and i'm too tired to get up

  • Murdoc: "What are you listening to?"
  • Noodle: "Oh, just some tunes from my new playlist-"
  • Murdoc: "Ah, right, er, is that what all the peeps are into, eh? I think I could get into that, you know, I'm very IN with the kids these days, all those memes and, er-"
  • Noodle: "Murdoc."
  • Murdoc: "Yes, my little emoji?"
  • Noodle: "Shut the fuck up."


I could see this happening every time Flug gets really caught up in his inventions, so like, BH is just throwing little hissy fits after he’s not given enough attention until Flug finally realizes he’s been in the lab too much again.

pidge and lance probably cause chaos in the castle of lions 24/7 by playing pranks on each other. so eventually shiro sits them down and asks them to stop, or at least tone it down a bit. so pidge and lance take it as a challenge and that seeing as they can’t play pranks of each other they’ll just play pranks on the other team members.

at first they start out kinda subtle by messing with shiro’s shampoo so every time he washes his hair his fringe will slowly turn more and more green. then they step it up a notch by constantly switching around people’s clothes and armor and pretending they have nothing to do with it. next up they pick sporadic times during the day in which to randomly exchange an item of clothing, this results in lance being asked a number of times why he’s wearing pidge’s glasses; to which he simply replies, “i’ve always worn these.” a step even further means rigging the castle’s overhead speaker system so whenever shiro enters a room darth vader’s theme starts to play. and of course the cherry on the top of the cake is the pair somehow miraculously managing to shave coran’s mustache off whilst keeping it as one whole and then supergluing it onto keith’s face whilst he sleeps.

shiro and allura have them cleaning the castle toilets for the next three months. they regret nothing

I wanna know how ridiculous Tim’s excuses for broken bones/other obvious injuries get when he’s out in public?? like I bet he makes up increasingly wild and fantastic stories and the press just eats it up.

“Mr Drake! Tell us how you broke your hand!”
“Hm? Oh, see, so Bruce and I went on a trip to Alaska! Long story short, I punched a bear that was getting a little too close for comfort, haha.”

I will never let you fall

a/n: This is my gift to my best friend @eroticgropefest​​. Hope you appreciate my first (and maybe only) attempt at a snowbaz fic just for you, bruh! o// I figured since I’m helping turn you into as much of an h/c hoe as myself, you’d enjoy reading some of that as well (also I’m all out of ideas SORRY I TRIED). Enjoy your 26th aging up <3 :P


Snow is infuriating. I’m certain I’m not the only one who sees it: the way he shrugs at most questions, considering it to be enough of an answer; how he gets flustered and fumbles around looking for his words; how he has absolutely no control over his own immense powers; the way he follows the Mage around, like some kind of stray dog on a very short leash, awaiting his commands.

The most powerful magician alive.

I look at him across the room, once again failing at a spell. Bunce looks at him, exasperated, saying something I don’t care to hear. I glare some more at Snow’s ineptitude, feeling a fire deep inside me, something that tells me to shake some sense into him. How stupidly vulnerable he is! The dangers he puts himself in by his complete lack of control. How easy he’ll be to break under my hands when we inevitably have to face each other.

I can imagine myself marching over to him, pushing him up against a wall. I’d hold on to his neck and look right into those eyes, Snow’s unremarkable eyes, so ordinary and plain looking. I’d stare right at him (and I might choke him a little.) (Not too much, just a little. Just enough). He’d growl at me and it would smell of smoke and get unbearably warm. He’d be so close and alive and warm, I might have a taste. Bite a chunk right out of his neck in front of everyone. (or I might just snog the fuck out of him. Either one).

I don’t do any of that. Instead, I shake my head and then glare at him across the room, while Bunce continues to tell the absolute idiot what to do. Soon he seems to feel my stare and looks up at me. At first he seems confused, but his slow brain finally catches up. and he glares right back, closing his fist more strongly around his wand.

Simon Snow never stops driving me fucking crazy.

There are definitely some things people don’t tell you about sharing a room with the chosen one.

One of them is how once he’s put something on his mind, he’ll never drop it. Crowley, Snow might have won an award for most stubborn person ever if it existed (I’m convinced they should create one just for him at this point). He’s incredibly persistent about his moronic ideas, like his obsession with keeping the windows open. No matter how many times I close them, he’ll open them back up. I suspect he’s doing it out of principle at this point, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

There’s an infinite number of frustrating things about living with Snow (besides the irony of living with someone you’re supposed to kill, but instead stupidly caught feelings for) (I may be biased on that one though). From the pointless arguments to the loud nightmares he seems to have convinced himself I don’t know about (a good match to my own relentless night terrors). Or even the way he’s completely oblivious to every single redeeming quality I (debatably) possess. Or even the most cruel ones, like the way looks after he falls asleep, all soft angles and relaxed jaw. Or the unyielding sexual frustration of having him so close to the touch and so hopelessly unreachable.

Yet, no matter how bad those things are, they still feel like they’re almost worth the amount of private wanking I have to do in an attempt to get him off my mind (it never works) (why would it?) It still feels more than I deserve, to have him this close to me. It’s almost comforting (almost, when it isn’t absolutely infuriating).

The truly bad thing about sharing a room with the Chosen One that no one tells you about isn’t even the arguing and all the times he loses his patience and grabs me, manhandling me while I cooly remind him of the anathema. It isn’t even the fact that, while he does that, I just want to push him against the wall and kiss him hard.

The worst thing of all is when he just isn’t there. (and you don’t know where he is or what happened or if he’s safe.) (Why would you when he hates you?)

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This!!! This is the chance I’ve been looking for!!!

“So, even with everybody thinking you’re a bad ghost, you’re still gonna try to be the hero?”

“Well, somebody’s gotta. If not me, who’s gonna protect this town? Besides, it’s not like I can ignore a scream for help.”

I am so gonna talk about this boy I’ve been waiting for a good chance to talk about what a good, pure child he is and I am taking it now. Bless his heart I love him so much.

Let’s talk about Daniel James Fenton and why he deserves love and protection forever and always.

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I’m so emotional over Nekoma and the newest chapter cuz they actually touched on the fact that kenma didn’t have any friends growing up- kenma grew up not liking people with kuroo as his only friend and now he has this whole team that loves and cares for him and kenma loves them all back !! His friends!!!

Also kenma gets so angry when he’s tired I’m so glad

Jack is definitely the kind of guy who can fall asleep anywhere. He got used to sleeping in strange places during the crisis. After missions, he gets really tired on the ship back home and almost always ends up nodding off onto Gabe’s shoulder. Gabe has a very hard time sleeping in strange places, but that’s because he’s used to staying up and keeping watch. Protecting his own. Which is why as soon as Jack falls asleep against him, he glowers at anyone who makes too much noise. And Jack can sleep soundly knowing that Gabe won’t let anything happen to him.

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I was thinking that maybe the "e" is badly made because it can be for ernest and that ernest has written the "e" for the design, some people do that and knowing louis who loves his family ....

That’d be too cute

This is the only pewdiepie controversy post that I’m gonna make and I’m gonna make it quick.

  • what he said was racist and white people have absolutely no right to use that word
  • white people also do not get to tell black people what is racist and what not
  • people saying “It’s just a word” love to ignore the fact that that word has been used to discriminate black people and black people are trying to take it back and make it their own word
  • which is also the reason why black people can use it 100% of the time and white people sure as shit can’t use it
  • “It was just a slip up” yeah no fuck that. You don’t accidentally say a word if it isn’t in your regular vocabulary. I am angry (a lot) and I scream many swear words and most of them are in croatian or they are “fuck” “shit” “bitch” “fucking hell” but never THAT word
  • bc if you use that word as a white person you are racist. period.
  • “It’s not that bad in Sweden!” shut up,that’s the worst excuse. That word has the same meaning everywhere around the world and people are aware of that. hell,english is my third language and I never use that word bc I know it’s racist and disgusting for white people to use it
  • also Felix is a grown man who has been on the internet for many years,he is very influential,he’s the biggest youtuber and he’s been involved in many controversies before so he should have known better and he should be more careful and just not do racist shit like….??
  • his 12 year old fanboys continue to spam every youtube video section with the n-word as an immature and racist response to anyone
  • and they see it as a form of “”“rebellion”“”
  • “#Pewdiepiedidnothingwrong” hell yes he did. stop excusing his shitty actions.
  • he made a response video saying that there is no excuse for what he said and that he said the worst word that he could have said and that he’s disappointed in himself
  • he literally said there are no excuses so yall fans can stop making up any of them
  • he made a response and (imo) reacted in a mature way but he will have to face the consequences from this and this may be a big issue for other youtubers as well (aka adpocalypse 2.0)
  • no matter that he made that response,people are still allowed to be angry at him for what he said so saying shit like “he apologized, move on” to a black person is ridiculous and just stop
  • at last,I’m a white person so my view on this doesn’t matter at all but I just quickly wanted to say what I think about this
  • and to emphasize this again:

white people do not get to tell black people what is racist and what isn’t.

Another klance fanfic rec that no one asked for

I’m trying to run away from the reality of real life, where I have to read 40 page chapters on dating soil techniques. Also this has been on my mind for too long and I had to get it out.

Tip the Scales by aleria (T, 27K) –> This is a really cute fic that just has Lance sitting in Egypt by his lonesome self. Also mutual pining, in a fancy gala. 

Black Holes and Revelations by Kima (E, 26K) –> This is a headcannon that I can get behind and I just loved it and honestly I love the idea of demisexual Keith. The smut is in the last chapter so if it’s not your cup of tea, you can skip it. But this fic is really sweet

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Here’s another adoptable, Lune! She’s a photographer who especially is good at capturing the beauty of winter ~~ She may be one in a series of 4 types, Idk i might get to it if people like the idea ;v; She’s only $10 and up for grabs so message me for questions or ask me for her at!

First come first serve, thank you! ^w^

Please do not steal this character - If you purchase, you are allowed small changes to the design and a change in name maximally. 

Lune has been adopted by @ask-schizopony! Thank you very much for buying!

Just for context, when people say that TERFs have caused the deaths of trans people, particularly trans women, they aren’t referring to physical violence. A lot of writings like that of Janice Raymond’s caused a huge legislative and medical set back that stopped people from being able to transition and thus pass which led to more physical violence and suicides.

No one is out here saying that TERFs have physically gone on murdering rampages against trans women, but some radical feminists have directly caused major backlash against trans people and there are still cases of trans people being doxxed and threatened as well.