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Request: It’s been weeks since you became the new punching-ball of the most popular group of the university. Yet, you haven’t told your closest and only friend, Gabriel. But one night, after the group physically hurts you, he finds you in tears in your room. - warrior-in-a-trenchcoat
Warnings: Descriptions of violence.
Note: After the events of the latest days, I decided to write something that could cheer up my followers a bit, and this request sounded just perfect. I really hope this will help. Stay safe, my babies, I love you. ♡

Your steps echo quick and unsteady in the oddly empty and silent hallway. It’s like one of those awful low-budget horror movies, where the protagonist tries to run away and yet everybody knows what their ending is going to be like. Your breath is short. You hold tighter onto your books, seeking for comfort.
“Hey, darling!”, somebody shouts from behind you, making all the blood in your cheeks drain.
Sweat wets your temples. Your heart is pumping fast in your chest.
“Where d’ya think you’re going, girl? We still have to play”.

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