and i'm suffering from a case of the feels

with all this recent exposure to mental illness in kpop, i’ve really been thinking. i’ve realized that in a lot of these cases, idols suffering from mental illness isn’t made aware until a certain breaking point is attained. they could harbor all these destructive thoughts and feelings for who knows how long, but still look at their fans with the brightest, most beautiful smiles on their faces, more or less pretending that everything is peachy. this is despite the public scrutiny they constantly face, despite the hateful comments they’re constantly receiving, and despite whatever other tribulation they may be facing in their personal lives. so, it’s dejecting to know that since mental illness is so stigamized in their society, that they’re too terrified to say anything publicly for the longest period of time. this could most likely be attributed to the fear of feeling ostracized, but maybe they are just simply aren’t allowed to say anything in the first place. i really don’t know. either way, it honestly breaks my fucking heart that more often than not mental illness isn’t really given a second thought until it is thrown explicitly in our faces.

sometimes i forget why zutara and now shallura are so important to me, and then i remember that i grew this attached because these are abused characters, characters suffering with ptsd, traumatized characters, being loved and nurtured by other characters that help them grow into better people and over come their trauma. 

idk i’m just seeing a lot of shit trying to tear both apart lately and it’s extremely disheartening. people like me that suffer from mental illnesses often don’t get that sort of representation (case in point that neither of these ships are actually canon) so we create these. this feels like a ramble to me but everything i’m seeing shitting on these pairings is really bumming me out and i doubt i’m the only one experiencing that.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: harry james potter dealt with an abusive home and teachers, lost a significant amount of people he truly cared about including his parents whom he had never met and his godfather that he only knew about after twelve years, watched cedric being killed right before his eyes and made a promise to bring back his body to his parents, suffered from PTSD and got mistaken by a whiny teenager which could've easily been the case because harry james potter was a freaking 15-year-old boy with feelings, spent every year in hogwarts listening to people gossiping about him, making fun of him, thinking he was a liar or simply crazy, made it out be the biggest joke of the century on the national wizardry news yet he was legitimately one of the kindest and purest and loving souls to ever exist on this planet. harry james potter deserved better.

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I have a big issue... I suffer from depression and anxiety and most of the time I'm not emotionally stable. I feel like it doesn't matter what I do, if my intent is strong or if I phrase things accordingly, my energy is low and the only outcome is failure. I've always read that in this case you should wait until you feel better but for me it doesn't really happen and I don't want to put magick aside forever... Do you or any of your followers know if there's something I can do? Thank you so much!

The only thing I could say is to try to fight your depression and anxiety in those moments, try to think more positively about your magic, and be certain that you will succeed rather than fail. That can be really hard to do with those illnesses - trust me, I know - but feeling confident in yourself and your magic, and believing it will work, is a huge component in witchcraft. 

You can always try casting spells for depression / anxiety / energy, but getting over that first hurdle of confidence can be a challenge. 

Are you doing anything mundane to help out with your depression / anxiety?

Followers, any more ideas?

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I've been suffering from persistent depressive disorder for 4 years now and it's gotten to a point where I don't feel any emotion... And if I do, it's usually negative. I don't have a mum or a dad and I don't want my sister to leave for uni and I don't know where I'll go if my grandma dies. I feel so alone. I have no one. I want to kill myself. I'm 13.

Some medical conditions are so severe that they need to be handled with the help of professionals - i’d say this is one of those cases. 

I can’t imagine how hard it is to have encountered so much at such a young age, but from the looks of it, you’re a fighter. I have so much respect for you. 

Just know that you are never alone, we live in a world where its actually impossible. There are so many resources online to use when you’re feeling your lowest, there are so many friendships to be made online (of course be safe as its the internet). I for one will always be here for you and there are so many other bloggers who would love to foster friendships with you. 

If you ever loose the support system at home, you can always seek it out at school. I know its summer right now, but you have your sister during the summer. I’m assuming you’ve been to the doctor already as you’ve been diagnosed with depressive disorder, but maybe talk to your doctor about how severe your conditions have gotten.

Contemplating suicide is the biggest indication that you need more help or a new approach to the help you’re getting. 

Best wishes! I’ll be here whenever. Keep me updated on how things are going - yes… i really DO care <3 Try to talk to new Tumblr users as well, eventually any loneliness you feel will drift away :)