and i've got to work ugh

shadowhunters as that 70s show quotes
  • jace: I'm what's known as man-pretty
  • clary: Everybody wants their first make-out to be special. Someplace romantic like Ireland, or Disneyworld.
  • alec: Life is too short to spend it with people who annoy you
  • magnus: The beautiful cannot be held responsible for the havoc our looks create
  • isabelle: the sooner you realize I'm a genius, the better off we'll both be.
  • simon: if I were a bird, I'd fly into a ceiling fan
  • luke: Government pawns and missing limbs. That's amore.
  • jocelyn: All families are embarrassing. If they aren't embarrassing they're dead
  • maia: you are about to read a book my foot wrote.. It's called on the road to in your ass
  • raphael: When I die, I want to be buried face down, so that way, whoever doesn't like me can kiss my ass
  • alaric: You should suspend me. I need a vacation.
  • raj: kiss my brown ass!
  • meliorn: Where Zen ends, ass kicking begins
  • sebastian: if you dont get caught, everything's legal
  • lydia: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
  • maryse: Everyone is happy and nobody went to jail. What a waste of time.
  • robert: You know I love my family. But sometimes, I just want to get in my car and run them all over.
  • max: if this is about maturity i want nothing to do with it
  • valentine: I've been working since I was sixteen. I fought in two wars. Hell, I've killed people. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it...

    on the long list of things i shouldn’t do.

The Thor: Ragnarok trailer watered crops and cured diseases today

Winter Themed Sentence Starters
  • "Hey -- put that snowball down!"
  • "Come make snow angels with me!"
  • "I sooooooooo want hot cocoa right now."
  • "But I don't wanna go outside! It's too cold."
  • "You know you've been outside too long when your snot becomes frozen."
  • "Snowball fight?"
  • "Sledding is an art. Only masters like myself know how to do it properly."
  • "How can you eat ice cream right now!? It's below twenty degrees outside!"
  • "So they shut down all the trains and buses..."
  • "I so hope that this snow is enough for a snow day."
  • "How about we both skip work and cuddle all day? We can blame it on the snow."
  • "I made a snow dick. Look -- it's happy to see you."
  • "UGH. How long is it going to snow for?"
  • "I can't hold hands with you. Too cold."
  • "You've got so many snowflakes in your hair. It's kind of cute."
  • "I hate the snow."
  • "Let's go ice skating!"
  • "Your hat is falling off!"
  • "I'm pretty sure the lake's frozen enough. We won't fall in."
  • "I can't even see a foot in front of me!"
  • "You know what I've always wanted to try? Building an igloo."
  • "The snow can go fuck itself."
  • "I feel like a penguin with all of these layers. A very fat penguin."
  • "I just need the heat on, a bunch of blankets, and a good movie. I can watch the snow from inside."
  • "I am NOT going outside in this cold!"

I’m sorry I haven’t been very active on here guys. I’ve been working so much and such early shifts that I don’t have time to do much else. And I was planning on coming on tonight but work got to me when I was in today and ask I come in at six in the morning tomorrow to do some extra stuff so I’ll be on later tomorrow I hope!

Anyways gonna lurk on mobile but no responses to asks or threads tonight sorry loves please forgive me uvu

i got 1 page done of my essay!  yay progress!

the chord of passion: a debussy x mozart fanfiction
  • <p> <b></b> for the record, i like debussy. well, i like his violin sonata. i don't know much else by him. lol idk<p/><b>mozart:</b> (sitting at a bar composing music)<p/><b>debussy:</b> (walks up to him)<p/><b>debussy:</b> hey babe, i see you're a musical virtuoso like myself.<p/><b>mozart:</b> huh? oh, hardly. i just love writing music.<p/><b>debussy:</b> well you look daddy AF sitting here writing that... what's that, a symphony? yeah, i never wrote one of those. heh, you know, because i'm like a whole step above this institutionalized standard that we have for music.<p/><b>mozart:</b> yeah... well, i'm just trying to finish this, please<p/><b>debussy:</b> aw yeah, sure, that's fine babe. but hey, i've got an idea, why don't you come over to my place, and we can write together? i can watch you write that symphony, you can watch me write a mASTERPIece and we'll both have a good time<p/><b>mozart:</b> ugh... okay, let's go.<p/><b></b> (at debussy's place)<p/><b>debussy:</b> here we have mi casa. it's a little messy, but that's because i like to throw things angrily whenever i write and not clean them up. you know, artisTIC FRUStration.<p/><b>debussy:</b> anyway, babe, just have a seat on the bench, and you can get to work for me (winks)<p/><b>mozart:</b> (sits down at the piano)<p/><b>mozart:</b> (working his magic)<p/><b>debussy:</b> (watching with a smirk)<p/><b>debussy:</b> babe, babe, babe. you just use too much... conSISTENcy, you gotta chANGE It up a lITTLE sometimes, you kNOW WHAT I MEAN<p/><b>debussy:</b> (throws a chair across the room)<p/><b>mozart:</b> fucking hell, you get over here and write then! SHOOWWW ME how it's DOnE!<p/><b>debussy:</b> (grinning charismatically)<p/><b>debussy:</b> i'd be happy to, babe<p/><b>debussy:</b> (writing his masterpiece)<p/><b>mozart:</b> (watching intently)<p/><b>debussy:</b> yeah, you like that tonality, don'tcha?<p/><b>mozart:</b> did you just... leave that chord unresolved...<p/><b>debussy:</b> can somebody say aVANt-gARDE?<p/><b>mozart:</b> omfg<p/><b>mozart:</b> i can say im gETTIN T HE FUCKK OUT OF HE RE<p/></p>
I'm falling apart physically and mentally, but mostly physically
  • Angel: *lands in front of an old shack and knocks on the door*
  • Witch: *opens door*
  • Angel: Hiiii!
  • Witch: *slams door*
  • Angel: Heeey!
  • Witch: *opens door again* What do you want?
  • Angel: I just came by to see my best friend! *makes heart shape with her hands* What else?
  • Witch: We're not friends.
  • Angel: You opened the door for me. Why would you do that if we weren't friends? *smiles innocently*
  • Witch: Ugh, I don't know. Just come in.
  • Angel: So, what are you doing today?
  • Witch: Brewing stuff as usual.
  • Angel: Are you brewing pumpkin soup!? I want some!
  • Witch: Pumpkin soup? What? No. I'm brewing a deadly potion, like usual.
  • Angel: *grabs the witch's arm* Hey, let's go outside and play.
  • Witch: Don't touch me! I'm doing very delicate work.
  • Angel: *sighs* Boring.
  • Witch: I've got magazines beside the couch. Read one of those and stop bothering me.
  • Angel: *flips through a magazine* I can't read!
  • Witch: You really are a moron.
  • Angel: I'm an angel. I don't need to learn to read. *leans over the witch's shoulder* Hey, can I help you brew?
  • Witch: You know what, sure. I need more ingredients. Do you know those flowers that grow beneath the sands in the wasteland?
  • Angel: Uh huh.
  • Witch: Good, I need you to go dig me up a couple.
  • Angel: Oh, digging is so fun! *flies off through the roof*
  • Angel: *surveys the wasteland from high above* I need to find a nice digging spot. Hmm... there goes a place!
  • Angel: *flies off to a sandy spot that is indistinguishable from all of the other sandy spots in the wasteland which is just one endless sandy spot in itself*
  • Angel: This is going to be fun! I'll pretend to be a puppy! *tongue lulls out of her mouth as she digs through the sand like a dog*
  • Angel: *hand touches something fleshy* Aroo?
  • Buried Man: *yawns after being slapped in the face by the angel and wakes up* Who's there? Martha?
  • Angel: I'm not Martha. I'm an angel.
  • Buried Man: An angel? Where am I?
  • Angel: The wasteland.
  • Buried Man: What the hell am I doing in a wasteland?
  • Angel: I don't know. You died, I guess. Everyone who's dead comes to the wasteland.
  • Buried Man: I'm not dead. How could I be dead when I'm talking to you right now?
  • Angel: Hmm, that's a good question. I don't know how this whole thing works. I only live here.
  • Buried Man: I don't really care. Just help me out of all this sand.
  • Angel: *pulls the man from the sand revealing that he has nothing below his torso and his entrails are hanging out*
  • Buried Man: AHH! JESUS! HELP ME! OH MY JESUS, HELP! *desperately attempts to put his entrails back inside of himself*
  • Angel: *internally* How does he know my big brother?
  • Buried Man: My guts are hanging out! Please get help! Don't just stand there!
  • Angel: What kind of help?
  • Buried Man: A doctor! A surgeon! Anyone! I NEED HELP!
  • Angel: Ah, I think I know just the person. I'll take you to her. Here, hop on my back.
  • Buried Man: *clings onto the angel's back with all of his strength*
  • Angel: Okay, don't loosen your grip. *flies off at mach speed*
  • Buried Man: *looks back to see his entrails flying out* STOP! STOP! YOU HAVE TO STOP!
  • Angel: I can't stop now!
  • Buried Man: Then slow down! My guts are flying away!
  • Angel: I can only fly at one speed! Stop being so picky! Ah, here we are! *flies through the witch's roof*
  • Angel: Hi, I'm back!
  • Witch: Son of a bitch!
  • Angel: *gasps* You said a swear!
  • Witch: Ugh! Remember when you knocked on my door? I'd really prefer if you did that more often. Wood's hard to come by around these parts and I can't keep having you ruin my roof.
  • Angel: I'm sorry. It's just that there's this guy, and he doesn't have any legs, and he kept yelling for me to help him, and he knows my big brother, and I don't know. He's on my back. You talk to him. *notices the man isn't on her back anymore* Huh, where'd he go???
  • Witch: *hands the angel a hammer and bag of nails* I don't care what you're on about, but if you want to help me you can get to fixing my roof.
  • Angel: I can pretend to be an architect! *flies through roof*
  • Angel: Sorry!
  • *elsewhere*
  • Buried Man: *drags himself towards a lung with one arm as his other arm has been broken* Gotcha.
  • Buried Man: *flips himself onto his back, wipes sand off of his lung by rubbing it on his shirt, and stuffs it back into his body* Okay, that's both of my lungs. I still need to find my kidneys, heart, all of my intestines, and those other miscellaneous body parts...
  • Buried Man: *stares at the colorless sun in the gray sky*
  • Buried Man: Martha...

r-2-c-c  asked:

I've got a question, at my local comic book store there is this one guy who works the cash register there usually around the time I'm able to go there, and no matter what I say to him he thinks I'm flirting with him. Could you help me find a way to break it to him that I'm not interested

Ugh, so gross, I’m sorry you have to deal with that. Jobs aren’t dating websites, wtf. 

Here is the problem with the culture we live in: once a guy decides that you like him, or that you ought to like him, most of them will never be dissuaded. If you say no, he thinks it’s a challenge to convince you; if you say you have a boyfriend/girlfriend he thinks he can win you away from them/convert you. If you are flat and monosyllabic, he’s probably gonna tell you to smile – or call you a bitch. 

I mean you can say “I’m not flirting with you and you’re making me uncomfortable”, and that probably won’t actually do anything, but it means that if he responds with hostility or tries to keep flirting with you, you can ask to speak to his manager or the owner of the shop to inform them that he’s harassing you. If he is the owner of the shop…man, I hope there’s another shop in the area.

You can also submit your story about him to haterfreewednesdays and then the next time he tries it, hand him a printout of the post and tell him he’s actively losing the shop money. But you also run the risk of enraging him to the point where he tries to hurt you, because that is the fucking bullshit world we live in and I am so, so sorry.

The upshot is that there are a dozen clever ways you could try to deal with him and probably none of them will work, so being straightforward about your disinterest and then contacting the shop manager (you could always call the shop later and ask to speak to the manager) are the least-labor-intensive and will have as much of a result as anything else. And if he IS a decent human being, straight-up saying “I’m not into you” is probably going to be the most direct route to him realizing he’s bothering you. 

Gah. Good luck. Stay safe. Don’t get into any confrontations with nobody else around. I hate the world sometimes.

anonymous asked:

Scout quick question, what cons are you going to be going to? :3

i’d REALLY like to be able to make it to jaxcon and vegascon! those are on my list for now, but i haven’t done any ticket buying yet for jacksonville’s. i’m pushing that one really close right now (can’t believe it’s already like, a month away. yeesh! but the weather here is so unpredictable right now that traveling by plane makes me nervous!)

otherwise, all con plans are blurry. i’m going to be really busy until may, and then after that it is a mystery!

Anonymous said:

How does one be as awesome as you? Seriously, you’re everything that’s good in this world except maybe garlic bread.

aw, thank you so much! it’s sweet of you to think that. but it’s true, the purity of garlic bread is unbeatable

Anonymous said:

wtf I TRIED I really wanted that destiel charm ( and not because of me I’m not actually a shipper but I wanted to gift it to a friend who really does) ohh im soo sad. :0 :’(

i’m so sorry!! i’ve been working basically since i got up to right up until this moment, and i’d really love to be able to get the next wave of charms up on saturday. definitely should have ordered more of these charms, though! i was just nervous at first because it’s been a few months since i’ve ordered from zap!

dagger32 said:



  • Me: I've got so much to do that I'm too anxious to do anything, like I feel physically sick at the idea of trying to work
  • Friend: well if you just started your work you'd feel better
  • Me: I feel like you didn't hear a word i just said