and i'm very fond of them

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Could you explain a little further on how Harry rebelled and lost his chill in August? I'm still fairly new!


Here is a snippet from the Big Gay War Calendar:

Aug 19:

From the video:

  • Some baby love with Eric Cameron at the Nashville concert. And of course Fond Louis.

Aug 20-21

  • MIA with Louis: we are very very very convinced he went to the Bahamas with Louis

Aug 22

  • Posting their ALS Ice Bucket challenge video 45 minutes apart

  • Harry started wearing the blue bandana

Aug 23:

  • Blue bandana day again

  • tweeted: It all comes out in the wash.

Aug 24:

* that backstage arm caress when we all died.

Aug 25:

  • Niall follows a 1D Sims porn twitter account which posts pictures and videos of Niall watching Harry and Louis having sex everywhere in the house in all kind of positions.

The last one is their wedding. The account owner was live-streaming their wedding when Niall followed….


Aug 26:

  • Harry tweeted a “not so gay” video called Shady Warehouse.

  • Harry follows Kacey Musgraves on twitter who coincidentally has songs like: It is what it is and Follow your arrow.

Aug 27:

  • Harry wore Michael Sam’s Rams jersey during the encore of their St Louis show. Michael Sam is the first openly gay football player. Michael and Harry became mutuals on twitter as well.

Tbh even if you don’t like bts or their fandom, I think we should be proud of them as a genre for even getting into the BBMA’s. Bts have done great things and I think the kpop fandom (again, even if you’re not really fond of them) should be proud because kpop/being in a music genre that started with Asians is finally being taken seriously in a western culture/society. I’m very proud of these boys and I think we owe bts a big thank you for working so hard and achieving such a great thing!

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Any specific headcanons for MinamixYuuri and YurixYuuri?

That’s very broad question for two of my OTPs! ^ ^;; A lot of my ideal shipping scenarios for those ships will be included in my Future!verse ABO AU, but just a few VERY general points:

Minami x Yuuri - Minami is always very open, honest, and unashamed about his feelings for Yuuri and showers Yuuri nonstop with admiration and affection. At the same time, he has Yuuri on a pedestal and part of him feels he’d never be worthy of being Yuuri’s partner, so he instead contents himself with showering Yuuri with love and trying to make him as happy as he can from whatever position he can be closest to Yuuri’s side. He’ll always prioritize Yuuri to the point he forgets about himself, which is definitely something Yuuri’ll have to make him work on if they want this relationship to work and be equal. He can be awkward and shy and is inexperienced but also won’t hesitate to go for it if he sense an opportunity. He’ll also never forgive anyone for hurting Yuuri and can go from “Yuuri’s cute pomeranian,” to “Yuuri’s rabid guard dog” in an instant if need be.

Yurio x Yuuri - Is very, VERY slow build filled with a lot of confusion, awkwardness, denial, competitiveness, and embarrassment but eventual happiness through mutual understanding. I personally HC that Yurio had something like a crush on Yuuri starting pre-canon, but he is both too emotionally immature and in denial to even consider it. It’ll take years of getting closer, spending time at Yuuri’s side, and forcing himself to analyze why he’s feeling angry -> jealous?, before Yurio’s finally able to recognize and then eventually accept his feelings. Then it’s up to him aggressively push forward because Yuuri’s not the brightest in the romance department himself, and while he’s very fond of Yurio, it will not have really occurred to him to see Yurio in that light.


BUT TYLER’S DARKER HALF. I AM NOT OKAY. He would be called Apocalypse or A for short. He’d look like normal Tyler, but he’d have black veins, that you could see. His eyes would be dark brown. He’d speak in a growling tone and unlike the other guy’s demeanors he’d have no chill. He doesn’t like to be touched or looked in the eye. He takes sudden movement as a threat and will literally harm you if you set him off. If he ever found love he’d be 10000% obsessed. No one would be allowed to touch them, much-less look at them. He’d cling to them and would need constant reassurance that he’s wanted, even if he doesn’t voice it. He’d never say “I Love You” but he would show it in weird ways. Such as beating Dark or Anti if the pranked them, or by constantly trying to protect them. He would almost have the Joker’s personality???? But without the abuse of his partner? Like he would probably cuddle if they asked or when they had a nightmare. I don’t think A would sleep either, like he’d just watch and wait for something, anything to harm anyone he cares for. Whenever A got into fights, if he bled, it would be black? And that’s how Tyler would convert to A. If Tyler is in a relationship and someone is flirting with them then his veins would pulse black and he would be A, but the process would probably be painful. Because the darkness has to corrupt Tyler’s heart. And if Tyler got mad in anyway, because he is a saint, A would come out because he isn’t a saint. And though A wont admit it, he’d be very fond of TEAMIPLIER.

Thank you, @sinsepticplier for letting me post it lol.

Also, @justwritingscibbles THIS

Songs in German- Some of my favorite songs while growing up.

//Wir Sind Helden - Nur ein Wort / Juli- Perfekte Welle / Rosenstolz- Gib mir Sonne / Silbermond- Das Beste / Ich+Ich- Vom selben Stern /                 Ich+Ich-Du erinnerst mich an Liebe / Peter Fox- Haus am See /  Herbert Grönemeyer - Zeit, Dass Sich Was Dreht /  Söhne Mannheims- Und Wenn Ein Lied  / Glashaus- Haltet die Welt an //

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HI. Okay so I need some new drarry fics although I still have like 400 of them that I still haven't read. But right now I'm in the mood for some obliviate au or memory loss au and well I think this will be a bit of a challenge for you because I have already read a lot of those. But it would be really appreciated if you could help. 'Cause it's one of my favorites. THANK YOU...

Drarry + memory loss fic recs

Pretty Fond of Not Very Good Ideas by lq_traintracks (4.9k)
Harry Peterson, Orderer Extraordinaire, and his trusty sidekick, Ray. Or: Harry’s been hit with a memory charm, but it’s okay because he realises he’s bent for Draco Malfoy.
(I fucking LOVE this fic, it is HILARIOUS, I am still cackling over it. Harry is hysterical, he and Draco have amazing chemistry, and the writing is A+.)

• An Issue of Consequence by Faith Wood (20k)
Draco has woken up in an alternate universe. Or he has woken up utterly insane. Nothing else can possibly explain why Harry Potter suddenly seems to think he’s Draco’s boyfriend.
(Placing it on this list kind of spoils it, sorry about that, but this fic is absolutely delightful regardless. I love the Drarry in it, they are so passionate together.)

• The Shape of the World by bixgirl1 (48k)
Five years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco’s life is finally getting back in order. Until, that is, he sees a familiar face that has been missing since that last awful morning of the war. When has knowing Potter done anything other than complicate his life?
(Agh, this one makes me cry! It’s very well-written and while it’s occasionally heartbreaking, Harry is super adorbs and I love their relationship in it.)

• Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by November Snowflake (66k)
When the long-missing Draco Malfoy turns up at a Ministry field hospital with amnesia, bitter Auror Harry Potter must confront the shadows of their shared past to shed light on a potentially deadly mystery.
(Slow-paced but somehow really intense and I couldn’t stop reading?? There’s angst, feels, unexpected revelations. Don’t forget to read the coda!)

• Of Fates Entwined: A Story of Love Lost and Found by taradiane (51k)
Harry Potter vanished without a trace from his home on a warm summer morning in June 2004. This is the story of how a random visit in a cafe on the other side of the world, six years later, proved that the ties which entwine our fates together can never be broken.
(I have mixed feelings about this one, but it’s a must on a memory loss list. The angsty feels! I really enjoy the angst in it, and it turns out oh-so-sweet.)

Colors by xErised (9.2k)
Tomorrow is the day when Draco will be released from Azkaban. Harry Potter has been desperately waiting. 
(Excuse me while I cry my eyes out. Okay, so the memory loss is a very small part, but I love this fic so much, it is a must-read for you angst addicts.)

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Hello! I just stumbled on this blog by complete accident, and it's interesting to read your posts about akechi! I'm sorry if this actually comes of rude or ignorant or whatever, but i'm genuinely curious about life in orphanages in japan. Your akechi seems to be awfully not fond of it, and i guess the same with go with canon akechi actually. What are you thoughts?

OH MY GOSH? im really flattered that you found them interesting, and im more flattered that you actually want to hear my thoughts on such a delicate subject. youre not being rude or anything!!

i very well cant give proper opinions on a subject without laying down the facts first, though, and surprisingly, other than passing mentions and links to an article or two, no one really talked about just how awful the system is in japan, and in turn how it affected goro, so let me talk about the system while adding in my own commentary


spoilers and very, very, very, VERY heavy text under the cut. im so sorry mobile users

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Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love and appreciate your artwork! I'm especially fond of your Todoroki artwork. Every time I see it on my dash or when I scroll through your blog your art always makes me smile. I think your style is beautiful and I love the lighting and colours you use! I'll miss your BnHA art but thank you so much for all your hard work in making them! I look forward to seeing other art you make! Have a good day~

Shouto is best boi, see he even made you smile so much, that’s very good! ‘ ^’b
I focus more on the drawing on the fanart (not the doodles) so I usually go yolo until I kinda like the coloring though… xD

Aww it’s ok, you can enjoy my BNHA art until summer 2018! But that’s right for now I’m much more in this kind of mood :

Have a good day too, thanks~

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I got to watch the entire Monchele love story unfold. I saw Cory and Lea meet and falling in love, everyone encouraging them to be together because we clearly saw the spark and that there was something special between them. I saw them sneaking around and freaked out over the tweets of sightings and lea talking about the tall, handsome, Canadian with the tribal arm band. I saved all the photos of them holding hands shopping, at airports, at the amazing Canuks match, and cried when Cory said “of course” when Ellen asked if they were a couple. I paused and rewatched all the interviews of Cory lovingly rubbing her leg and Lea looking up at him with her eyes GLOWING. I took very fond note of everytime they uttered the words ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. And I mourned with Lea when we lost him. I genuinely got to watch two people I adore fall in love and experience a love story. I watched a couple form based upon true love, and I watched a woman pick herself up and carry him in her heart everywhere she goes. I am so thankful that Cory Monteith and Lea Michele loved each other and allowed me to be a part of that.

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Do you have a favorite breed of dog?

I’m not sure about the favorite breed, but sighthounds are definitely my favorite type (pretty evident if you’ve ever seen any of my drawings). Some of my top favorites among that group are Greyhound, Saluki (especially the smooth/desert variety), Sloughi, Azawakh, Borzoi and Afghan hound, even though I’m pretty much a fan of all of them. I adore Ibizan Hounds and other Mediterranean Podencos a lot. I’m also very interested in sighthounds that aren’t recognized by Western kennel clubs, such as Taigan, Hortaya Borzaya, Xigou, Kanni and Mudhol

I’ve always loved Dobermans. I don’t think I’ll ever have what it takes to own one (I lack the right kind of personality and their health issues worry me) so I’m going to have to settle for admiring them from afar. I like the look of vintage/working line German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Standard Poodles are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, when trimmed in a moderate and tasteful way, and I have a soft spot for hairless dogs like Xoloitzcuintli. Lately I’ve been very interested in some livestock guardian dogs, particularly Kangal and Central Asian Ovcharka

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are you going to evaluate more on your gay space OCS? because i love everything about them ALREADY and we're dying for more ;-; only if you want to or are comfortable with it tho!!

sorry for the late reply buddy!!! the answer is - YES I WILL!!!
i’m definitely planning to expand my space story and introduce all the other side charas i have in mind as well…one of these days i’d love to make a comic for them :’^) *prays*
for now i’m planning on drawing more of their concept/interaction stuff over the summer and reveal more info over time!

You know the mayo jar prank? Where you trick people into thinking you’re eating mayo straight from the jar, but in fact you had replaced it with vanilla pudding?

Imagine Alma doing this, offering someone a spoonful and of course people would take it because it’s an old joke and everyone loves cute precious Alma and wants to play along and humour them…

Except obviously it’s actually mayo. and Alma is very confused when they mention a prank.

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What do you think about Finnie the driver tweeting and RTing stuff about shippers being the worst and Sam & MM and Cait & T being together? I know it's personal for him because some people judge his relationship with a fan and now he hates us all, but he sees Sam and Cait together every day, he must know. And I'm sure Sam and Cait are very fond of him (the whole crew) would he disrespect them like this if it wasn't true? Some things just make no sense to me.

I don’t think anything about what Finnie tweets because he locked up his account long ago and I don’t care enough about what he has to say to hit the follow button and beg for access. I know he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips because of who rides in a car he drives sometimes, but he ain’t that special.

If he truly is a close friend to either or both of them, then I believe he would not speak any truth on Twitter about a topic that Sam and Cait have repeatedly from day one said is off limits.

Anything he shouts on Twitter is horseshit and only intended to fuck with people. He’s part of the fringe fuckery.

Stop drinking the Fucktardian KoolAid.

My very favourite thing about Cassandra Cillian and Ezekiel Jones is that they had one heart to heart in their initial days of being Librarians in a Minotaur’s maze, and ultimately that was all that was required for them to go “ayep we’re cuddle buddies now and forever. Cuddle soulmates.”


I’m not doing it for you. I know that dwarves can be obstinate and pigheaded and difficult. They’re suspicious and secretive, with the worst manners you can possibly imagine. But they are also brave and kind, and loyal to a fault. I’ve grown very fond of them, and I would save them if I can.

Yes, Charlotte Wessels did get married!

It was last weekend, clearly at the place that she posted. I’m sure it was very ~aesthetic~ and hipster-y.

I’ve known since November that she was engaged, and that she was getting married in August. It’s not been a *super* well-kept secret, but I didn’t really want to mention anything unless Charlotte did. So I’ve had all this on my chest since this event, and now I will share bits of what I know!

They’ve been engaged since sometime in September. She was the one who proposed to him. It was a surprise to everybody in her life, who thought that she was never going to get married (because she wasn’t the type). She had some qualms herself, but was so excited about it as well.

Her now-husband and her had been dating for 11 or 12 years. We’ve met, and I’ve spent a bit of time around him. He’s a really nice guy, very quiet and private, but also quite sociable and friendly once he warms up. They have the same sense of humour. They’re adorable together, and very, very much in love.

I’m so, so happy for them.

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Can you post some hc of yoongi and bts?? (I'm sorry if this is annoying of me to ask)

(noo you’re not annoying don’t worry! i’m sorry if i get annoying with my long ass answers though TT) 

hmmm i’m gonna assume this means bts in general and not in relation to any AUs of mine?

ok i’m gonna go by member

(btw these are my own headcanons and you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to ^^)

((although most of them are based on things bts has said, done, talked about, etc))

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Hi Simone, I'm quite in fond of your legacy right now. Please could you tell me (I'm sure someone already ask for them, I'm sorry) WCIF Sam's plum from /post/157368508653/samantha-eyes-the-way-calebs-bottom-lip-quivers please ? Thank you very much !

Hi love! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my legacy! I assume you meant pumps and not plum?? ;^) Let me know if I was wrong, though! Her shoes in that post can be found here (the Cesena ones)!