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Sidlink and Volink are my current most requested ships to make art of, so why not have them swap Links for fun?


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


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I don't watch voltron (I plan to but haven't had the time yet), so could you please explain the sheith discourse? Idk anything about any of the characters specifically, but just based on appearances I've always liked that better than klance.

Oh my sweet summer child, I wish you well if you ever decide to brave through this fandom hell. Okay so I’ll sum this up because honestly I do not wish to talk about this discourse anymore.

Everything started shortly after the show aired on Netflix on June 10th. Due to Keith’s and Shiro’s close bond, familiarity with one another and always attempting to protect each other, they became a popular ship. So popular in fact that Josh Keaton, Shiro’s voice actor, acknowledged this on his blog and even coined the name for the ship: sheith.

It didn’t take long until he and Neil Kaplan, Zarkon’s voice actor, started mentioning sheith on their twitters as well. To top it off, Chris Palmer, who directs the show, also made this Shiro drawing with the description “Shiro loves you, baby” and tagged “he is looking at Keith.” Honestly with so many people involved with the show (even if the VAs aren’t directly involved, it was still nice) showing support for the ship, and considering Montgomery and dos Santos who previously worked on The Legend of Korra are producers in Voltron, a lot of people believe they could become canon like Korra and Asami.

Things blew up however when SDCC happened in July. Tim Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos who were at the event were asked by a fan about the ages of the characters, since the only clue we had was the DreamWorks’ site saying they’re teenagers. Pidge is 14, Shiro is 25 at most and everyone else is late teens.

However, many fans interpreted it as proof that Shiro is factually 25 and the other three are 17 and claim that Shiro/Paladin ships are pedophilia, wrong, incorrect and a bunch of other nasty things. They use the video as confirmation and refuse each and any other evidence to contrary, even when it comes from the same people that were in the video. Some even attack the voice actors over it, which is why Josh Keaton stopped talking about ships altogether on Twitter. The truth is, most people before and after the video saw and still see Hunk, Keith and Lance as being 18-19 and Shiro as 20-22 at most, not 25 since he doesn’t even look that old.

There is a whole lot more to this story, including but not limited to the fact that the official comic still mentions they’re five teenagers even after the SDCC event, Josh Keaton confirmed on twitter that ages were never brought up during recording and how Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos refuse to answer any all questions regarding the ages, and someone found a video prior to the age video where Montgomery talked about Shiro being a student, not an instructor as people against the ship kept mentioning. Recently Pidge’s voice actor also snapchatted about Shiro/Keith and Shiro/Keith/Lance. Last week it was revealed that the garrison where the paladins previously studied at is college like education and a military base as well, meaning they couldn’t be younger than 18.

Tbh the whole thing is a mess, the only thing we know for sure is that the creators themselves apparently never gave this too much thought in the first place because they wanted people to see the characters as being the age they believe them to be. And now they either refuse to talk about it anymore or contradict each other in what they have to say about it, but antis refuse to stop and continue harassing shippers and the ship tags daily with violent threats and name calling.

Incidentally, NYCC is coming up this week and the same three crew members will there. It is speculated that more fans will ask them about the ages and I’m already dreading the next wave of shitstorm coming this friday.

For more about Shiro/Paladin discussions, this post is a good post about it.


me: i want to try making moodboards
carlee: Yang and Blake
carlee: Pls
me: lol the ship or both characters?
carlee: Yes

Yang Xiao Long/Blake Belladonna moodboard for @manicpixienightmaregirl / @badass-bunny

Lance has a little problem. He’s nice and friendly person. Too friendly. Everytime they meet a new alien, he’s ready to hug them and accept them in his little family. And that wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t in the middle of a fucking war where everyone around you might kill you.

But Lance can’t help it. When he saw the little arusian guy he wanted to knit him a sweater, when he met Rolo and Nyma he wanted to befriend them (and he had to flirt with Nyma because how can he say no to a pretty face??) when he met Yupper he told her all his insecurities and was ready to protect her from harm.

He’s just like that. He trust too easily and sees good in everybody.

Shiro and the others end up having a long talk with him about it after Lance started trying to become friends with monsters that even the Galra feared. And really, those weren’t even pretty monsters that could trick you into freeing them (Like Nyma, for example), no. They were huge dark-creatures that screamed danger from everywhere.

“Oh come on guys, just look at them, don’t you wanna pet them?”
“Lance, dear Lord get away from that! It’s gonna eat you!”
“He’s just being nice, don’t be rude Pidge.”

Lance still didn’t see the problem with those aliens. Yes, their looks are a little bit scary, but they are in space. Everyone is different and they shouldn’t judge those guys by their looks. They all are victims from the Galra. Lance doesn’t judge his friends, they are only being wary. The last few creatures he tried to become friends with did try to eat him. But, what if they didn’t? What if they were actually good?

He’s not an idiot. He knows what he does it’s risky. It may get him killed someday, he undertands why his friends worries. But if he doesn’t make an effort to save those dark-aliens, who will? Voltron must protect everyone.

Lance keeps doing this for while and only stops when he ends up freeing a giant alien who looks a lot like Cthulhu and holy shit he undertands now why the Galra flee from the base when they heard the alarm.

He’s teammates tease him a little about the “Cthulhu accident” but they forget with time.

It’s only when they end up in a strange galaxy fighting the Galra that they remember. They were losing, and hard. The Galra had them surround them, they couldn’t escape and their lions were to damage to even try to form Voltron. They thought it was the end of them.

Then Cthulhu arrived.

It was fucking insane, the giant creature destroy all the Galra ships by itself and even help them go back to the castle. When Lance got out of Blue, he ran hug one huge beast under the astonished look of all his friends.

sejun. go talk to jimin,” sejun’s group members mouthed as they mingled with bts after taking a couple of pictures together.

sejun‘s eyes widened, head shaking frantically from side to side.

there was no way he could. no way he could look jimin in the eye or touch his hands that were probably really, really soft. no way in—


sejun froze, eyes clenched tight, heat rising up from the pit of his stomach up to his surely flushed cheeks and ears. he knew that voice—had recognized it instantly—and as he turned around slowly to reply, the person (who sejun knew had to be jimin) placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently.

sejun jumped at the touch, now too flustered to form a coherent sentence. “‘s-s-sejun-ah’?” he repeated, eyes shooting back and forth between his feet and jimin’s face.

“ah…i’m sorry. it’s our first time meeting but i was too informal.” jimin dropped his hand and held them both behind his back as he bowed. 

sejun quickly returned jimin’s bow. “no, no! it’s okay. you can speak to me informally!” he bowed again. “it’s, fine. it’s fine.” sejun bowed a few more times until jimin started laughing and finally stopped him.

“okay but only if you use informal speech with me too,” jimin said, smiling softly and patting sejun’s arm, “and call me hyung.”

sejun nodded, his blush deepening. “hyu—hyung…hyung-nim…”

behind him, sejun could hear the cackling of his group mates and he hung his head in embarrassment.

“aish…” jimin’s tousled sejun’s hair, a light pink coloring his own cheeks. “too cute.”

“hyung is cuter,” he shot back, not thinking about what he’d said until it was too late to take it back.

jimin’s smile grew so wide it filled his entire face, making his cheeks exceptionally round and rosy. “no. sejun-ah is definitely cuter. look at these dimples,” jimin poked at sejun’s cheeks, “boys with dimples are the cutest.”

“hyung-nim…” sejun mumbled while jimin tugged at his cheek.

“jimin-ssi!” jungkook crept up behind jimin and draped an arm along his shoulders. “let’s go. i’m hungry.”

jimin huffed and shoved jungkook away, earning a slap on his butt in response.

“let’s go!” jungkook said again, this time with more whine.

“sejun-ah.” jimin ignored jungkook and tried to continue their conversation but jungkook only grew more persistent. “sejun-ah,” jimin sighed and handed sejun his phone, “give me your number.”

“o-oh…ah…” sejun typed his number into jimin’s phone and gave it back to him, his own phone chiming just a few seconds later.

“text me, okay?” jimin waved as jungkook began dragging him away. “let’s hang out sometime soon!”

“ah…yes! okay! thank—thank you, hyung!” sejun bowed even though jimin’s back was now turned and he was halfway down the hall.

“‘th—th—thank you, hyung.’” the other members of viction teased sejun and crowded around around him, patting his back and pulling on his cheeks.

“shut up,” sejun groaned, covering his face, “shut up!”

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I've read about vld showrunners saying they might add LGBT content in the show, do you think this means that Sheith relationship in first 3 seasons is supposed to be percieved as platonic (that might as well turn into romantic if they decide to go down that road), since it was something they've considered only after making these seasons? I ship Sheith with all my heart, but sometimes i'm afraid of getting my hopes up.

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what you mean by “since it was something they’ve considered only after making these seasons”?? Because lgbt representation is a conversation they have been having since the start. In fact, if we get any lgbt rep at all, it’s been implied that that’s been planned since season 1. 

My understanding is that the writers were unsure for a little while if Netflix would renew Voltron or not (which is why the ending for season 1 feels really abrupt and cut off, because they suddenly realized they would get a season 2 and didn’t have to give 1 a “softer ending”) but anYWAY, for a bit it seems they were unsure. And after they got the green light, they had to wait a bit before they could publicly confirm it. So, with that in mind:

In an interview right around when Voltron first started airing, Lauren and Joaquim mentioned how they both loved the korrasami ending and were happy to be part of it. When asked if Voltron would ever “take that step,” Lauren said, “we have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope” which to me says that if there was any representation they planned to carry through with, then they’ve already started building the groundwork for that from the very beginning. (source here)

Again, to me that says the most viable candidate for a gay relationship is Shiro and Keith, given how intimately close they’re portrayed as from the very beginning. Not to mention how the season starts with Keith running in to save Shiro like his knight in shining armor and ends with Shiro returning the favor. Plus all those other times they comfort each other and trust in one another and just–ya. If sheith was going to happen, they knew what they were doing and 100% planned it from the beginning. 

And the thing is, the more questions like this I get the more I’m kind of curious if most people just aren’t aware of how animation works because?? Major plot points won’t get changed out of nowhere, an entire character arc for next season won’t just be rewritten. All the content for the rest of the series is probably well written out and a good portion of it already animated; animation takes lots of time, you have to do so much work in advance. If they were going to put lgbt representation in, it’s already been planned and written a long time ago. 

When asked about ships, the show runners themselves actually talked about this. Because someone wanted to know if Lance and Keith would be “teased” because of how many people ship it, but that’s simply not the case. Lauren said “We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything. We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.” And Joaquim followed with, “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.” 

Lauren goes on to say, “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that, even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story! And be like–and now they’re in love.” (source here)

In short–if we get lgbt representation, it’s because it’s what the writers originally intended and was probably drafted out when they first pitched the TV Bible. Not because they suddenly decided halfway through season 3 that adding it in would please fans. And honestly, I feel a lot more comfortable about that. Because you know it’s not something that just got shoehorned in and was an intentional part of the narrative that the writers are invested in. 

Which is again why, if anything, sheith makes the most sense to me, as that’s the dynamic that’s been by far the most fleshed out and well developed. It just feels like if any relationship was built up as something romantic, sheith already has all the groundwork in place there

Watching Bungou Stray Dogs

Me: Wow, what great characters! Dazai and Atsushi have a great dynamic, and so do Dazai and Chuuya and Atsushi and Akutagawa! It’s so nice being able to ship the main ships for once!

My rarepair shipping ass: Ship Atsushi and Chuuya.

Me: N I C E


Every single frame of the forehead touch, for your pleasure (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

*arrives a month later with Sherlolly  fanfiction that takes place - of course - in the aftermath of ~that episode~*


“Go away, Sherlock”

“Mrs. Hudson sends biscuits.” He blurted out, ashamed of the way his tongue rushed to bribe her with sweets. He noticed, as he noticed (almost) everything else, the fact that she loved sweets. Always during her visits to Baker Street she took her tea with not one but two of Mrs. Hudson’s treats.

“You go down there and you talk to her.” John had said. “Fix it, Sherlock, as you fix everything else. Look, Mrs. H brought biscuits. That’ll get you inside. The rest is up to you.”

Her icy command came through the closed door.

“You can leave them at the door on your way out.”

“No, Molly. You have to let me in”.

He immediately regretted his poor choice of words.

“You know, I really do not have to do anything, just because you ask”.

“N-no, of course not.”

In a manner very un-Sherlock like, he faltered. Against her good sense, she was drawn to the door at this sign of vulnerability in his voice. It was as if her presence could make it better, which was, of course, a ridiculous thought.

“I just-I really need to explain-”

The door suddenly burst open. Molly Hooper stood before him, looking at him directly in the eye. His towering form wasn’t so intimidating now, she noticed, and, in turn, he didn’t feel very powerful standing before her.

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(29) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: Hey, Iggy. Pst. Iggy. If looking at you was a sin, I’ve got extra tickets to hell since age 16.
Ignis: Then stop staring.
Gladio: …Aah, you say that ‘cause you want me to go to heaven, right? Because you care about me?
Ignis: No. I just want you to stop staring.
Gladio: You’re worth an afterlife in Hell, so I’m not stopping.

Ignis: But why are you so stubborn?
Gladio: Why are you so uptight?
Ignis: I am not uptight.
Gladio: See, you’re upset now.
Ignis: It’s because you keep waking me up at this hour just to flirt with me-
Gladio: -I’m just trying to make you smile, dammit-
Ignis: -like it’s flattering to wake up in the middle of-


 Aight so one of my friends is the wonderful hidden gem writer-artist @awesomefreckledjesus who has a prompt ask open! 

She can write all sorts of scenes and ships and for everyone’s reference, I’ve decided to illustrate some of my favourite scenes from her drabbles!





And so so much much more! (I’m not talented enough to draw this Adrino scene BUT ITS SO HEARTBREAKING)

She can write a wide variety of things so if you have a ship you’d love to see quality content ™ of, you know who to ask! >:D


having a threesome and being in a polyamorous relationship are different things, okay?

sure you can not ship kierarktina, but if youre not polyamorous you shouldn’t have the right to “decide” whether a book should include a healthy representation of polyamory or not.

and yeah, if kierarktina happens, I’m 100% certain it will be completely healthy. you can’t say things like “yeah hmm I don’t like the idea of a threesome I prefer marktina/kierark” if you don’t associate yourself with polyamory. polyamory is a romantic relationship that consists of more than one person. not three people having sex together.

“cc is trying too hard to get a threesome on rhe pages because she couldn’t do it with herongraystairs”,, what???

cassandra clare would literally be including poly rep, which I’ve personally never seen represented in media before. saying she shouldn’t include it is like saying “hmm yeah she shouldnmt make magnus bisexual because people might get confused and think he’s straight!!1!1!” and we all know thats not how it fucking works.

so,, are you polyamorous? yes? sure, give your opinion on what you believe should be represented and how.

you aren’t polyamorous? you don’t have to ship it but don’t you dare say there shouldn’t be a polyamorous relationship, let poly people have the rep they deserve.

have a good day(:

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hello!! can I request tsukihina hc please? thank you!! <3

Hi, and of course!! 

  • Tsukishima was that one asshole who used to tease his crush to cover up his infatuation. This, of course, did not work on Yamaguchi, who pushed him to ask Hinata out, who, duh, agreed. 
  • Hinata is so bitter about being almost a full foot shorter than Tsukishima, but Tsukishima thinks it’s cute when he gets up on his tiptoes to kiss him and sometimes purposely pulls out of the way to tease him
  • Tsukishima regularly introduces Hinata to some new indie band(usually one of his favourites), which he proceeds to get addicted to, much to Tsukishima’s delight, as Hinata’s usually the one to control the music whenever they drive 
  • When Tsukishima met Hinata’s little sister for the first time, she was pretty scared of him(he’s so tall), which he was simultaneously proud of and a bit worried about. When Hinata met Akiteru(personally) for the first time, Akiteru decided to do what all good big brothers do, and showed Hinata a shit ton of baby pictures. Kei was not amused. 

Thanks for the request! <3

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Hi gin!! I'm super duper excited for the haikyuu fantasy book, and I was wandering, what ships will feature in it? Also you probably get this everyday but I just wanted to say The amount of passion you bring into your art always leaves me awestruck, and I've never heard of anyone that enjoys art more then you and it seriously boosts my inspiration and motivation a ton when you talk about it... so just. Keep doing what your doing and enjoying it, and have a good day!!

The book is mostly about Kuro, Kenma, Akaashi and Bokuto! So they are what you will see the most if you decide to purchase it! There are also doodles regarding Hinata, Kageyama, Konoha and Iwaizumi!! 

This ask fueled me with AMAZING GOOD ENERGY THANK YOU SO MUCH ;;;;;;, I’M SO HAPPY I’M NOT ANNOYING I REALLY LOVE ART THE MOST… I’m happy you do too!!! I’M HAPPY WE CAN SHARE THIS TOGETHER OKAY!!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY THANK YOU ONE MILLION TIMES FOR THESE SWEET WORDS AND THIS VERY KIND ASK (●´□`)♡ I hope you can work in high spirits on everything you set your mind on!!!