and i'm sure that someone already did something like that


Yesterday in my sickly stupor I thought about that scene from Hunchback of Notre Dame when Phoebus almost died while watching Esmeralda kicking ass and taking names and of course what dorks came to mind?

Keith doesn’t seem pleased with this turn of events but he really can’t say anything with how much he and his bf argue

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My friend essentially did the platonic version of 'we can still be friends' break-up and it kinda came out of left field for me cause I thought we were really close and I don't know what to do. I have a really bad habit of isolating myself if I'm not seeing my friends in person and I already overthink everything and this is just making me doubt all my friendships and I feel alone. Sorry about dumping this all on you. You don't have to respond I just wanted to tell someone without feeling like th

It’s fine! Don’t doubt your friendships. I’m sure most if them are pretty solid. If you’re out of school and aren’t seeing your friends this summer- try to set something up. Go see a movie or to a pool or something. If you ever feel alone just do what you did here and talk to someone over Tumblr. A lot of us are really nice and will accept you open arms. I’m not the best free therapist, but I hope this sorta helps :)

P.S. If you ever feel lonely, binge watch YouTube, Netflix or play an online game with online friends. That usually helps me :)

P.P.S. If your friendships don’t work out, you can always make new friends. “But people don’t get me” “I’m too shy” etc. I’m /that/ person. I literally met one of my best friends in gym class because she wasn’t talking to anyone and didn’t know anyone (like me). Just go up and say hi. It can’t hurt!

Summary of Pokemon GO Teams

Team Mystic ( Team Blue ) 

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Team Valor ( Team Red ) 

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Team Mystic and Team Valor together 

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Team Instinct ( Team Yellow  ) 

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