and i'm still not sure if i should publish it

It’s that time again. The time for Leanne to publish an article. This one was particularly shitty, I’m still blushing from second hand embarrassment, so I’m going to rewrite it for you. I’ll only make it biased, I won’t mess with the quotes from A & E, those will be direct. I’ll just do what Leanne does, get 5 quotes and write a DP article for my ship :) 

This was 100% C$ article, Leanne is C$ shipper, questions in this article, are from her perspective, always about H00k and Emma, but that doesn’t mean A & E answers are.

The article can be read here if you want to give them clicks or check I only changed the article to my agenda, not change the quotes.

LA:” Is Killian really gone for good?”

“That’s what they’re saying on the Internet,” Kitsis said, to which Horowitz added, “Yeah, I’m looking on my Twitter feed right now and I’m seeing a lot of emotional fans.”

At first I wondered where all those people saying Killian was gone for good were, because they sure as hell weren’t here, but then I went and checked his twitter, and true enough, people aren’t as sure in their tweets. It’s true people are emotional, emotional is such a pretty word for “losing their shit”. 

Obviously they need to intrigue and like this people are more inclined to go “Wait a minute.. Is he back?”.

“Emma went down to the Underworld saying she was going to split her heart and bring him back,” Horowitz explained. “And if it had been that simple, I think it just wouldn’t have been that interesting. So it needed to not be that simple and it sure wasn’t.”

It was always about unfinished business, H00k was a plot device, not a plot. 

LA: “Have Emma and Killian ever… consummated their relationship?”

“You know what?” Kitsis began. “I think that is a personal question that you would have to ask Hook or Emma, so if you ever see them at a bar, you should ask them.”

“We’re just the writers,” he added. “We don’t ask what they do behind closed doors…”

I don’t know about you but I’m going to take that as a “no”.

Telling people to ask the characters is a safe answer because the characters don’t exit and thus the question will never be answered. This is a question where the questioner and the audience wants a “yes”, if you can’t, or won’t, give it, you give something that can make people think what they want. 

The writers write all and know all, they invite us to see what happens behind closed doors, or crypts, for the other ships so either this answer was because it’ll be addressed soon on the show, or because no.

“This weekend, in a lot of ways, is like the finale to the Hades arc,” Kitsis shared. “I think that you are going to see a lot of the characters going through some really heavy and emotional situations.”

Funerals and deaths and disagreements, and God(s) in Storybrooke. Yes, it does sound like emotions will run high.

“I think this weekend will break a lot of hearts and will also give some people hope,” he continued.It’s going to be everything. Everything you expect from a finale, so this is just the beginning of a three episode, all killer, no filler season ender.”

Ugly ducklings, evil regals, dearies, hookers, 0Q fans, C$’ers, Rumbellers, Snowing fans, Swen, Disney fans, GA, and a fuckton more. Those are the fans that will be split into “heartbroken” and “hopeful”. This article sets it up as if there are only two groups watching, C$’ers obviously one, but the reality is, however much some would like to ignore it, ouat fandom is a mix of many different people with many different hopes and reasons for watching.

It’s been said for weeks people will either hate or love the finale, but which groups will be where, or if it’s about the individuals and not about groups, we can’t know that.

LA: “Should fans still have hope that Emma’s true love could come back, or is it time to start moving on?”

“I will say that question gets answered this weekend,” Kitsis promised. “So they only just have to watch this Sunday night to have their questions answered.”

We will know for sure if Henry and Regina are alive after this episode.