and i've been ill as well

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*

Merry Christmas @yamineftis !! I drew some revolutionary kids in dorky outfits for you (i had so much fun drawing the sweaters ohmygg)! I hope you have a wonderful day today friend!


“…what, general, like a cape? you’re like a superhero!”
“w - well, you’re my hero, preston!!”

WHAAT IT’S DONE. finally! :D this is my half of an art trade with the incredible @defenestratin, featuring their sole survivor malcom reeves with preston! thanks to my being ill, this piece is months in the making - but i adore mal, so this was absolutely a real treat to do either way. ;3; i’m glad to finally finish it! thanks again for trading with me, sou, and for being so patient. ♥ ♥ ♥

also: please check out their half HERE, i’m completely in love with it. *u*

anonymous asked:

What would the FAHC do if a zombie apocalypse broke out? how well do you think that would fair in that setting when the city goes to shit, and not because of something that they did?

While it would come as a surprise and rattle them more than a little, they’d be prepared and ready to hold their own. Once it sank in what was going on.

It’d start with rumors they’d overhear or get told of, a spreading illness that’s so far unknown, violent attacks from people who were otherwise gentle, talk of a conspiracy or something hidden from the population as it slowly started to gain traction. Most of these would be ignored and written off as someone just trying to spread false information and freak people out. Not like the Fakes hadn’t done that before, they’re well aware of how well people latch on to even the most outlandish ideas if you give them enough “evidence.”

After that is the news stories. A quarantine has been put into effect in a certain part of town, and the condition of the people within is being carefully monitored. There’s an armed force near at hand, for reasons the newscaster won’t fully explain, and people are warned to remain inside and be alert for any odd or suddenly violent behavior from friends, family, and neighbors. This starts to worry the crew, but not too badly. They know that the police and military are keen on taking precautions and acting before they were needed, just from years spent trying to counter the Fakes. While these reports are odd, and a quarantine is far from usual, the crew continues with their business. Now with fewer eyes turned in their direction.

Finally, there’s the general outbreak. It’s this that really shakes the crew to the core, makes it clear that the threat is real, that there’s something out there causing more problems and creating more fear than the crew ever had. And it’s something that could be beyond their clever capabilities. They’re less worried that something in the city has gone wrong that isn’t their fault, it happens. The crew aren’t the only criminals in the city, and while other gangs usually aren’t as theatrical and extravagant, they each have moments where they’re in the spotlight, however brief. It’s the growing death and destruction and utter chaos that worries the crew - it’s not something they’ve had to deal with when it hasn’t been in their control, they haven’t had to worry about getting caught in the crossfire of something so large. Or potentially being brought down by something they didn’t start.

The news continues to report as long as it can. Humans aren’t acting as they should, ignoring wounds that should kill or render them immobile, becoming unnaturally feral and aggressive, resorting to using teeth and hands as weapons. Deaths and attacks are reported non-stop, and all the while the crew listens and prepares, as the general populace, the police, the military, all of them fall to the sheer numbers, until suddenly there’s nothing left to listen to. No one to report it.

At that point, the crew is beyond shaken, beyond worried. They’re quietly determined, the worry they’ve been feeling emptying them and making them hollow as they discover people they’ve known or cared for are gone. Not dead necessarily, in some instances not until one of the crew takes them out, but certainly no longer with them. It’ll take its toll on each of them, but when it comes down to it, they can create their own brand of chaos, do something loud and destructive and that they even only somewhat control in true Fake AH Crew fashion. It’s unnerving how quickly this came about, and how little warning they had because it was actually a major event that didn’t involve them, but the crew will still find a way to get by.

alright i have some talks to attend to later today from 10am to 3:30pm? it’s kind of weird because classes haven’t officially started but they might as well have? after all of that i should probably go into the city center, sort out my bank account and buy some fruit cause i caught some kind of bug and it sucks - oh! and i need to buy a railway ticket for thursday evening. busy busy 

…however i ordered a cinteq as a mixed birthday present/uni equipment thing and it might arrive today? that’s thrilling tbh i’m looking forward to it

anyway- goodnight everyone!! i hope your day goes well and that you sleep well tonight! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡