and i'm too lazy to make them again

Oops!... I Did It Again

I think I did it again.
I made you believe we’re more than just friends.

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Oh baby
It might seem like a crush

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But it doesn’t mean that I’m serious.

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‘Cause to lose all my senses

that is just so typically me. 

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Oops, you think I’m in love.
That I’m sent from above

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I’m not that innocent

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A sceptic who adheres to a believer is as simple as the law of complementary colors.

This burger took me 3 days to make because I had to pickle my own cucumbers and spices and make and rest my own special vegan mayo and I made a homemade BBQ sauce and honestly. I am p proud of it. But I will never do it again.

there’s this one thing about Jude that I felt so awkward about, not being able to tell what it was all the time - and as soon as I knew it…I drew it…

can’t believe this took a week to color! I have so many complains for other characters too! and the details of all the clothing..agh! but I like all of these guys so I drew everyone~~yay!

and about the eyes - I think most of the tales protagonists have huge eyes - it makes them look so..full of courage and determined. they are also young in age but even Yuri has huge eyes- just one year younger than Ludger??

so that was my poking fun at Jude for today. hope the next one gets finished faster.

Shit Abled People Say #282

“It’s like the whole family is in a boat, and the boat is full of holes. It’s filling up with water and we’re trying to bail it out, but you’re just too lazy to help us. Why are you so selfish all the time?” <sarcasm>Thanks mom.</sarcasm> We both know I have severe chronic anxiety and depression :/

Some ppl’s responses to ‘anti-recovery’ attitudes on here are like.. too aggressive, you’re backtracking so far you actually do end up making subtle digs at mentally ill people again

I know I end up blaming myself for my bipolar symptoms and thinking I’m not doing enough to try and stop them and that I’m being lazy and not striving toward self improvement and some of the things ppl spread on here reinforce that

meanwhile when I talk to my therapist about my symptoms and how I’m trying to manage them all she has to say is that I’m utilizing coping skills to the best of my ability and that I’m really trying to be the best I can but that my disorder, in fact, is debilitating and frequently warps my ability to view things clearly and impacts my day-to-day functioning

sometimes shits just like that and the best you can do is ride it out and survive it. sometimes u can’t fix it.

Sometimes such a strong fixation on self improvement and being better can be more hurtful. Maybe it’s only an issue for me cos i’ve also got OCD and am always obsessing and analyzing all of my behaviors to see if i’m being Bad. Who knows

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anonymous asked:

hii! sorry if I'm a bother but could you show a tutorial how to add a 'human being' stamp on a picture and waves on a gif like you did on dean?? you don't have to but i would love you forever :))

(the referenced post) Heyyy, sure! Sorry for not answering this for two days, I am absolute shit at answering asks whoops

ALRIGHT, so it’s actually a lot easier than it looks. But first things first! I’m using Photoshop CC, and I made a tutorial on how to get that for free over here (I mean, if you’re using anything other than Photoshop CC, please drop that and get this program, it’s utterly amazing and completely worth it)

So basically, you get your pictures, sharpen them, adjust them, crop them, add layer masks, et cetera. Just the typical shenanigans, if you have any questions about my process for that, feel free to ask! But where the magic happens is in this little drop down menu.

You click it, and this lovely little list of blending modes slides out.

But we’ll get to that and what it all means later. 

So, for the particular edit you asked about, I put the image on top of Dean’s face

And, making sure I still had the “human being” image layer selected, I clicked the drop down menu, clicked the “lighten” option, and voila!

Really simple! You can test out all the different blending modes to see what they do. I can’t really explain any of it, you’ll have to see for yourself. But I’ll list (in my opinion) the best adjustment masks and try to explain them and add examples when I can. My laptop broke and I lost a lot of my files so I’ll have to reuse some examples, bear with me here

  • multiply (makes everything white transparent, and everything black is left a solid color; every color in between are varying levels of transparency that are decided by how dark or light the color is)
  • darken (kind of like multiply, but more solid and more affected by the background. If you put a white square on top of a black background and set the white square to “darken”, the square would become invisible.)
  • lighten (makes the color black transparent, the opposite of “darken”)
  • overlay 
  • soft light (a softer version of overlay)
  • screen
  • difference, exclusion, and subtract (inverts colors! Also takes into consideration the colors behind the object, kind of hard to explain, but they’re all slightly different but in the same category)

Wow, those explanations probably made absolutely no sense… As I suggested before, go try them all out yourself! What effects work best are entirely dependant on what the image is like (its colors, amount of contrast/saturation, etc.).

Of course, you can get creative with these things; you can apply them to groups (good for layering gifs on images) or to several layers. A couple examples:

This is what the image looks like without any blending modes. After applying the “multiply” function to the wings and the halo, and “lighten” to the black mass in the background, I get this lovely effect:

I stuck all the layers of the gif in the background into a group and set the entire group to “lighten” to get the entire animation to blend with the background!

The thing next to the folder icon is the vector mask I used; if you happen to not know what those do and how to use them feel free to ask, it’d be kind of off topic to talk about them here lol

As for the waves you were asking about, for the first one I set a cropped picture of Dean on top of the water gif-

-and set that layer to lighten!

To get the final product of this.

I’m guessing you can figure out the rest? Good luck with your edit making!

If you have any more questions about anything, feel free to shoot me an ask :)

More tutorials


I just hit 5k+ followers and I think I might cry.

There is over 5,000 people following my blog. That’s a lot of people, there are cities out there with less people than that. I’m not quite sure what made you follow my blog, what kept you following my blog, but thank you so very much. You guys have made tumblr a way better experience for me. I know this is just a silly website but I get really happy interacting with you guys. Whenever you send me an ask, make a nice tag on a gifset I did, reblog anything of mine, reply to a text post, anything; it makes me happy so thank you. I didn’t ever think I would get this far, I know it might not be a lot to some but it’s a lot to me, so thank you all for following and putting up with my lameness. To any future followers, welcome! And to the old followers, thank you again! And to anyone who has been following me since I switched from a multifandom blog to a Hetalia blog to a Free! blog to whatever it is now, bless you and wow. To the friends I’ve made along the way, I love you guys! 

Just to everyone, I’ll say it again, thank you. 

For now, I would like to also thank the people follow, the ones that made my dash a little better every day and keep putting awesome content out for me to reblog and ignore all other responsibilities. It’s not a big list because I have never followed a lot of people but thank you a lot for being awesome and random and great and wonderful, ok. I honestly hope we can be friends if we aren’t yet. Some of you I’ve been following for a long time and it’s the point where our blogs aren’t the same but I like you on my dash because you’re great and some of you I’ve recently followed with wonderful blogs and overall, everyone is great okay. 

These are in no particular order, at all.

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all the bolded ones are my favourite blogs.

                … oh wait.

I don’t think I forgot anyone and I hope I didn’t misspell anyone’s name wrong but thank you all again for the 5k+ and thanks to everyone who I follow that make my dash great!