and i'm too lazy to change em sorry


Em finally joined Exire and his leader is Pulchrit  ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HELLO ALOID ! Thanks @localserialkiller​ for helping me ! *3* (i hope it’s fine ?? i still can change anything)

Say hi while i’m drawing more reference of him (or not)

A to the U to the G to the STD Sentence Starters!!
  • "Fuck you, I don't give a shit"
  • "You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy"
  • "I'm sorry watch the anger"
  • "It's me who took your shit sorry boy."
  • "I'm sorry change your career."
  • "Some say I made it too easy."
  • "Fuck you, I'm a pain in yo'ass too far from the sugar."
  • "This k-pop category ain't enough size for me."
  • "I'm sorry, I mean it, I am."
  • "Y'all get turned on by ma tongue technology."
  • "I always get to fat dick 'em."
  • "My seat is business, you economy always behind me kissing my ass"
  • "I'm d boy because I am from D"
  • "I’m a freak lunatic on the beat"
  • "You could be my new thang, nothing like those lazy bros."
  • "Damn, only the strong can mess with me."
  • "Now I sell half a million a year."
  • "If you wanna go faster then make a reservation for a first class."
  • "Brazil to New York, I'm about to burn this passport."
  • "I haunt down those who copy the copiers get 'em down no matter who the fuck they are."
  • "I fack and I carve the history on this ground."
  • "Me so fly bros are sick of me."
  • "Jealousy and whining making all this noise."
  • "Hey ho, I don't give a fuck when you fuck around."
  • "You simply dig a hole to bury yourself alive."
  • "Hey ho, you can't take me."
  • "All ya fried rappers should be thankful for I am an idol."
  • "Cause I'm busy, I'm busy 24/7.. uh uh don't need no break."
  • "Go have some fun among you latecomers."
  • "Jealous and childish you scream, yet you don't know shit."
  • "Paris to New York, damn ain't got no empty slot in my calendar."
  • "Good health is all you got now, mom's gonna be upset when you lose it."
  • "The way you fucked up things up got some class there boy."