and i've been obsessed with the song since it came out

fic masterlist

prompted by a request and a need for organization, here’s a masterlist of all the (x-files) fic i’ve done


half-light (msr, s10 au/s1 au, rewrite of the original, wc: 74k)

Mulder and Scully get a second chance.

the unspeakable fear of things (msr, emily, s5-6 au, wc: 41k)

Emily Sim is cured by mysterious circumstances, deemed a miracle by the doctors.

  • the truth we both know (msr, emily, william, s9 au, wc: 19k)
    • Scully deals with newly single parenthood and the fall out from Mulder going on the run.
  • Christmas Ficlets (msr, emily, william, wc: 12k)
    • series of Christmas ficlets set post-ufot

starless and shadow (msr, millennium au, post col, wc: 17k)

The world didn’t end. But what if it did?

one/two/three shots

if the dead can hear the living (msr, gethsemane au)

“It him?” the detective asks, and she says, “Yeah,” and leaves the room on wobbly legs.

“And what about my partner?” Mulder hisses. The alien pauses before continuing with some kind of self-satisfaction. “Dana Scully died last night at Trinity Hospital.”

writer’s pen (csm, meta bullshit)

what if the x files was a series of sci-fi novels written by the cigarette smoking man, and what if the cigarette smoking man wasn’t a shadowy villain but instead a petty writer who cast the people in his lives in his stories?

a blanket, the lights, and the sky (msr, college au)

two college students, truth or dare, and a light in the sky.

under the stars (minimal fate required) (msr, aus)

or: ways mulder and scully could’ve been happy

hold your breath so you don’t say i love you (msr, vignette)

46. things you said when you kissed me goodnight, along the different seasons

where the love light gleams (emily, william, au, on the run)

Emily and William escape the air base where they’ve spent their entire lives, and set out in search of their family.

motions of time (msr, cancer arc au)

He kisses her in the hallway of the hospital under the washed out lights: quickly, with his hands in her hair.

inches between them (msr, deadalive-empedocles)

It’s taken her nearly eight years to believe in the impossible, and it’s still easy to revert to old habits. She believed for Mulder when it seemed vital, when it was imperative that if he couldn’t be there that someone be there to fill his role in his life’s work, to take his place, but she didn’t believe when it really was vital. She never imagined him coming back from the dead, always thought it was impossible. If she ever imagined them raising the baby together, she imagined a reality where he never left and her life didn’t crumble to dust.

car games (scully, william, post-s9 au)

He gets bored on long car rides, restless, tapping his sneakered foot against the center console rhythmically. There is a succession of car games, and he gets tired of them fast. “Who wants to count cars, Mom?” he whines, just a little. “That’s boring.”

another year (msr)

Mulder celebrates Scully’s birthday vs Scully celebrates Mulder’s birthday.

date of birth (william, van de kamps)

Five of William Van de Kamp’s birthdays.

3:55 (scully, pilot au)

His eyes are something strange, almost of… desperation as he looks down at her. Like he’s known her for a thousand years. Dana shifts her weight uncomfortably. The man clears his throat, and says, “Yeah, uh, don’t take you new assignment.”

read it beginning to end (msr)

He stays up late reading Moby-Dick by lamplight, and lays it all out for her at the end of a chapter in pencil.

reunions (and an orange painted sky) (msr, william, s10/s11 spec)

Mulder grins wider in response, tightening his arms around her. “Scully, I think there’s someone you should meet.”

second step (msr ust, s2)

The first step is the one that reminds her that she is alive. The first step was her first year with Mulder, caught up in the excitement of it all. The second step is harder - but, she reminds herself, the second step is worth it.

smoke and mirrors (msr)

What’s your truth, she thinks idly, and is surprised to find that she wants to know the answer. 

miles away (for xfilesrevisited)

It’s Christmas, and Scully won’t come downstairs.

unfinished crossover with stranger things

“Mr. Mulder, I am fascinated with your work on the X-Files,” Dustin says excitedly. “I’m sorry I thought you were a murderer.”

“That’s okay, most do.” He shrugs. “I’m sorry for my appearance, but I wasn’t expecting guests.” He shoots a look at Emily.

“It’s like I said, Mulder, that over there is Eleven, and she’s the one who’s like William.”

“She came from a bad place, and her nose bleeds when she does the thing,”  William says, swinging her hand.

“And she’s going to help the guys find Will, you know, that missing kid, but she needs a place to stay,” Emily says.

The man is looking at her. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin are clustered together, staring at them. The man steps closer and offers his hand. “Hi, Eleven,” he says quietly. “I’m Mulder.”

Eleven takes his hand with her free one and shakes it. “Hi,” she says softly.

the werewolf theory (au comedy-ish thing)

Mulder and Scully solve a case as a married couple. (And it’d be great if everyone could let the last names thing go.)

“how i met your mother” au  1, 2, 3 (schmoopie family stuff)

basically a happy family au

a pale circle of light (post-the truth)

“Scully!” he calls after her. She keeps walking without looking back, chin firmly set.


headcanons/short fics

We’re not the only ones
I don’t regret a thing
Every word I’ve said
You know I’ll always mean
It is the world to me
That you are in my life
But I want to live
And not just survive

That’s why I can’t love you in the dark
It feels like we’re oceans apart
There is so much space between us
Maybe we’re already defeated

Cause  everything changed me
And I don’t think you can save me

Just been obsessed with this song (love you in the dark by adele) since it came out. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ