I’ll do it, you want angst, I’ll have a go, you want smutty? Come at me ya nasties

Don’t forget to check our master list to see if we’ve already completed a request like what you want

Bring on the requests! 


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5SOS Blurb 4/4: Blowjobs


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Go ahead and unfollow me for this idgaf but I still stand by my position on the whole Garnet cosplay thing. Here’s why: 1.Yes, I understand the cosplayer may not have meant for that cosplay to offend people but it did. And when you offend someone, you don’t just go “Chill out, it’s not offensive”. You LISTEN to what that person/group of people are saying and don’t dismiss it. You might not think it’s offensive, but it’s not your group of people being made fun of so how the hell would you know? 2. If you are not black and you paint yourself to look black (whether it’s a caricature of black people or not) that is black face and that is offensive to black people. Our skin color is not your costume. 3. Black people get told all the time they can’t cosplay white or japanese characters because they’re black, so why is it okay for her to cosplay a black character??? One of my friends really wanted to cosplay as Misty from Pokémon but got told by our friends that she couldn’t cause of the color of her skin. And when black people DO cosplay as non black characters, we don’t change the color of our skin. You wanna know why? Because cosplay is about the costume, regardless of what you look like. 4. Garnet is not brown. She’s red/ purplish red (?) So all race things aside, she didn’t even get the cosplay right. So yes, unfollow me if you want, I don’t really. If you’re unfollowing me over this then I don’t want you following me in the first place 😑😑😑 Bye


You know what, I’m not even sorry if I annoy people with weight loss pics.

I’m proud of myself. I have genuine confidence, I don’t have to fake it and hide behind humor or an idgaf attitude anymore. My body is not perfect, I have stretch marks and cellulite and rolls but I don’t hate myself for it anymore because my perspective has changed too. I know a lot of people may give me shit any say “weight loss ≠ happiness” but for me it did, because yes, it changed how I look, but more importantly it changed how I feel.