and i'm super mega late to the party

my favorite things about each moon sign (aquarius pov)
  • Aries: you keep things real all the time
  • Taurus: chill and super loyal
  • Gemini: you throw the B E S T parties
  • Cancer: mega humble even though everything you do, you're amazing at!
  • Virgo: you're never late; when i invite you to stuff, you're always five minutes early
  • Libra: you're only happy when others are happy and i'm always happy around you
  • Scorpio: you're so dEEP i can listen to you speak forever and ever and ever
  • Sagittarius: you're low-maintenance, which i like
  • Capricorn: nothing can topple you over; you're literally so strong
  • Aquarius: you're v independent and it makes me jealous how well you take care of yourself
  • Pisces: you're mega intuitive and you always know the right thing to say