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If the reputation tracks were a lipstick line

…Ready For It? - violet

End Game - neon orange

I Did Something Bad - crimson red

Don’t Blame Me - black

Delicate - nude peach

LWYMMD - deep maroon

So It Goes… - royal plum

Gorgeous - bright magenta

Getaway Car - terracotta

King Of My Heart - metallic pink

Dancing With Our Hands Tied - pastel blue

Dress - classic 1930’s red

TIWWCHNT - greige

Call It What You Want - warm nude

New Year’s Day - glittery purple

Teen Wolf Stranger Things AU.

Stiles is walking home from Scott’s house when he feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise. The streetlights overhead begin to flicker before the bulbs go out, immersing the street in darkness. Stiles turns around but he was too late.

He feels his legs being wrenched from beneath him, a cry tearing at his throat as he falls to the ground. He claws at the earth, his fingers raking across concrete and dirt as the creature drags him into the forest. He thrashes about and kicks himself free of the beast’s hold. He scrambles to his feet, stumbling as he ran as fast as he could away from the creature.

He feels the creature’s claws tear through his bag, pulling it from his back and tossing it aside before chasing after Stiles.

Stiles trips and falls down an incline, hitting the ground with a painful thud. He finds himself immersed in a world of darkness and decay, but he didn’t have the chance to dwell on his thoughts; the creature is closing in. He scrambles to his feet and runs.

The next morning, Claudia wakes up to find her son missing; his bed not slept in, his school books still sitting on his desk and his lacrosse gear by the door. She begins to panic and runs to the Sheriff’s office to tell them that Stiles is missing, but no one believes her because of her dementia. Sheriff Stilinski tries to calm his wife down and takes her home, promising that he’ll look for Stiles and telling her that there’s probably nothing to worry about; Stiles might have just slept over at Scott’s for the night.

Sheriff Stilinski goes to the school to look for his son, but he’s not there. He pulls Scott aside and asks him if he’s seen Stiles but Scott says he hasn’t seen him since he left to go home last night. Sheriff Stilinski begins to worry. He calls out a search party and rumours quickly spread that Stiles ran away from home. That is, until the search party stumbles upon something in the woods: Stiles’ backpack, torn and discarded.

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1. Now that I’m essentially done from being scared of driving, I’m really impatient to get my damn license. The transit system here sucks and I had to walk for half an hour in the pouring rain (west coast levels).

2. I found out Subway now has gluten free bread and have had it two days in a row. I’m considering getting it tomorrow as well but only if I can get to the one in the mall. I refuse to go back to the same Subway three days in a row.

3. It turns out Steve’s mom isn’t considering not having the surgery and that his sister continues to be terrrrrrible at understanding communication. She (the mom) is just having to do a lot of testing before the surgery to see if she can actually do it, like they do before anyone has surgery. She hasn’t gotten all the results yet so hasn’t been given the all-clear. So annoyed at his sister.

4. The new Animal Crossing game came out a day earlier than I expected! Which helped make up for that long walk in the rain as well as #5

5. I had to fire myself from a client today. Beyond my scope of practice it turns out.

6. Steve’s birthday is on Friday and I have all his presents. Then we’re going out for dinner with friends and then coming back to our place for candy.

7. Because we’re now doing the dinner on the Friday instead of the Saturday, I can now go to the symphony on Saturday with my friend Eva!

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Have you heard the new HotS Hanzo pokes? Every person that has ever called your Hanzo OOC can now kiss ur ass, you were right all this time and I'm crying, these quotes are killing me Also I can't speak English for shit but I hope you'll get what I'm trying to say lmao