and i'm so lucky that she exists

do you ever get sad when you realize how shitty american tv shows get multiple seasons whereas we will only get to see evak in max 2 (and that’s presuming even’s s4 main)?
but then you realize evak achieved what most shows can’t do in as many seasons: deep, truthful, realistic storytelling; multifaceted, complex characters that grow as people as the season progresses, educational values, no drama for the sake of drama, exceptional acting etc etc.
and then you realize we are so fucking lucky to have experienced s3 of skam and even if even’s not main we will always have this. whoever’s s4 main, remember we’ve had a season that was as good as it gets. and knowing julie she will try to keep educating us and bringing up important issues and just all around surprising us while delivering the same quality tv as she did until now. so yeah, i’m just glad skam (evak) exists :’)

sometimes you just have to… marvel at the rng in this game.

I found a dream dragon on the ah at random today, tarnish/tarnish/moss, who will eventually look like this:

she is the only dragon with her colors that exists. she only cost 25g. you might be wondering now, as I certainly was: what do her parents look like?

this is their range:

all I have to say is: HOW???

my gf: exists

Me: holy shit….did yall see that??? DID U SEE HER ??? SHES AMAZING A M A Z I N G soOoooo BEAUTIFUL I AM GAY A LESBIAN IN LOVE WITH MY GF !!! MY TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL GF!!!!!!! I’m so lucky?????? TO BE IN LOVE WITH AN ANGEL !!!! A beautiful angel!!! My heart has flowers growing in it….. my heart literally feels like it has fireworks going off in it I’m in love with a literal flower?? The most gorgeous rose!!!!! ?? She has beautiful hair that looks like sunlight!!!! IM !!! IN LOVE!!!! Her eyes??? The most beautiful green like emeralds !! :00 she’s so beautiful I want to MARRY HER AND GIVE HER CHOCOLATE AND ROSES EVERYDAY !!!

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Alright, so I'm lucky as hell. I'm a cis white female, and I've grown up in a society that has catered to and supported my existence from the very start. My best friend, who is trans, isnt as lucky. I have seen her spit on, pushed, and sexually assaulted. When she says, "fuck cis people," I don't go "but what about ME?" because my support doesn't come with fucking conditions. She has EVERY right to feel that way. Y'all need to get over your egos and realize that you're only fueling the fire.

u so important

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If you take a picture right now of lucky with a note that says the time and I love tumblr showing her tumor to prove she's yours and exists, I'll donate $100 to her fund right now. I honestly don't think you can or will so I'm not worried.