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hi there! i have an oc-related question-- who is echo? i've seen her appear in a few of your art pieces and i'm super curious about her but there's nothing (or very little) on any of your oc pages ;n;

echo is the youngest daughter of the emperor of the sky. while her sister is doted upon by their father and is given many responsibilities that will prepare her to be the future empress, echo is left on the sidelines with too much time on her hands and too bad of an attitude to apply herself to anything useful.

enter hazzard, a street urchin with an equally bad attitude and a thirst for luxury. during one of echo’s completely forbidden midnight outings into the less savory part of the capitol city, she runs into this towering man. at first she’s intrigued by his oddly taloned wings and pallid complexion, but after barely introducing herself and getting an insult as a reply, she decided it would be best to ditch him and head home.

but hazzard could smell her wealth from a mile away. he tailed her to the palace and watched how she crept past the guards before doing the same.

then a bunch of stuff happens and they become the most dreadful couple on the planet

and then more stuff happens and echo finds out haz is a runaway prince from a nation her own people are at war against

and then her emperor dad finds out and more stuff happens and people die THE END

(echo belongs to @fattcattes and haz is mine)


Equestrian!Sterek AU: Derek enters the competition for honor, while Stiles enters for glory. Somewhere between trots and canters, they fall for each other.

AKA the AU  where “Rode hard and put away wet” applies to more than just the horses. 


“I’ve learned by watching films that inspired me and people who inspired me like Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I love old school acting. I love subtlety, and I also love being spontaneous, and that’s really what works for me.”

Alex Pettyfer: Filmography

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Hi! I just bought a Gisholarship but don't personally know anyone who wants to join. I've just seen many, many posts from people who want to join but can't afford it. Is it possible to give my donation to anyone who has contacted you about Gisholarships? Thanks!!

Dear Llama/Alpaca Person,

When you donate to the gisholarship fund, those registrations are given to as many as we can fund from the list! So, those who’ve applied will be given your donation!

If you’d like to gift a gisholarship to a specific person, you can either log into your account and do so there or if you aren’t registered, you can go here to gift them a gisholarship.

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When I first read that comic abt helping others I thought it was rlly bitter at the people u end up helping too, but soon I understood what u meant bc I've been in yr situation so many times... but I can get how someone not in those situations may misinterpreted it aha

yea i can see how it looks like im upset about having to deal with a ‘less suicidal’ person or smth but its more like, exasperated about ‘damn guess i cant do this cuz i gotta help someone and if theyre not allowed to die i cant either’

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hey miya! if a placement is on the 28th degree can it still work kinda like if it was on the 29th degree? i sometimes relate to both signs so idk. also! does it work for houses too, where you relate to it in both?

Hey anon! This is more a matter of how the Astrologer sees each case, some things are up for the professional to decide based on their studies what do they take as something that is true in all cases or not (within Traditional Astrology values, of course). I’m just explaining this because I’ll tell you what I think of it but this does depend on who’s reading the chart - as much as I like to believe that I’m always right we have to be fair here. lol So. In my opinion a placement (planets, arab parts, everything really) is being influenced by the next sign if it’s at the 27th, 28th or 29th degree. For example, people that are born with an Ascendant that is about to change signs (from the 27º until the 29º) will have some traits of said sign defining their appearance and life as well. After studying many charts this applies at all times in my opinion, and reading charts without taking these into consideration can make one not able to read a chart properly. Taehyung has his Jupiter defining his appearance (since it’s in the 1st) and in Sagittarius at the 29th degree, so a vague example is that it is defining his looks and the energy / charms that attracts others but at the same time was about to change to Capricorn - a sign that makes Jupiter more difficult to handle and when influencing one’s appearance can make one look very unapproachable and more moody than Sagittarius will ever be. That’s why he’s both: charms for days, has an endearing laugh but at the same time can look dangerous and like he doesn’t wanna talk to people at all. There’s many layers to each person, right? And often this degree thing helps with the understanding of why people will act a certain way at a certain time while they’re completely different at others or can be very hard to define in a simple way.

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(that is why the fact that he has strong expressions is something often mentioned about him - two signs that are opposites in nature influencing his face)

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How do you find a job? I've applied at so many different places but with my lack of experience I don't seem to be going anywhere

I have been secretly hoarding “Job Hunting” related resources for a long time now, and this ask gives me the excuse to roll them out! Behold-

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Good luck!

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What exactly is an autistic/autism burnout? I think it might apply to me but I'm not sure. I've always masked my autism & traits, and survived, but when I went up to high school in year 7 and it was such a big change with so many more people and so much more sensory issues, my health got worse and worse. I ended up leaving mainstream school due to these health issues (which was diagnosed as CFS/M.E. but me and my mum don't think I had that) along with severe social anxiety.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough time. It’s hard dealing with health issues. 

Autistic burnout is when the stress in your life outpaces your coping skills in such a way that you are no longer able to handle the things you once were. This often results in the loss of abilities you once had, either temporarily or permanently. It can also result in an increased frequency or intensity of autistic traits. For instance, if you are normally verbal, you may find yourself going nonverbal more often or find yourself semiverbal all the time. You may suddenly have more difficulty with everyday tasks due to an increase in executive dysfunction. Further, sensory issues tend to become worse. 

Burnout is typically exhausting and can mimic chronic fatigue, depression, and/or anxiety. Burnout is a lack of resources to deal with the demands of life. For more info, check out the following links:



honestly though it’s kind of funny in a sad, awful way how ethan’s followers that write smut fanfictions suddenly forget how to read when presented with the fact that he Does Not Approve (obviously, because it’s so uncomfortable, why would anyone like that?!?!). oftentimes youtuber or band fanfiction writers in general, especially those who write smut, forget that these are real people and that it would (probably?!) be Uncomfortable if someone was writing highly graphic and detailed fiction about them having sex with their own good friends. HONESTLY people. shipping real people is a dangerous game to play.

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hi this is more a broad question but applies to got7 too but could u explain their money-situation a little bit? i've heard that idols really don't get paid anything and so many of them are poor? but then i see some idols who have bought very expensive clothing or smthng so i was just curious on how it works

There are many Korean companies who don’t pay their artists for a long time (example: AOA) because they have to “pay off their trainee debt” - money the company invested in them to debut them. JYPE don’t have something like that, artists are paid since debut. However, for the first few years group members have to share the money they earnt from solo activities with other members. Only money from acting isn’t shared (example: Miss A debuted in 2010, members had to share money from solo activities until 2015/6). Some of the clothes idols wear are sponsored or are gifts from fans so they don’t have to buy that much.

The bit before this

The rhythm of late-night grocery runs always soothes Neil when he can’t sleep. He puts items onto the conveyer belt one at a time, the basket balanced on his hip and held steady with his other hand.

He left Andrew sleepy but not quite asleep, knowing that there was no chance he’d be joining him until he shakes off this jittery uncertain energy that he gets sometimes without rhyme or reason. Neil would wake him coming home, but that was unavoidable. Anyway, they’d had years now to get used to their particular insomnia-driven routines, and the shifts in sleep schedule dictated by the travelling of being professional athletes.

“We’re having a sale on the store brand,” the cashier says, holding up the packet of gummy worms to illustrate.

“Yeah, I saw that. My husband prefers that kind though,” Neil says with a shrug. It’s not like they can’t afford it, after all.

She has no idea who he is - that’s why Neil comes here. The entire place is staffed by people twenty-four and under, all with piercings and dyed hair and clothes that Neil doesn’t quite understand. They don’t look like Exy fans, though Andrew told him once that stereotyping like that is going to end up in horrible photographs of him being posted on the Internet when he least expects it.

She doesn’t know who he is. But he sees the warmth in her eyes, the tiny upward curve of her mouth at his words, and thinks yeah. Me too.


Andrew leaves him under the eaves with a slanted look and a, “Stay here. You’re too slow,” before ducking out from under cover into the downpour.

Neil, who is barely back to weight-bearing on his right foot after a nasty ankle sprain, huddles back where the driving rain can’t get him. He has one crutch and is frustrated by the feel of it on his elbow, the time off it represents to him, but he’s even slower without it. 

“Do you need an umbrella?” There’s a woman leaning out the door of the restaurant they just emerged from to ask, her forehead wrinkled with concern. Just a stranger, and Neil is getting better and better at not immediately thinking the worse of them. “Or I can call a taxi for you? It’s just so awful out here.”

“My, uh - my husband is just getting the car,” Neil says, correcting himself from saying partner at the last moment. “It’s okay. Thank you.”

Thank you still sounds awkward out of his mouth, but she smiles like she doesn’t even notice.

At that moment, the Maserati pulls in next to him to idle. With a distracted nod, Neil darts through the rain and drops himself into the passenger side of the car.


Matt is in town for pre-game press, so Neil invites him out for lunch between his own practices.  They go to a little diner that he and Andrew frequent, where the staff know them by sight even if they don’t recognise them for who they actually are. That’s the way they like it.

“A different man today!” Maurice, the sixty-something with a soft spot for Andrew and his love of desserts, chirps. “This one is still handsome though.”

“Thanks,” Matt says with a broad grin. “That’s what my wife tells me.”

“No she doesn’t,” Neil says, right as Maurice says, “Oh, the pretty ones are always straight.”

“I think he’s being rude to you,” Matt informs Neil at that, which makes Maurice slap him lightly on the shoulder with the menus.

“It’s okay, that’s what my husband tells me anyway,” Neil says, making them both chuckle. Maurice hands over the menus and tells them the specials before he leaves them to choose.

“Andrew likes their ice cream,” Neil offers absently as he debates a cheeseburger or something healthier. It’s easy to order something that his dietician would be horrified over when he’s here with Andrew, because he always looks good by comparison. 

“Who’s Andrew?” Matt asks. Neil wonders for a second if he’s lost his mind completely. “Oh, you mean your husband? I forget he had an actual name for a minute there.”

Neil’s concerned frown turns immediately to a scowl. “Thanks for the support, asshole.”

Matt claps him across the shoulder firmly enough he staggers. “If you really wanted support, you would have asked me to be your best man, Josten.”

“We literally went to a courthouse and signed some papers!” They’ve had this argument so many times now that Neil answers by rote. “Anyway, I don’t call him that all the time.”

“Mm-hmm,” Matt says, drawn out and smug. “Not to his face, anyway.”


Helen, reporter for, says, “Did you just refer to Minyard as your husband?”

Neil swallows. He did say to Andrew marriage means no takebacks, and he guesses it applies here too. Even if ‘here’ is a post-game press conference where he was just asked for his opinion on Minyard the Marlin’s starting goalie and his half-game shut-out, and not his opinion on Andrew the man he married. 

“Yes,” he tells her, because he isn’t a liar anymore, and they never planned to hide this anyway. “I did.”

Bisexual Barry Allen Headcanon #I've Lost Track

When he comes across the phrase “queer studies” in a list of programs at one of the colleges he’s planning to apply to, he’s taken aback. He’s heard “queer” yelled at him so many times, and never in a friendly or affirming way. How could anyone want to be called that?

So he does what he does best. He researches some more. He reads everything he can get his hands on. And he learns about the history of “queer,” its emergence as a slur and subsequent reclamation. He learns about people who took a word hurled at them to hurt them and defiantly used it as a badge of pride–“we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” He’s inspired by their bravery, their strength, their defiance. He digs into the internet and reads blogs and articles by people on both sides–people for and against the use of “queer” as an umbrella term, and even as a personal one.

He starts to notice how a lot of the people objecting to “queer” are very young–his age or younger. He starts to notice that many of them also make him uncomfortable with their reasoning, and their opinions on other subjects–like whether trans women are real women and whether bisexual people are trustworthy.

He starts to notice a lot of blatantly wrong information about the history of the word–and the community–that contradicts every reputable source he’s come across, including interviews, documentaries, articles, and oral histories with, by, and about people who were actually there.

He reaches out to a few of the bloggers with questions–as polite and non-accusatory as possible–about the discrepancies in their posts. He gets mostly silence in return, and one post claiming that “bihets and other pretenders” are infiltrating the gay community because they think it’s trendy, and rewriting history to suit their narrative.

After that, he’s pretty much done with that side of the argument. He stands in front of the bathroom mirror, looks into his own eyes the way he did when he first came to terms with being bi. He thinks of every time some bully hurled the word at him, how much it hurt, how vehemently he had denied it…and the fear he felt when he thought secretly, “but aren’t they right?”

He remembers how it felt to admit he was bi out loud for the first time. The way all that fear and shame dissipated when he realized that he liked guys, too…and that it was okay.

He tries the word out, softly at first.

“Queer. I’m…queer?”

He grins. It feels…right. As right as “bi” feels. So he says it again. And again. And again, a little louder each time, his grin spreading until his face hurts and he can’t stop laughing.

“I’m…queer. I’m queer. I’m queer!”

He spins around and strikes a pose, grinning from ear to ear at his own reflection over one shoulder.

“Get used to it.”

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Why do v/kookers take everything I've seen jikookers analyze for their ship? Like the song covers and the song jimin said represents him and how kook covered it and many more (i forgot) and they say they are v/kook "anthems" or when kook tweeted the lyrics of ilysb right after jimin's selfie vid and i see them apply "im hella obsessed with your face" to their ship, the tongue thing etc etc and so many stuff, like I get it's kinda of a reach for both ships but they really are jikook's things..1/2

anon said: I even saw them say how v/k spend nights singing together drawing dancing or shopping when jk literally said him & jm are the night buddies who do all kinds of stuff together.. I mean v/k are probably just as close too so i don’t see why they feel the need to take all these jikook stuff for their ship, every ship dynamic is different & to me they seem to like the concept of jikook & their moments but they are too blind to see it & some of them just don’t like jm. Idk i blabbered a lot sorry 2/2

lmaoooo funny I got this ask right after the last one *laughing crying emoji*. I mean, it’s not tae/kook shippers fault that jikook has 10x as many moments (as of lately, don’t attack me *eyeroll emoji*), I mean *chews gum and flicks hair behind shoulder* jikook is just that real. No but for real, it seems like every single thing that jikook shippers like to say and or use as a jikook moment, other shippers gotta just swipe it away, and of course their gifsets and posts  get more recognition than jikook shippers, so then people think of it as another ships thing. *sigh*. But omg did shippers really say that v/k were all night buddies lmaoooooooo. Like, yeah, I’m sure they hang out at nights, but like…. jungkook legit officially called jimin his all night buddy……. like…… gtfo. I agree so much with your last part of the ask, it resonates with me on a personal level. And it’s okay that you blabbered!

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okay, so i took the test and got entp, but i'm not sure whether i'm an extrovert or not?? i love meeting new people and i get rly bouncy and energetic and peppy around them, but once i've known people for a while, i start to gradually get shyer and less comfortable around them?? it's as though i start off a full-on extrovert then slowly become an ambivert. ig i'm more of an extrovert bc i feel gross when i'm home alone all day and talking to people energizes me and makes me feel better, but idk?

ENTP does not mean that you are or feel extroverted all of the time. The common definitions of introverted and extraverted do not apply directly to mbti it is not just one way or another. Many people classify as being in the middle, especially ENTPs. 

The E in ENTP actually really shows that your dominant cognitive function is Ne rather than Ti (which it would be if you were an INTP). When you come up to a new situation, a new place, a new time, your initial movement is to find patterns, make connections with what you pick up externally. It is your urge to come up with cool ideas and be obsessed with something new. It is your head in the clouds and the excitement you get with new and fun

But the catch is that even though it’s an extraverted function, it has very little to do with people. It’s not about hanging out and being surrounded by beings. It’s about being stimulated mentally, and this happens with new ideas, new people, and every once in a while we don’t get sick of things! It’s not being around people that energizes you, it’s being around a dynamic environment that energizes you. It’s the new set of conversations you can have, and the new tricks you can play. With people you really like, you won’t get bored because the people can generate new topics and new responses too!

If you’ve noticed, ENFPs are also considered to be very introverted extraverts too… and this has to do with them being Ne doms as well… again, this form of extraversion isn’t about people.. it’s about ideas!

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What are your tips for handling applying for med school? I remember seeing a post from you not too long ago (for me at least) that you only applied to one school and got in, which is something I've never heard of (the applying to one school part that is). I know people who applied to many med schools and didn't get in despite having competitive stats.

Yep, I am an uncommon breed. I did indeed only apply to one medical school.  I applied through my school’s early decision program, with the plan to apply to other places if I didn’t get an early interview. 

Applying early decision is one huge way to give yourself a leg up over all the other smart kids. My school took over 1/3 of our students from the early pool, and your chances of being accepted from EAP were 2-3 times as high as from the general pool. 

For someone like me who had sort of mediocre scores, it was great. The benefit to the school is that they know that if they accept you, you are already 100% committed to going to that school, so it’s guaranteed filled seats for them, whereas other accepted students might pick another school they were accepted to.  You can only apply ED at one school, so if there’s a place you think you have a decent shot at and that you’d be happy going to, go for it. 

My other suggestion would be to apply as widely and as early as possible if you’re really worried about getting accepted. Research schools before you apply and see what their average MCAT scores and GPAs are to see if your application will even be competitive. Also research to see if a school has a certain focus that you’re interested in, like primary care or research or if they only accept students from their own state. Those things all give you a little leg up too.