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How about, in the dorms, they play the worlds biggest game of the floor is lava. Like, not even Tokoyami or Bakugou can resist the game simply because of childhood memories. They place cushions on the stairs so people can go to different floors. Just the kids playing the floor is lava


there are no friends. you have no allies. everyone is out to get you, everyone is out to win, and they will sabotage everyone else in order to secure victory. 

quirks are allowed. because of this, Uraraka and Tokoyami are some of the hardest to knock out of the competition. Uraraka can just make herself float, or make objects hover and jump between them. she’ll cancel out her powers and cause whatever poor soul who happened to be the floating armchair to fall onto the floor. Tokoyami, of course, has his Shadow.

Bakugou, Kaminari or Todoroki take Tokoyami out first. their quirks are the worst match up for Tokoyami, and just like in the sports festival, it all ends rather quickly. 

Kaminari is often taken out fast. partially because he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone with his quirk. partially because he’s just. naturally clumsy.

there are debates about whether Todoroki’s ice counts as lava or as an object. Todoroki insists that it should count as an object because it’s ice, but Mineta and Kaminari think it’s cheating and should be counted as him touching the floor.

Kirishima is REALLY DIFFICULT to knock out because he can make himself hard and block all attacks. he’s usually one of the last few in the game.

Sero can use his tape to bounce from object to object. the only way to knock him out is if you body slam him, or cut his tape mid-swing. he’ll also use his tape to grab onto unsuspecting people to make them stumble and fall to their dramatic deaths. he’s great at knocking people out.

Aoyama is easy to knock to the floor. it’s hard to use his laser indoors and he’s not as agile as the others. he’s usually the first to go.

Mineta is goddamn hard to pick off. his balls stick to ANYTHING and sometimes he’ll just stick to walls and stay out of the chaos. he’ll also throw his balls at people in order to knock them off their balance–they end up in really odd positions, stuck upside down to the side of the counter, or sideways on the back of the couch. either way, they can’t get off and they’re forced to forfeit. 

Momo is somewhere in the middle. she’s great at making objects to defend or help herself, but sometimes it takes too long to make them and she’s knocked out before she can dodge.

Shouji is VERY HARD to knock off balance. but he finds it easy to take people out (in non-harmful ways; even if it’s a competition, he’s not gonna accidentally hurt his classmates). HOWEVER, sometimes his size makes it hard for him to jump onto the smaller objects and he’ll fall over thanks to his own weight.

Tsuyu is queen. she’s super quick and agile and able to stick to anything, and her tongue makes it easy for her to sabotage the others. she is ruthless. (tho she apologizes after every ‘attack’)

Mina has AMAZING reflexes and is hard to hit. she’s usually taken out by her own misjudgement of where she’s landing, or someone accidentally knocking into her. 

Satou and Kouda, like Shouji, are also very big. both have a hard time finding balance when landing on smaller surfaces. Satou’s quirk doesn’t really help him here, and he IS getting better with his balance. Kouda makes up for his lack of balance by sending bugs after people who’re trying to get him out of the game.

Ojirou is goddamn hard to knock off balance with that tail of his. plus, he’s a martial artist, so he’s got a LOT of balance training. he’s usually one of the last few left. 

Jirou is able to use her sound attacks to vibrate tables and the floor in order to throw off the other student’s balance. she is, however, rather easy to knock out b/c it takes concentration to use her attacks, and she leaves herself open.

Iida uses his engines to fly from table to chair to pillow, but sometimes the momentum will make him trip. he finds the game great practice for his control, tho he does get frustrated since he lost a few times at first

Tooru. Tooru is fucking HARD to beat because she plays in her hero outfit (or less) and no one can see where she lands. the only thing they have to by by are her little reaction sounds (from jumping and landing) when figuring out where she is 

and last but not least, Izuku and Bakugou. these two. these two are the GODDAMN HARDEST OF ALL THE STUDENTS TO BEAT. 

THEY’VE BOTH GOT AMAZING REFLEXES, THEY BOTH CAN MANEUVER IN THE AIR, AND PARKOUR IS GODDAMN THEIR MIDDLE NAME. not to mention they’re both SO FUCKING FAST that no one can ever knock them out. fuckers can dodge like no-one’s business, and it frustrates the entire class.

the game almost always ends with these two trying to beat each other. Bakugou gets especially pissed because Izuku learned most of those moves from him, so it’s like he’s fighting a goddamn copy of himself. 

they usually end in a tie. they’ll slam into each other and the’ll both get knocked to the ground. they also have the exact same amount of wins and loses. 

that doesn’t stop the other students from trying to win, tho. they wanna beat Deku and Kacchan because they’re so amazing, and with each game, it gets harder and harder to knock everyone out. 

Bakugou and Izuku actually love this, because it means more training and fighting each other at their best (well, as much as they can in a game like this)

Aizawa and All Might usually watch from the corners to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. they’re so proud of their kids, tho, because this training is so good for them. it’s harmless and great for honing reflexes and attacks.

also, they just love to see their kids improve. what proud dads

Haikyuu!!: *exists*

Me: *is down for literally any fucking ship in the entire series*

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Season 4 of The 100
  • Clarke: I'm dead in the City of Light with my soulmate Lexa.
  • Lexa: Once every episode you get a 5 minute fluff scene of Clarke and I being happy and safe and treated well, like we deserve.
  • Anya: I'm back and magically somehow in the CoL too with Lexa and I give her really great advice, and Clarke and I have an amusing love/hate dynamic.
  • Lincoln: I hang out with them sometimes. Also people appreciate me now.
  • Raven: I'm the main character now and immune to physical pain. Also I'm immortal, bitches.
  • Octavia: I realized I'm madly in love with Raven and most of this season is me trying to win her over which is not hard because I already have her whipped. And I'm the new commander and often travel to Arkadia to see Raven. I'm immortal too so the writers can't fuck up Octaven.
  • Pike: I'm dead.
  • Kane: I'm chancellor.
  • Abby: I'm just a doctor now, but I'm also a great mother figure to Raven.
  • Jasper: I'm still mental health representation but Improved. I don't blame women or Monty for my problems, and I'm nice to the CoL version of Clarke.
  • Monty: I'm a happy and peaceful little bean and I'm getting married to Jasper.
  • Harper: I'm allowed to acknowledge and work through my problems in a healthy way and experience the psychological damage that being tortured has brought me.
  • Bellamy: I went back to being awesome and reliable season 2 Bellamy, but I took responsibility for everything I did and I didn't get off easy and I paid a price for my crimes like everyone else. And I apologized to Clarke for being horrible to her. Also Miller and I are sarcastic assholes together and it's great.
  • Jaha: Jaha who?
  • Murphy: I'm free from Ontari and allowed to recognize my history of sexual abuse for what it actually was and I don't have to brush it off as if it's ok and I deserved better and realized this and now I'm back with Emori and Emori treats me very well and is very consent conscious and together we're like the Bonnie and Clyde of The 100.
  • Emori: I'm still cool.
  • Ontari: Octavia killed me and I am not in the CoL with the cinnamon rolls, I just don't exist. But Rhiannon Fish is still hot af.
  • Roan: I'm the unproblematic Azgeda king.
  • Niylah: I'm safe and happy and have a great gf
  • Echo: I'm in a very healthy and mutually respectful romantic relationship with Bellamy. #Echamy #Becho #happiness
  • Sinclair: I suddenly exist again and I am a great friend to Raven Reyes BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT.
  • ALIE: I was destroyed. rip
  • Wells: I'm also somehow magically in the CoL and Clarke and I are best friends and I'm super supportive of her and Lexa and I'm the same great guy, perfect precious cinnamon roll, that I've always been.
  • Costia: I have a head.