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Dear Sana! Thanks so much for so nice message. Can I say something nice back without it becoming cliche? Ok, I’ll do it. You’re one of my best friends because you’re so good, smart and loyal. You’re one of the most independent I know, who I look so up to and learned so much from. You’re a true friend. Fuck insta-hate, Pepsimax-girls or blacklists. No matter what happens will we have each other. Ok? Of course I want to come to Eid-feast. I’m even wondering if I’m going to fast this week. Hihihi love you 2 peaces.

- 🌸friends4evah🌸

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Hello there, smol amazing bean, it's the NSFW anon here again (I'm going to be known as that now, aren't I?) And I just wanted to say I get what you mean -I deleted an entire blog cause of people pressuring me to write that in this story I wrote- and I was just wondering if I could request head cannons for how the Paladins were when they actually asked there S/O out for the first time, please? (If that's ok that is! :))) )

Lol you can be known as that if you want to be, anon! This is super adorable and I’m sorry it took me forever to answer!


  • He’d be so nervous and excited, everyone could tell something was up with this boy, he was so wound up the day he actually did it.
  • Where and when would be completely random, it depends on how you are in these situations. If you’re shy he’d make sure he asked in private though.
  • He’s going to use so many pick-up lines that you’re not even sure he’s serious at first.
  • But once you say yes he’s going to be smiling for the rest of the day!


  • He’s going to be a nervous wreck. He’s so worried about screwing it up and what will happen if you say no.
  • He’s definitely going to do it in private and he’s going to be as red as his jacket when he does.
  • It’ll be straight to the point and he’ll look you in the eye the entire time.There won’t be anything too sappy, but he will tell you how he really feels about you.
  • When you say yes you can literally feel the relief radiating off of him and he’s going to be so happy and relaxed afterwards.


  • His really nervous, but it’s nothing new to the rest of the crew so no one even notices what he’s about to do.
  • He’ll probably ask you over a dinner date or during a really memorable moment. He wants it to be as romantic as possible.
  • If he doesn’t accidentally let it slip, then it’ll be the most precious proposal you’ve ever heard, he’s such a romantic.
  • When you say yes he can’t help but smile and hug you, you made his day so much better!


  • She has had the entire thing planned out for months. So much time went into figuring out how to ask you and she doesn’t regret any of it.
  • She makes sure you’re alone because she doesn’t want to accidentally embarrass either of you.
  • It’ll basically be a scavenger hunt with robots until you find a sigh that says: “will you go out with me” with an arrow pointing to where Pidge is standing. Super cute and she doesn’t even have to say much!
  • When you say yes she’s going to grin and say thank you so many times. Expect a little robot of your own soon!


  • He’s going to be on edge all day, everyone notices no matter how hard he tries to hide it.
  • He’ll try to ask you somewhere you’ve been before that means a lot to you. It’ll probably be on a moon he took you stargazing on once.
  • He’s had his speech prepared, but the minute he looks at you, it all goes out the window. His sentences are all out of order, but you understand what he’s trying to say.
  • When you say yes he’s going to tell you how happy you just made him, it reminds him just how human he is.

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Hi, today I reblogged a link to your London 2012 concert and afterward realized that it felt really voyeuristic. I'm wondering if you're comfortable with that footage circling the internet. I've been in a vaguely similar situation--as a teacher, learning about a student's death during class and needing to continue teaching. I don't know how I would feel about a video of that being available for public consumption. If you're ok with it, then, well, wow. If not, I'll delete my post.

it’s part of the job. i get used to it. and learn to use it. sometimes it can feel just *wrong* to have a camera around, and when i feel like that, i ask for the camera to go away…and it usually does because i’m usually around people who like and respect me. i despair for those who have to deal with actual paparazzi. that seems like actual hell.