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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Eisuke Ichinomiya Main Story Review

Because of some things that happen in this route, I’m going to start with some overall, non-spoiler points that might be worth thinking about before starting this route.

  • There’s something that happens with Eisuke in the very beginning that will be viewed as needing a trigger warning.  It seems sexual, but it’s not actually what it seems.  He has a reason for what he does, and it’s nothing sexual, but it’s much later before you find that out.  Still, since it happens so early, and since it takes quite a while before you find out the reason, it’s something to be aware of.
  • Enjoyment of this route is going to depend on two things:
  1. How well you handle the premise of the MC legitimately being sold like property at an auction.
  2. How well you handle Eisuke being controlling and treating the MC like property. 

I had a lot of mixed feelings about this route (I’m still not sure how I feel), so I’m going to divide it up between Eisuke and the route itself. 

some general spoilers under the cut

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