and i'm using this photo again

So, around a week ago I was scrolling through Tumblr, and my mom was right besides me. I see a maxmoefoe post and I liked it, and my mom looks over and says: “oh is this the Australian guy you like who’s always angry or puking?” aND I SCREAMED.

Well today, I was once again scrolling through Tumblr and I reblog a photo of Joji and my mom says: “is that the guy who plays Filthy Fred?” and I lAUGHED SO FUCKING HARD

It’s filthy Fred guys


Remember that photo I mentioned earlier? We took it!

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Shoutout to @danielleearlphotography for so generously sharing her photos, again.  She makes her living doing this, but she still finds the time to edit and share her gorgeous photos with all of us.  (And, she also knows when we want, ahem, certain types of photos and is certain to include those too, LOL.)  So thank you Danielle – your photos are beautiful, your talent is amazing, and your heart is giving!

(and a gentle reminder that although Danielle shares her photos, please do not remove her watermark or alter her photos!)


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the only things Jaehyun and I have in common in these photos are blonde hair and earrings but i’m probably going to dye my hair tomorrow so i’m posting this today while it’s still relevant  

btw our ship name is Jaedy or Jedi (Jeffrey + Kodi) lmao pls ship us jk pls don’t

i’m not tagging anyone because i’ve already done this tag before and tagged a shit-ton of people so yeah

Maven Woods: Third Contestant by @bratsims

So I had to take her photo in her formal wear because her everyday outfit blended in with my CAS background so it was really really hard to seperate it, so I hope this is okay! I’m so excited to play!! Maven is so pretty! Thank you again for letting me use her! <3

((I really like this font))


my photoshop skills used at its grateness

I’ve seen Adam Liaw’s pikelets and kiwifuit jam recipe segment at least five times so far and every time I’ve really wanted to make them and then when I actually have kiwis I always end up making the same old (delicious) kiwifuit bread instead… I need to get more adventurous… I’m actually thinking about making an instagram again and trying to do a photo per day and if I stick to it long enough it’s proof that it’s worth buying a camera again, bc we love photography but haven’t had one for years after ours broke, so… it’d be really nice to prove to myself that it’s worth spending the money!

Posted on twitter but on dad’s computer rn! The prom today went well, everyone complimented me heheheee =w= (tho one saying “usually you look like such a potato, now you’re so pretty” feels like assholery… =`w=)
I don’t think I posted a photo here so I’ll do that if I ever can!
My phone’s first screen LOOKS okay, it’s a deeper level…it should be fixable, I wish I get my phone back ó3ò my games….

Anyways!! I’m gonna keep yall updated on my phone’s fate whenever I get online! Luckily now is a week of va~ca~ti~on~ ^3^
It’s gonna be a struggle without my phone…I miss seeing everyone every day so many times, posting random sketches on twitter, and talking ówò
See ya next time I drag myself online, I’m gonna try drawing something tonight on the laptop again! Bye bye~!

Okay, but imagine both Chrom and Robin finding out about the phototomes (Past just taking scandalous photos of the Shepherds) from the scramble DLC. Do not tell me those two wouldn’t buy up Anna’s entire supply and use it to document precious memories of their family.

Even after the war I imagine Chrom takes pictures of Lucina over the time Robin is away. Idk I just love the idea that they try to record as many precious memories as possible.

Even more so that they take lots of family photos, just tomes and tomes full of the royal family being together and having fun.


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So I used to be a Ashamed to ever take clothing off or be seen without almost full coverage. But I wanted to share how I’m feeling now and while I know I’m a long way from perfect. I’m perfectly happy at the pace in which I’m achieving this. In my largest photo I was 248.9lbs. In my smallest photos I am 176.7lbs I know I’m still overweight for my height and age. But I’ve never accomplished something so big in my life before! I just wanted to share it.


Aside from digital commissions and the metal work, I’ve taken to making wall clings, they’re foam and stick to the wall really well. 

The smaller ones (i.e. the splatoon/smash fighters and such) are 7 dollars, the bigger ones like mario on yoshi, bowser and banjo are 12, if more than one are bough together I like making a bundle deal. Lucario was sold, but I could easily make him again, as with any other characters or objects. If you’re interested in any of them or have any questions feel free to pm any of my blogs, or email me at and please pass these around, I’m trying to save up for a new laptop since this one’s as good as dead. thank you!