and i'm still not sure i like it

So like… you know that fancy-Victorian-tailcoat lots-of-buttons all-black outfit people often draw Vetinari in?

my actual real life boyfriend has only gone and fucking bought it

this is both an enormous problem and the total opposite of one

emperor-of-eternal-sands  asked:

How hot - Arcann's lightsaber, Arcann's robotic arm, Arcann's mask


Arcann’s lightsaber (every centimeter of it?)

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Arcann’s robotic arm

Not My Type | Alright | Cute (with your stupid agent doing maintenance on it) | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Arcann’s mask

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY | Let’s be fuckign honest tho nothing beats Revan’s mask, Arcann is half assing it

i’ll get to the rest of this in a sec ya big doofwaffle

Does anyone else remember the time before hoo came out where there was this almost fandom-wide head canon that Nico, Thalia, and Percy developed this cousin/family bond after the war and like a lot of fan fiction had them as a power team with a sibling bond and I don’t know why but I really liked those

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Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

“I’m the same person I’ve always been. Now everything’s just out in the open.”