and i've watched it several times already


Fic Recs: Illustration for Warning: Emergency Pull Tab by ikeracity​:

Knocking a guy over with an inflatable pool and nearly giving him a concussion is probably not the best flirting technique in the world, but if there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s Charles.

Comments: This is the closest that a written work will ever make you feel like you’re watching a colourful, extremely vivid, high quality animation without actually watching an animation. IT’S IMPOSSIBLY BRILLIANT. MY GOD. Situationally hilarious, and so freaking fluffy and cute I actually want to pet it. 

Whites' "Support" Of Black People's Spaces
  • Ask FM Question: "Do you think White people should make the effort to buy from Black-owned businesses? Part of me believes in small-scale almost reparation-type actions and part of me is worried White people will hold it over our heads (i.e. bought from you now you owe me)."
  • My Reply: "Well yeah. They are going to hold it over your head. A lot of what many White people do is about performance and oneupmanship. They perform the act of buying from 'the other' then oneup their White friends by saying they bought from 'the other' and are a 'real activist' or a 'good person' unlike their White friends. A lot of this has nothing to do with us as Black people and we're just objects in their games. The nature of White supremacy. I've watched this occur for a decade in corporate America jobs. I watched this occur in high school, undergrad and graduate school. I deal with this now based on my blog. I have several times tweeted about Whites who think they own not just my writing but ME, the person, because they donated to my blog, as if they got nothing in the first place, as if they are not properly (as outlined in my Content Use Policy) or majorly improperly (content trolling, plagiarism, labor demands and exploitation) using what content is already there, to then think I owe them something else on top of it. So they donate a few bucks, then announce the donation to other Whites and imply how they're better activists for doing so. Performance. Oneupmanship. So I don't know how to answer this question. Because what happens is then more Whites tack on and suggest that their behavior can be anyway they like and as harmful as they choose as long as they give or spend money. And honestly I am tired of violent 'allyship' even more than typical attacks. At least the latter people are not pretending to care."

highlights of the pens elf video

  • posted on my birthday, clearly an intentional present for me personally
  • olli maatta as the opening shot of the baby
  • 5′8′’ tall conor sheary the elf. with his TEENY VOICE.
  • fucking of COURSE matt cullen is the dad
    • bonus: cully being a legitimately good actor? possible post-retirement career in the works? who knows
  • flower appearing twice, saying nothing either time, putting things that are not food in his mouth
  • phil kessel’s dead fucking eyes
  • ft. DAN POTASH as the romantic interest
  • bryan rust’s entire fucking existence tbh
  • “buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” -kris letang, canada’s favorite fighting frenchman
  • where is mike sullivan? who did he bribe to get out of this?
  • i know i said it already, but to reiterate, phil kessel: