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Could you do a fic based on the song Seventeen from Heathers? Idec what genre tbh. Love your writing <3<3

 A/N: So I’m back and I think I learned a lesson in that I shouldn’t share anything about myself, my personal life, or my frustrations on this blog. You guys follow me to read stuff and I know you don’t care so if I’m feeling bummed about something I shouldn’t try to vent about it here, so it won’t happen again. However though, in the future, for those that follow me I’d appreciated it if you don’t send rude messages. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. Anyway, enough said. Here’s a fic.

“Uggggh!” the loud groan coming from the upstairs office snaps you awake. You wipe the drool from your mouth, and look around the room, realizing you’ve fallen asleep while eating chili fries on your boyfriend’s couch while he’s upstairs editing a video. You’ve gotten cheese on your baggy sweatshirt that is most certainly going to stain, and you groan in annoyance. Setting the chili cheese fries aside, you grab a beer and head upstairs to see what Dan had groaned about.

You knock slightly before pushing the door to the office open, and find Dan sitting at the computer, his head in his hands. You stroll up behind him and place a hand gently on his shoulder. “What’s up, babe?”

He jumps, startled, and looks up at you with tired eyes, watery eyes. “I don’t know what the fuck to do. I hate this video. But I spent so long on it I don’t want to waste all that time.”

You move behind him and begin rubbing his neck, “Why don’t you take a break? I’ll make some brownies and we can watch some tv or a bad movie together. Then you can come back to it later and see if you feel better.”

He sighs heavily, leaning his head against you. “I’m a fucking mess. I feel like I’m damaged or losing my mind or something.”

“Well, you’ve been at this for eight hours, which will do things to you. But Dan, seriously, you’re saying this to the girl who just fell asleep with chili cheese fries in her hands and is now walking around in a stained sweatshirt with drool crusted to her mouth. We’re both damaged. But we can be damaged together and then we’re good.”

He chuckles, turning and wrapping his arms around you. “You’ll bake brownies?”

“Only if you help.”

 He nods against you. “I wanna be with you tonight.”

You lean down and kiss the top of his head, squeezing him tighter to you. “You will be. Just forget about this for now. Spend the night with me and come back to it in the morning. I guarantee you’ll feel better.”

Also ok I have to credit this one to wilfredtennant and hardythehermitcrab BUT



Hardy asks Ellie what she’s had to eat, and she says a KitKat and a scotch egg.

They go for food.  They both have salad.

Ellie gets chips with Claire and says that she had salad earlier, and that she hates salad.

She ordered a salad so that Hardy would eat healthy

She ordered a fucking salad with him

Because she cares about his health

They ate salad. Together.

sinbadism  asked:

i have no clue what happened to solo to make them like this but i have never ever met a jew who cares that much about the dignity of catholics, or talks about "jehovah" without an implicit snicker (because that's not how you say the tetragrammaton. and you DONT EVEN SAY THE TETRAGRAMMATON). you can't appropriate from a group that has been a colonial power for 500+ years. idec about the people theyre talking about but come on.