and i'm suffering from a case of the feels

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: harry james potter dealt with an abusive home and teachers, lost a significant amount of people he truly cared about including his parents whom he had never met and his godfather that he only knew about after twelve years, watched cedric being killed right before his eyes and made a promise to bring back his body to his parents, suffered from PTSD and got mistaken by a whiny teenager which could've easily been the case because harry james potter was a freaking 15-year-old boy with feelings, spent every year in hogwarts listening to people gossiping about him, making fun of him, thinking he was a liar or simply crazy, made it out be the biggest joke of the century on the national wizardry news yet he was legitimately one of the kindest and purest and loving souls to ever exist on this planet. harry james potter deserved better.