and i'm so so so proud of them


When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Does The Thing™ (aka the best 7 minutes of your day)


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee


alright just LISTEN i am truly blown away, this girl has been blessed with such a voice honestly how come all of that powerful voice comes from such tiny human 


“I don’t give a damn about your powers.
They’re not what made you an agent.

I did.



to shownu, wonho, minhyuk, kihyun, hyungwon, jooheon and i.m, who’ve put in countless hours of hard work and have always managed to blow the world away with their endless talent and charm, thank you for constantly inspiring us monbebes to never give up, follow our dreams, and for showing us that hard work pays off ♡ i hope your third year as monsta x brings you guys even more happiness, many more fond memories and your first win! 


seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️


“The preparation period for this concert was frantic, to be honest. Everyone had a lot of individual schedules, so we did worry. But fascinatingly, now that it’s been almost 10 years, our teamwork is so good. We started rehearsals around 2 am. We rehearsed the day of the concert, actually, until 5 pm. We were worried then. We needed to manage our conditions, but when fans filled the audience, it gave us strength and we did it happily.”