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The specs and fics are high on that rn but do you really think we'll get any grieving Cs-dean story? We know in the beginning he'll mention Cas but simply alongside Mary and Crowley. Afterwards? Im sure Sam will say something to Dean once avour Cas but hiS focus will be about Mary who he believes is still alive, jody wont say anything about Cas she doesnt know about him, and dean we know him wont be bringing him up. Maybe Jack will - and I hate the Jack storyline lol haha

Hey there - sorry if I’m answering so late, I’m almost done with the week from hell and finally have some time to catch up on things.

Off the top of my head -

1) Dean will grieve for Cas, because we’ve seen him doing so before - we’ve seen him become a useless drunk as far back as S7, and, more recently, we’ve seen him obsess over Cas’ safety when that whole Lucifer thing was going down (this was particularly obvious because Sam was written - wrongly, imo - as someone who couldn’t care less).

2) On the other hand, SPN doesn’t have a good track record for mentioning dead people, which I always found frustrating and not very believable - especially if we consider Sam and Dean have the advantage of knowing for sure what happens after death. And, whatever, so at the very beginning you drink or sob or punch the walls, but after a while it’s simply human to talk about people you lost (“What do you think Bobby would make of all this?”) and the fact they never go there - the fact neither Sam nor Dean ever wondered what Charlie’s Heaven looks like, the fact John was never mentioned despite Mary’s magical return - that annoys me to no end. So I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to change just because it’s Cas; on the contrary, I expect the usual thing - Dean in full I don’t care, leave me alone mode, Sam seemingly not giving a shit, and neither of them mentioning Cas at all (but let’s all check for what beer they drink, because that’s likely to be relevant). 

3) Another thing is that, because of that bullshit the relationship between Dean and Cas is deeper than the relationship between Sam and Cas but we won’t tell you why wink wink nudge nudge, there’s usually a big difference in how Sam and Dean react to Cas being in danger (or, in this case, dead). Now, if this was a normal show and the fact Dean is in love with Cas was out in the open, the story could be told much, much better - because Dean would be able to be a mess around Sam and Sam would be allowed to grieve openly for someone who is his best (and almost only) friend and with whom he has a deep emotional connection. Instead, the show traditionally uses the contrast between Dean’s and Sam’s reactions to suggest that they don’t care in the same way (but why??? who knows??!!!??), and the result is that Dean frets and drinks and is generally annoyed at the world, while Sam acts like nothing’s wrong and doesn’t give a fuck about anything that’s not some final victory (we saw this for bloody weeks during S11, and I hated it).  

4) Also: Dean is not used to lean on other people, and he’s certainly not used to lean on Sam. Losing Cas will surely shatter him from the inside out for a variety of reasons (even if you discard the romantic element, well, Dean’s stated several times that Cas’ family, and since he feels responsible for everything, he will feel it’s his fault Cas died - which, technically, is sort of true), but Dean doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Sam’s primary focus will be Jack, not ensuring that Dean doesn’t fall apart (because, again, Sam’s being written in a shittier and shittier way imo), and Dean wouldn’t want to talk to him, anyway - parents generally avoid distressing their kids with their own problems. The obvious solution here is Jody, but, then again, the obvious solution used to be Charlie back in the day, and even Crowley, and Benny, so I’m not expecting a lot of opening up there. I wonder if and how Claire will be involved in all this, but, again - if I had to bet, I’d say Dean will likely find his emotional outlet with a stranger, either directly (as per the now infamous church confession) or indirectly (and yay for the mirror-a-palooza thing we see in every episode as victims of monsters mysteriously say exactly what Dean is currently thinking but is too straight to say out loud).

So, well - yes, I think Dean will grieve for Cas, but I’m definitely not expecting tearful confessions or a complete breakdown or Sam being overly supportive or anything like that. At this point, it seems like Sam and Dean will give Cas a hunter’s funeral (which, in my opinion, is a stupid idea, but whatever), say some bullshit thing about how he was family, and then immediately start fighting over Jack, and then - who knows. Sam’s goal will be to open up the passage into the other world again, so he’ll be looking forward to working with Jack, while Dean will be his usual grumpy self because reasons. And, of course, as we’re facing this incredibly important thing - finding a way to go back for Mary, kill Lucifer, and save the world from a Nephilim, some kid will be mauled by a werewolf and So, get this or I got cabin fever or We might as well help people and the quest to find Mary (not to mention time to grieve for Cas - and even Crowley) will have to compromise with the show’s need to remain exactly the same, or else.

(As for Jack - I’m not overly excited about him, tbh. We had the ‘exceptional kid’ storyline, like, three times already, and they never made use of it in any way that made sense. Also - if I had to guess, I’d say Jack will imprint on Sam in the same way Amara imprinted on Dean, because parallels and also Jack is Lucifer’s kid, after all, but for some reason Jack won’t kiss Sam and won’t walk into the sunset with a chorus of Girl, you’ll be a woman soon, you’ll need a man and yay for heteronormativity.)