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so your thoughts on sugakookie??????

i really really really love yoonkook.

I think they have a really really really underappreciated dynamic. From the way Yoongi once said that Jungkook was his most beloved dongsaeng, to how happy they were when they were roommates in Bon Voyage, to how much Jeongguk grown to be able to express himself to Yoongi.

It’s very obvious that Yoongi thinks that Jeongguk is adorable and is very fond of him. And as for Jeongguk he thinks Yoongi is cool. They seem to get along really well too. Jeongguk’s fucking video with Yoongi should prove that I think, because he was very sassy and playful in it, even though Yoongi is quite a bit older, he didn’t seem to have reservations about teasing him, which I think points to their understanding each other well at this point.

At this point, all of BTS has been together give or take about 7 years so they’ve really gotten to know each other. I think that Yoongi and Jeongguk are a really good example of what time can do for two people. These days they seem to really understand each other very well. I really really really love their dynamic because it’s effortless but playful. One of my favorites tbh.

They’ve gotten really good at expressing themselves to each other and in general. On another level, we’ve got a pisces and a virgo who’s grounding values in a relationship (without influence from a venus sign) are supposed to be trust and deep emotions. Virgo and Pisces sun signs have really good chemistry in general and even though they can face a lot of challenges if they can find a way to make it work it’s supposed to be really fucking great.

Idk man, I love Jeongguk and Yoongi’s personalities a lot, separately, and when you combine them i think you get a really soft and understated dynamic that has a lot of potential.

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I got my wish! They had some more screen time!!


My very favourite thing about Cassandra Cillian and Ezekiel Jones is that they had one heart to heart in their initial days of being Librarians in a Minotaur’s maze, and ultimately that was all that was required for them to go “ayep we’re cuddle buddies now and forever. Cuddle soulmates.”


You’ve misjudged me, God. If you thought I would fall or give up or step aside over something like this, then you were wrong. Come at me with all you have. I will never despair, be sad, or surrender.


It feels so nice to be Dís again! Now with a new and improved beard and moustache! I’d like to think that Fíli would take his moustache inspiration from his mum.

I can’t take selfies with both axes at once, alas. But I’m still very fond of them. Their names are Resent and Remember.

I realised that I never got to show off the fabulous cloak that @inja-y-ddraig​ made me, I love it very much and I’ll take some proper photos with it once the whole outfit is finished (this thing is so long it trails out behind me, it’s incredible).

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Any wishes for hailey and elijah this season? This epi was very good! I hope they have so many scenes this season!!!!!

I’m taking it one episode at a time tbh. MN is very fond of making things very difficult for them, so I’m always prepared for some boulders to be thrown in their path. Having said that, most of the interviews/spoilers I’ve read (and there haven’t been many) have been fairly generic? Like they cant straight up say “things are going to be okay” so they say “well, Hope’s around and Hayley has to focus on her and Elijah has to focus on the family”, all of which has pretty much been the case since s1 - which btw has been their most overtly romantic, swapping of heart-eyes season. 

So I think H&E will actually be… okay. She’s focused on being a mom first, they’re focused on keeping Hope and their family safe. So I don’t expect Jackson-level drama. If anything, I suspect we might have a low-key “in a relationship” vibe happening in the midst of the usual TO chaos unfolding.

Or I could be horribly wrong and I’ll be sobbing into my pillow next week

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Have you ever considered throwing Maedhros and Pengolodh together in a story?

Very possibly, yes! I’ve certainly had them in Nevrast at the same time, although Pengolodh has thus far only conversed with Celebrimbor (sometimes about Maedhros, however, in the vignettes Look and Truth; the other story about Pengolodh and Celebrimbor–in fact the first in that series–is Stars of the Lesser, and they manage to talk about something other than Maedhros there.) Given my fondness for writing about both Maedhros and Pengolodh, and the multiple points in the story where they could have come in contact with each other (and how interesting that contact surely would have been!), I think it’s pretty inevitable that they’ll end up in a story together someday.


I’m not doing it for you. I know that dwarves can be obstinate and pigheaded and difficult. They’re suspicious and secretive, with the worst manners you can possibly imagine. But they are also brave and kind, and loyal to a fault. I’ve grown very fond of them, and I would save them if I can.

concept: after the picture was taken harry immediately swooped in and sat on louis’ lap, and louis was all “get off me you big oaf” and started tickling him and the twins just laughed hysterically until harry told them to tickle louis for being mean to his boyfriend which ended in a big tickle war and a very amused and fond jay


Jack had her ear buds in while she was walking around campus. It wasn’t something she usually did, but she had recently downloaded a new album that she couldn’t stop listening to. Because she didn’t walk around while listening to music often, she felt rather self-conscious, and she kept feeling like someone was watching her because of it. 

Oh, the girl had ear buds in. That’s why she didn’t hear Aurora’s calls. Normally Aurora wouldn’t have gone through the trouble. Aurora was never very fond of other girls, always seeing them as some sort of competion. But this girl didn’t look like she was interested in make-up, boys and pretty dresses. Because of that assumption she was right away less of a threat to Aurora. She rushed after the girl and gently took her arm. “Hey, you dropped this.” she said while holding out the girl’s ID.