and i've applied it to many

PSA: You not liking the dynamics of a fictional relationship =/= it is an abusive relationship.

I’ve seen this thrown around a lot. While there are plenty of fictional relationships that are abusive and deserve to be addressed, many aren’t. But accusing every relationship of being abusive if you don’t like it or if it may have some unhealthy elements really belittles and downplays those relationships that are ACTUALLY abusive. Spoiler alert…. relationships are never 100% healthy all the time every day. Sometimes people say something mean to their significant other, or do something selfish. That does not make the relationship abusive!

Please stop calling things abusive just because you don’t like it or because characters aren’t 100% perfect 100% of the time.

I wanted to post this before easter but it fits anyway because bunnies! 

I found some old concepts I did inspired in Alice in Wonderland and decided to apply them to charisk :3c 

guess which bitch has applied to 8, count them EIGHT, different summer internships without even crying ONCE?????

I am being overwhelmed with so many kind, beautiful things today and I just love you all so much. Never forget that. I’ll never take any of you for granted because you are the reason I continue to share my writing. You’re all so unbelievably kind and full of love and I just love you. I can’t believe any of you think I’m cool, I mean I just realized I was wearing my tights backwards all day, but I appreciate and love every. single. one. of. you. I mean it. Thank you. 💖💖💖

i hate to do this but since people can’t seem to fucking listen, i’m gonna start blocking anyone following me that isn’t a rp blog. this of course doesn’t apply to the few personals following me that i talk to or am friends with ( looking at @jcnbernthals and @edwardsnortons and @mkultra mostly ) but WAY too many personals start following me and then reblog a bunch of in-character rp stuff even when i ask people repeatedly not to do that. 

if you’re ever curious, you can always ask me. i promise i’m pretty chill. usually when things are fine to reblog, i have them tagged as “ok to reblog.” otherwise if it’s a post i made myself, please assume it’s not cool to reblog it.

this happened ALL THE TIME on my other blog and was one of the reasons i wanted to start fresh. i don’t want it happening again. so.


Keenler Week: Day 5  - A song/lyrics that reminds you of Keenler

Well I made this gifset a while ago, but it’s still one of my faves because “Stay” by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko really applied to Keenler s1 & some of s2. Clearly, s3 Keenler has been lacking in many ways but I digress. The lyrics in the gifset really epitomized their relationship: “funny you’re the broken one but I’m the one who needed saving” because it can be viewed from both of their perspectives. Rez and Liz had moments where they were just broken down but at the same time, it was the other who needed to be saved emotionally/physically.

do you ever come across a fictional character with the saddest backstory and the worst possible things have happened to them and you just want to hold them and wrap them in a blanket burrito and give them hot chocolate AND TELL THem THaT EVERYTHINGS GONNA BE OKAY and THAT THEY DESERVE THE WORLD AND MORE and you’d never TREAT THEM LIkE THAT BC ThEy ARE TOO PURE AND GOOD FOR THIS LIFE

“people with mental illnesses have to take responsibility for their actions!!1!!!1 mental illness isn’t a free pass” cool, k, we hear this damn argument all the time. why don’t you tell that to people who are misusing that label to do so?

please stop using this rhetoric to silence mentally ill people who constantly tell others to be paitent with them because they cannot control themselves. stop using it to silence mentally ill people when they say they need other people to help them because sometimes they don’t know what they did.

Some excerpts from one of my upcoming fics, tentatively titled “Boo.”

Somehow, over the course of the past few weeks, Daichi has developed the biggest crush on his makeup artist.  It started well enough, he figures.  Kuroo managed to convince him to apply for a job in some haunted house—“It’s only seasonal, Daichi, and it pays well.”—and then he’d gotten the job and, well.  It’s not like he can dress himself up as a zombie.  The most he knows about make up was seeing Yui put some eyeliner on maybe once in high school.  So, fortunately for him—or maybe it was unfortunate, since he has a bad tendency to make a fool out of himself in front of ridiculously cute, angelic guys with killer smiles—he had been assigned a make up artist.

Three weeks into the job, and he’s fallen big time.  It’s not his fault that Sugawara Koushi happens to have the prettiest face he’s ever seen, or that Sugawara Koushi has a laugh like music, or that Sugawara Koushi has delicate, slim fingers that Daichi wants to twine with his own. It’s not his fault that “Sugawara Koushi” is constantly running laps through his mind, or that “Sugawara Koushi” makes his legs turn to jelly and his heart beat out of his chest.

It is, perhaps, his fault that he’s waited until the last weekend of the haunted house ordeal to build up his courage enough to ask Suga on a date.  Or—well, it’s not a date, unless coming to see zombie Daichi scare countless high school kids counts as a date.

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OK OK so I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned this before, but for the past few weeks I’ve been working at a second job as an accounts assistant on a fucking massive American TV show currently filming in Wales (which is why I’ve been so absent lately)

and the story of how I got the job is really convoluted, but basically I applied to work on the pilot way back in January and I unfortunately didn’t get it, but then circumstances changed and I was hired as emergency but temporary help in July as there was a huge backlog of filing that needed clearing

and without tooting my own trumpet, I put a huge amount of effort into this job, even though it officially only entailed filing and general menial tasks like that, and it meant getting up at 06:45 to get the 08:04 train and working from 08:45 to 18:30 and getting the 19:00 train and getting home at about 21:00, because I really liked my new coworkers and I loved being able to visit the set and whatnot, and it was a huge step up from my normal job (although not in terms of salary, but who even cares when you’re having a good time?) 

and they kept trusting me with extra work that was way above the remit of my job, like coding payroll and checking payslips, and it turned out that I could actually do it well and managed to find a few errors that had been understandably missed

and I was officially only supposed to be there for 3 days a week for 2 weeks, but the heads of my department liked me and managed to convince their bosses to let them keep me on for an extra week, and they were trying really hard to get the producers up in LA to agree to create a role for me and keep me on for the duration of filming because I was doing the job well, but LA was like ‘omg no that will not be occurring’, so on Tuesday I went home and was pretty certain that I’d just finished my final day there and I was all sad about it

and I just got a phonecall and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they’ve managed to swing it so that I HAVE AN ACTUAL JOB THERE