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omnipotentseadevil  asked:

hi :D i like your art and think you're cool! I've wanted to make comics for a long time but I lack inspiration. What do you do when you have art block?

You can practice things you want to improve on, or use prompts or random idea generators to get you going! Getting ideas going for bigger projects can be a bigger project, but it really all goes back to motivation and determination. As cliche as it sounds, drawing every day is the best solution for art block. Here are some things I like to use!

Line-of-Action (formerly pixel lovely)

for practicing human and animal anatomy

Art Prompts

for all kinds of random ideas you can use!

Color Palette Challenge

cool colors can be fun!

Also if there’s books, comics, artists, whatever, that you like, sometimes looking at them for a bit can be a good place to look for inspiration! Or try drawing things you like and see if it takes you anywhere interesting!