and i'm talking about canon here

Lucina in fanon:

  • Large-eyed moe-blob
  • Shorter than every single guy no matter the age
  • Thin arms and zero muscle
  • Constantly smiling some cutesy smile
  • Knows a whole two (2) conversation topics: Her father (/Marth) and her flat chest
  • Desperately needs some sort of father figure
  • Only carries the Falchion to help her posing

Lucina in canon:

  • Could easily pass for a man for what was probably several months and even tricked a warrior society
  • Had her own aunt fawn over how dreamy she was as in said disguise
  • Accidentally breaks walls while training
  • Literal second thing she does after meeting her father is fight him
  • Grew up during a god damn apocalypse and led her people through it
  • Mostly looked up to her father and Marth to inspire her to lead her people
  • Travelled back in time to prevent the apocalypse from happening in the first place

I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing. 


Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

anonymous asked:

don't you think that alex being so calm about what maggie did was a bit weird? it felt a bit weird to me....i thought she'd be mad or freak out, or something

No, it didn’t feel weird to me. They are adults, having a mature, emotionally stable relationship. They are at a point in which Alex is so confident in what they have, in Maggie’s feelings for her, that she doesn’t see a reason to worry about Maggie making the same mistake again and hurting her like that.

Alex knows Maggie enough to know she was probably worried. Which she was. If you re-watch the scene, Maggie was frantic, terrified of losing Alex. She probably was at a point, mentally, where she regressed to that 14 year old kid that was told to pack up her things and leave her home, her family. And what she needed was reassurance that she wasn’t being kicked out again. And that’s what Alex, as a sensible adult who knows that our past mistakes don’t define who we are, gave her – she was everything Maggie needed in that moment: loving, calm, understanding.

This might be Alex’s first real relationship, but in a sense it is too for Maggie. I believe this is the most open and honest Maggie has allowed herself to be with anyone, and things will only get more honest and open from now on. Maggie has to stop self-sabotaging her happiness and learn to accept she does deserve love, and Alex is proving that to her. This relationship is giving Maggie so many healing moments… 

I might have issues with the execution and production side of things regarding Sanvers, but this is a truly beautiful, romantic story between two women who are learning to be open, and honest, and raw thanks to each other. And as someone who needs a little bit of healing from past shitty relationships, it’s something really nice to watch. 

Also, it would’ve been hypocritical of her to freak out when just last week she was defending Mon-El’s right to a fresh start.

The Adventure Zone (from what I have seen on my dashboard)

I have never listened to this at all (I only recently found out that it was a listen-to thing I literally had no idea) and @the-tao-of-fandom asked me about my impression of it from my dashboard. SO here goes:

Consists of a bunch of characters:

  • Taz: wears a pointy hat, skinny, has a sibling; does improbable things; completely batshit in fanon, not sure about canon; everybody’s favourite.
  • Taz’s sibling: an enigman who looks the same as Taz
  • Big Naked Guy: killed a million bad guys in a supermarket or smthing?
  • dwarf: has a nice beard
  • and some other people probably

is about:

  • some unholy combo of homestuck and a very long DND game?? 
  • the aforementioned group of characters travelling around
  • They’re… adventuring somewhere. In a zone. Only in this one zone? are there other zones? no one knows
  • Despite being peppy and ridiculous in places it is also capable of inducing THE FEELS
  • there was a woman who turned into an umbrella? or something? like a mary poppins animagus idk
  • I sometimes confuse taz fanart with that junky guy from that game with all the characters (yet another thing I see a lot of on my dash and barely understand)
  • could just be my dash, but doesn’t seem to be particularly shippy

Tao thinks it’s good, so I can further extrapolate that:

  • There are possibly bones involved
  • Or maybe succulents

that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. One day I may actually listen to it and find out…

“Sweetheart,” Dean said, looking right into her eyes, “I think you should...”

Careful! How you finish that line is gonna make-or-break how well you’ve captured Dean Winchester in that fic you’re working on. Why, you may ask? Keep reading. And to you who are familiar with this topic… 

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Dean’s Girlfriend is Cas, pass it on.


Considering I’ve received a bunch of awesome Persona 5 mutuals lately, I’d like to point out Katsuya is technically around in Tokyo at the time, if this TV cameo (where he’s featured with Akihiko) is anything to go by. Considering Katsuya would be in his forties by canon’s timeline, we can deduce that Katsuya is a DILF has become an established force of justice.

Celebration Orlando

Finally had some decent sleep so here are some untidy notes from Celebration.

- Did not regret spending 2 nights in a row sleeping on the concrete floor and not showering. Was able to enter both the 40th Anniversary & The Last Jedi panel.

40th anniversary
- I cried as soon as they mentioned Carrie Fisher.
- Billie Lourd was incredibly strong. You could tell she was speaking fast not to get too emotional when talking about her mom.
- Seeing Harrison Ford was a real surprise.
- Hayden Christensen received a round of applause. Not sure if he was expecting such a warm reaction from the crowd.
- Seeing John Willians was an even bigger surprise. Not in a million year I’d expect him being there with an orchestra.

Last Jedi
- I still have chills. Everything was so incredible.
- Rian Johnson must have the time of his life and I regret not getting up to get his autograph. I didn’t expect him to stay for 4 and half hours and I was too tired to move when he showed up. He seems genuinely to care about Star Wars, the fans and the crew.
- BB-8 is so life like. I wanted to cuddle him. I like the idea of having him the Buster Keaton of the movie as Rian said.
- It’s so good to finally know more about Rose!
- KMT had a great story about how she managed to convince her parents that she was filming an indie movie in Canada for 4 months because she wasn’t allowed to say anything about shooting Star Wars. She even had mapple sirup sent over to cover her tracks 😂
- Daisy said something about Rey’s expectation concerning Luke, like sometimes you shouldn’t meet your heroes.
- Mark joked about him being such a troll that he knew nobody would believe what he said on April 1st about Luke having taken a vow of silence and communicating telepathically. @tehanufromearthsea immediately thought of your story.
- John was so cute when he said “Poe is my boy.”
- I gasped when I saw the first look at the character’s design. That picture of Rey walking on the cliff is so beautiful.
- Rian looked so revealed after the trailer when he came to announce they’d play it once more. Like genuinely happy! It was so great.
- The poster is so beautiful.

While watching the trailer
- OMG it’s here! I’m here! *squee*
- It’s less flashy than TFA.
- Leia wardrobe looks amazing.
- Luke is the Light, Kylo is the Darkness, Rey is the balance. *pees her pants*
- Scar!!
- The Resistance base is under attack. Oh noes!
- Much lore, Wow Force.
- Yaaaaaaass!!!!
- OMG OMG!!!!!

i have this really sad headcanon where dan (when he was young, like early teens when he was starting at oxford and people were expressing concerns) was in denial about his mother’s emotional abuse and uses “she’s never hit me and she always made sure i went to good schools and lived in nice houses” logic

Always stay true to yourself, child. And nothing shall stop you on your way.”

Women talk
  • Sakura: Girls, Hinata is pregnant again... with a girl this time.
  • Ino: What?! How could she do this without us?
  • Karui: Yeah, we made a deal to all get pregnant at the same time.
  • Temari: I bet it's Naruto's fault...
  • Sakura: That's it. She's out of our group!
  • Tenten: Seriously Sakura, that is your priority?
  • Later on.
  • Girls: Hinata, congratulations!
  • Hinata: I... I swear this wasn't planned! It's just... you know... Naruto-kun doesn't like to use p-protec...
  • Sakura: It's alright, Hinata. We know what happened. When you are with Naruto in the intimacy, you get so carried on, you don't even realize if he's wearing protection or not. Just so you know, my Sasuke never uses protection either. -winks-
  • Ino: Then how come you are not getting pregnant, Sakura? Oh, I forgot. Your husband is almost never around. -chuckles-
  • Sakura: Shut up, Ino!
  • Temari: My husband doesn't use protection either... his tailed babies must be as lazy as he is... Luckily for me, he's not as lazy in bed as I expected. -smirks-
  • Ino: Naughty Temari, getting the best of Shikamaru. That's my girl! With Sai everything is unpredictable, so who knows, maybe I will get pregnant soon too. Hehe.
  • Karui: I always think I'm pregnant, but then I realize it's just gas...
  • Ino: Yup, that's Choji's wife for ya!
  • Tenten: Guys... if Lee didn't use protection, Konoha would've been filled with mini Lee's.
  • Hinata: Next time, let's plan to all get pregnant at the same time again!
  • Girls: Next time?! You already want a third?!
  • Hinata: N-naruto-kun said he wants twenty or more.
  • Sakura: We are not talking about shadow clones here!
  • Sasuke interrupts: Sakura, I want twenty one or more children.
  • Sakura: Then let's start working on that, SHANNARO!

excuse me while I throw up a rainbow at how Rick fucking Grimes reacted when he caught the dude trying to beat Daryl up and put his best #ain'tnobodyfuckingwithmyman face on

Evil does not sleep, Stephen just really wants this to end quickly so he can get back to the sleep he was rudely awaken from.

Dean Headcanon mini-series?

Okay, so I still have gifs to work with on my 1k….buuuuuutttttt! I was talking to @amanda-teaches and @impalaimagining the other day about the a headcanon I have with Dean vs “Healthy” or “Self Care” kind of things. I’m sure it’s nothing crazy groundbreaking and some canon (i.e the vegetable water), but I think I’m going to do a handful of one-shot type things around a few of the ideas I’d tossed around with them.

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

I *might* also use some of the gifs for my 1k for these…not 100%, but it’s possible.

My requests are NOT formally open, but if you have any thoughts on this feel free to reply to this post or shoot me an ask!

If there’s one thing I would like everyone to understand is that just because I or someone else interprets something a certain way does not mean it’s canon for pete’s sake! It just means its a possibility! With very few exceptions, everything I talk about on this blog are possibilities. Please don’t come to me saying it’s wrong just because you interpret it differently. There are many possibilities for certain things, I just like thinking about new possibility or analyzing how logical I think each one is based on the show. I hope this is clear. Thanks for reading.