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Star Boys ⭐ soooo… i disappeared for a few days (O   v O);; and THIS is why! (=   w =) i had a tiny revolution inside myself and this is what i made out of it. a product of artists block and k-pop music. i’m going to make a longer post about this piece, with some WIP shots and more of my thoughts in the next day or two, so if that’s your jam~ look forward to it! (^    w ^) else~ i really hope you all enjoy this one! i really poured my heart into it! <3

EDIT: process work has now been posted >here< (o    w o) <3

Heya everyone! Sorry for being so silent! I’ve been working super hard on the video and I’m almost done! I’ve gotten so much support and love in such a short time recently so I rushed to get it finished but unfortunately, it’s only a wip for that reason! I had a full video planned but I wanted to get half of it out to celebrate the followers milestone and save the rest of the video for the next one so that I can fully work on it! Thank you so much for 8000+ followers! I hope you’re all excited and again, I’m really happy you’re all here <3

Mariana Trench

Prompt: Three times Michael has lied to either Gavin or Ryan for the wrong reasons, and one time he did it for the right ones. (GTA mavinwood)

For Olivia - thank you so much for all your support <3 <3


Michael’s in too deep before he even knows it.

It starts in a club the night after their first successful heist as a full crew, a motley assortment of bounty hunters, hit men and vagabonds that Ramsey pulled together from fucking Craigslist, beggars with big dreams who all have just a touch of eccentricity to them. Enough to make things work.

It’s the most fun he’s had in years. He’s known these men seventy-two hours but they feel as close as family already.

Well, maybe not quite like family, because the three of them have wandered away from the rest of the group to sit together at a booth close to the dance floor, and if they were family he wouldn’t be noticing how nice Ryan’s lips look as he lifts his glass to drink, or how the colourful lights flicker across Gavin’s skin so prettily, how good they look sitting side by side - Gavin latched himself to Ryan early on, like a little golden bird perched on the back of a huge dark-haired wolf - now their shoulders brush, they’re sat so close, and Gavin’s fingers trail across Ryan’s wrist to get his attention. Michael can’t stop thinking about how well he’d fit between the two of them.

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can you please do a hc about the boys' reaction to their s/o walking down the aisle to marry them? :) ps: i'm also wondering who would be whose best man, though it'd probably be hard for the boys to choose just one best man because they're so close! love your blog and the chocobros, so thanks! <3

Thank you very much! I’m glad you love my blog! <3 It’s no problem, hun!


  • Well, I can see him grinning big time when he sees his s/o walking down the aisle. He’d try to keep his composure and hold back tears, but he’s so happy that he finally gets to marry his s/o. They’re gorgeous in the outfit they picked out for the wedding. All of the focus is on you, he doesn’t see anyone else.
  • I really don’t think he’d be able to choose, given that he’s close with all of them, but I really think that if he HAS to choose, it would be Prompto. He loves Prompto and wouldn’t otherwise marry his s/o if they’re not on Prompto’s good side, which is easy to be on because Prompto likes to get along with almost everyone.
  • He’d be grinning the whole time, prepared his vows for you, making sure they’re well rehearsed. He has been practicing his vows and making sure they’re perfect. This is probably one of the few times his s/o would see him completely let his guard down in front of others.


  • He would most likely cry like a baby; tears of joy, of course! Seeing his s/o walking down that aisle, he’d just burst into tears of happiness and everyone would just turn around in concern and he’d just wave them away, trying to signal them that he’s okay. Gladio would just chuckle and Noctis just gives him a hankerchief, adding in the comment “keep it” because you know… snot…
  • He’d absolutely stammer on his vows until Ignis just says out loud, “say what’s on your heart.” Prompto just takes a deep breath and just starts saying his feelings from his heart about his s/o. He’s so glad he ended up with them, the times he spent together, and with the help of the chocobros, a slide of all the pictures of the two of them together pops up, causing his s/o to also burst into tears of joy.
  • They’re both huge cry babies and they start laughing because they’re crying together and everyone else starts laughing because the two newly weds are laughing. It’s so sweet, the wedding. If Prompto has to choose one of the chocobros, it would probably have to be all of them because he can’t just choose one hahaha. Or he’d suggest not to have one best man, which his s/o eventually agrees. They don’t have to follow tradition. Although, I can see him being more close to Noctis as well as Gladio, but yeah. I don’t think he’d want to follow “traditional” wedding.


  • Man, he’d act so tough and what-not before the wedding, but once he finally sees his gorgeous s/o walking down the aisle to marry him, he starts crying, but silently. He’d quickly try to wipe them away before anyone sees him crying, he gotta have his pride, ya know! His s/o smiles when they see him crying tears of joy.
  • He’s not much for words, so he doesn’t like long speeches, but he’s blunt so he’d just explain how he feels when he met his s/o and how far they’ve come, and where they are now. Next he’d talk about what he hopes to achieve in the future and swears to protect his s/o. Short, but sweet. As long as his s/o knows exactly how he feels and spends his waking moments with them.
  • I can see him choosing Ignis for being his best man, he’s more helpful towards the wedding and just helps how to make the wedding planning easier on both him and his s/o. Gladio is more of the type of guy that chooses things/ways that are more practical. He loves all his chocobros to death, but Ignis would be a way to go when it comes to PLANNING things. Prompto would just suggest crazy shit and Noctis is a lazy shit. Lol


  • He would be the most calm one out of all the chocobros, but he’s so sweet to his s/o and just makes sure to help them out when it comes to planning the wedding. He’s not much of a big wedding type, but if his s/o likes big weddings, it won’t matter because he just wants to marry his s/o. Once he sees his s/o walking down the aisle, he just couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. People keep commenting how his eyes are practically glued to his s/o and added in that it’s the way it should be. Ignis obviously adores his s/o.
  • He would probably pick Gladio or Prompto. One of the two because they’re both slightly helpful with helping out, but he’s just most likely have them all together. He’ll ask each chocobro what’s helpful towards the wedding to make it more fun for the party. Prompto chips in a lot of ideas for parties and making it fun. Gladio as well and Noctis just likes keeping it short and sweet. Ignis puts all that together and makes it perfect.
  • His vows are semi-long, but people really don’t mind because his words are like poetry to their ears. He likes to make sure his s/o knows exactly how he feels through actions and words.

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sorry for my bad english~ OH, I M SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK! I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! I only discovered you when you had already closed the request, then, THANK YOU FOR RETURNING! I don't know if anyone ever asked for it, or if it's a bad theme for you, and I'm sorry if it's ~but I really like that fluffy~ With Candy wanting to wait until marriage, but she's afraid and doesn't want to force him to do it (Kentin and Lysandre CauseTheyAreTheRomanticGuys) Sorry again, if you don’t want, THANKS ANYWAY

(Awww!! Thanks so much <3 I’m glad to have returned FINALLY. Glad you stuck around!)

  • Well first of all like I said before Kentin isn’t even looking for sex in a relationship, it’s just not something that he finds important. A bonus? Yes, but necessary? No.
  • Sex probably isn’t even brought up until you guys start to get more intimate with each other. Maybe a make out session turns into something more, a few articles of clothing get lost and he realizes “This is actually happening what am I supposed do???”
  • Kentin is probably already nervous enough as it is, but he can tell something’s off by the way you keep looking off to the side with this conflicted look on your face. He stops immediately and cups your face in his hands.
  • “If you don’t want to do this we can wait, babe.” And he means it. He won’t even be disappointed, if anything he’s quite relieved if you want to wait because he’s freaking out on the inside no matter how badly he wants to do it.
  • You look back and say “But I don’t want to make you wait that long, it’s not fair to you…”
  • “What do you mean by that?”
  • “I want to wait until marriage but I don’t want to make you wait if you don’t-“
  • He cuts you off with a gentle kiss and wraps you in his arms. “Stop it, I’m not going to be upset over something like that. Cuddling is better anyways.” He brings you into his chest and pecks your forehead. “I’d never make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do.”
  • Sex is definitely the last thing on Lysander’s mind when it comes to dating as well. He dates for the emotional connection, the bonding part. While he does like to be physically connected as well, he doesn’t care if things stay purely innocent. 
  • Really it doesn’t even cross his mind until you bring it up to him, questioning him about it but not getting to the point. Rosalya probably talked to you about “pleasing your boyfriend” or something.
  • “L-Lys, how do you feel about sex?”
  • “What??” He’s confused at the sudden topic.
  • “You know, what do you think about it?”
  • “Mm, well…” Lysander thinks it’s something that should be very special, as cliché as that sounds. I don’t see him as someone who’s willing to have his first time with someone he doesn’t genuinely care and feel strongly for. He’s very romantic about the whole idea. “Why are you suddenly asking about this?”
  • “Well, because I want to wait until marriage but I don’t want to make you wait that long if you don’t want to…”
  • After hearing this he actually feels a bit upset and a little angry at the fact that you’d want to sacrifice something for the sake of his hormones? “Y/N, I would never make you do something for the sake of my wellbeing, you should know that by now. I would never take something like that away from you if you truly didn’t want me to.”
  • He takes your face into his hands and kisses over your eyelids, giving you a small smile. “I’m perfectly fine with waiting until then, love.” He says as he intertwines his fingers with yours, kissing the back of your hand. (lowkey implying he’s gonna marry you)

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do you think destiel has a chance of becoming canon this season? I mean we haven't had a season this full of destiel (destielicious, if you may) since s8 and dabb seems really in favor of the destiel reading + there are two queer writers... i feel like we're so close to canon destiel but i'm afraid i'm just biased bc i want it to be canon. thoughts? btw ily and your content <3

Hey nonny, given that I’m so new to tumblr your last words are so sweet thank you! *hug* 

I am also massively biased of course, I would love for Dean and Cas to sort their proverbial crap out and snuggle on Sam’s bed watching Lilo & Stitch while Sam looks on from his chair in constant amazement with both a warm and sinking feeling in his stomach. Cos he’s so happy for them and his family is whole and content but guys, not on MY bed.

Where was I?

Imo it’s a tough one for the show runners and the network, they don’t want to rock the boat but also don’t want to be seen to be queerbaiting, as I said recently it’s poor show for them that when you google Supernatural an article on queerbaiting comes up on page ONE. Also I’m kinda not sure that Jensen is very happy about the idea, but I’m happy to be proved wrong by people who know better.

Thus imo it’s an endgame deal, which I’m sure you know if you follow my blog. I basically scream endgame Destiel every day. To the point that I feel like if it doesn’t happen I’ll just be. What? Like in shock for a few millennia. I keep telling myself that it might not happen and that’s fiiiiiiine…. but then get sucked right back in cos as you say - fodder much? I mean season 12 - what are you doing? Even throwing in so much gratuitous Drowley is glorious to me as if fantastically accentuates the Destiel what with the Cas/Crowley mirrors since their conception and I LOVE IT.

Imo they wouldn’t be chucking so many tropes, so much Destiel fodder at us if it wasn’t going SOMEWHERE as that would make the queerbaiting issue WORSE and the CW has other shows with queer representation so they must be well aware of this as a sore point.

They could easily calm down the Destiel and keep everyone happyish in the middle ground, not rock the boat and upset the Pro or Anti side by, idk, heightening the SASTIEL, allowing Cas and Sam to interact as brothers without it being via Dean, levelling all their relationships with each other to a real brotherly, equal style. Comparing Dean and Cas’s relationship to Sam and Cas’s and even Dean and Sam’s is key to me understanding Destiel, it makes the differences so obvious. 

Have Sam and Cas bicker about, idk, anything, Sam easily bickers with Dean so why not Cas? I mean they have common ground over Lucifer - but they hardly spoke about him at all one on one?
For that matter have we seen Sam and Cas have a real one on one conversation not about Dean since 9x11? I mean to me sure they care about each other deeply but they are portrayed as brothers IN LAW not brothers….nearly always either with Dean there as a buffer or talking about Dean. That one bonding episode in 9x11 is the only one I can think of and it stood out precisely because of that. 

Or have Sam call Cas once in a while, don’t have Dean walking off to speak to Cas ALONE so Sam can’t overhear…. Having Dean acting like a complete jealous husband over Crowley then like a WORRIED husband about Billie…. NOT having Sam clearing his throat, eyebrows into his hairline, mouth agape as a constant ‘third wheel’ to a married couple’s bickering or generally an audience mirror to Cas and Dean’s interactions….

Yeah these are choices they are making.

However there are other, many reasons why they probably won’t do it right now (plotline - generally, LBR the drama is at its peak when it’s dragged out right to the end; actors might not want to ‘go there’ on camera too much, certain producers might not be keen, they might lose some right wing fans which we know are numerous, even just fans who don’t see Destiel and would see it as just fan service etc etc etc).

So… things are kind of too good right now with Destiel which makes me worried as it isn’t the right timing imo. If we do get canon Destiel this season I would personally bet on either:

1. Both show their feelings (loosely, I’m not gunning for a double sided love declaration of anything but hey who knows) but they’re separated by *something* leading into season 13.

2. Cas shows his feelings even more clearly and Dean isn’t ready yet. I’m continually writing about the deconstruction of performing!Dean and how this season is particularly strong, but this part is gonna be a BIG deal and perhaps it’ll be one of the last to fall…. leading to perhaps Cas in a Romeo & Juliet style move going back to Heaven (as that now has conveniently become a potential option), thinking that Dean has rejected him (I wouldn’t put it past Dean to be outrageously harsh and hurtful out of fear and self loathing), again leading into season 13.

Basically no, I doubt by the end of season 12 we will have hand holding, waking up in bed together and getting coffee in their jammies Destiel. BUT I do think we will be getting deeper into their relationship and something big will happen cos man, it sure is leading to something….. so…..

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lol i love that a few reblogs is all it takes for Sterek to mobilize for a poll like this, it's so nostalgic

Seriously though today has given me such nostalgia for like… summer 2014 when everyone was so energized and confident and it’s such a great feeling to see us still pulling together and pulling ahead like this.

We’ve come up from 19 to 62% and I am just so proud of us.

And now to close out with the most classic of gifs:

So who remembers when gundam and hajime aggressively held hands in dr3, it was so cute. no despair. just happiness :) the feels when gundam was always so close to meeting hajime


cloud’s p.o/mailbox is now open !!!! ~

i am so very happy to announce that you can now send me and cloud things to a safe mailbox!! (rules and stuff below)

and yes we will reply to EVERYONE because we want this to be an exchange of gifts between people who support us and we are excited to send things out!!

things you can send: 

well, anything within reason, but here are some suggestions: 

  • doggy treats - cloud favourites are bones she can chew etc, but she enjoys anything that is dog friendly!!!! (please make sure you buy them in like a sealed packet, so they can get to us safely and make sure they are 100% safe for cloud, or i probably can’t give them to her)
  • doggy toys - now cloud is quite, uh, destructive, so she likes harder toys that don’t break easy, like kong toys or balls, but anything would be welcomed, just… can’t guarantee how long it’ll survive lmao
  • art / creations - a few people have said they would love to send something but would rather make it and that is so so so fine!! we would welcome art and creations and love them so much, so if you would like to draw cloud that would be amazing, or if you want to write us a letter or make anything else that is welcomed very greatly too!
  • other - a few people have offered to send me (carlyle) some gifts too, like candy from your country, and other stuff etc, and that is very fine and i’m honestly so honoured you’d want to aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! pls don’t worry if you can’t/don’t want to though, like at all, i don’t mind.

you can send things physically or from online, just enter the address i provide and it will be aokay !

replies etc:

what we will reply with:

i really wanted to get cloud involved in the reply as much as possible, so i was thinking we would reply with a personal picture of cloud (taken on a polaroid sort of thing, so each photo is original) and on the back, cloud’s paw print and a little thank you message from me!

what to include to get a reply:

whether you’re sending online or physically; we need a safe return address so we can send things back out to you!! if you don’t want a reply that is totally fine, but if you do and i haven’t got your address/somewhere to send it back to, it would be impossible to reply, and i really really want to send something out to everyone who wants it

adding a note inside with the return address on would be great, or add to the extra comments/notes whatever section if you’re sending from online - also would be great if you could include your name (just first/preferred name) preferred pronouns just incase, and tumblr url so i can make the reply more personalised!

EDIT: would be really helpful for me if you could send a post stamp as well!! it is not Super Required but, yeah, would be helpful thanks

other things:

  • you can send things to us wherever you are in the world, and we will reply back always - we don’t mind sending replies overseas
  • it’s fine if you can’t or don’t want to send anything this is just for fun <3
  • it is open for a few months and i will post plenty of warnings and stuff if and when it is closing, so it’s ok, i won’t let you send anything to nowhere
  • if you have any questions at all, please do message me and i will answer!


Carlyle & Cloud
Suite 360
38 Sunbridge Road
England, United Kingdom 

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My friend and I are basically dating at this point. Like technically we're not, but we've gotten super close, especially lately. And we finally hung out today and I just got this feeling that I'd love to spend forever with him by my side. We just have that sorta chemistry and I love it so much. And he also wants to hang out more too so that's a good sign. I'm an emotional mess tonight, but like in a good way. I'm so happy <3

Yaaaay I hope all the warm fuzzies continue ^_^

tomlinscn  asked:

rip okay so im literally always game for those fics where for some reason, when stiles and derek are apart from eachother, stiles +/or the both of them feel like complete shit physically, and they fall for eachother bc of close proximity and cuddles. Basically whiny stiles and forced resentful domestic fluff is the best. I hope youre feeling better, and hopefully this prompt speaks to you! <3 I love your writing and I'm so happy youre feeling better and maybe coming back. Take your time bby

“You can’t possibly be blaming me for this.”

Derek aims a dry look Stiles’ way. It’s an effort with Stiles plastered grudgingly to his chest like this, their arms wrapped around each other while Stiles’ body slowly stops quaking.

“How else should I react when something’s obviously your fault?”

And it had been. Stiles had been the one to discover the clearly magical artifact tucked into an ancient looking box on the clinic’s counter and, not only pick up said artifact, but then startle and shout like he was dying when it snaked into motion, twisting viper-fast around his wrist.

So then maybe Derek had launched himself forward, grabbing Stiles’ arm and giving the artifact a chance to hook around him too, twisting like a figure eight around both their wrists and leaving behind a barely-there brand before dropping, cool and lifeless, to the ground. But at that point, really, what should he have done? Let Stiles stand there screaming while an aggressive magical item made itself a permanent decoration on his arm?

Yes, clearly. But then, hindsight.

Stiles heaves an exasperated breath into Derek’s shirt by way of reply, dropping his death grip on Derek and elbowing at his chest. His quivering’s almost completely stopped.

“Whatever. I’m fine now, I can stand.”

There’s a pull the second Derek lets him go; an almost unconscious urge to chase after, wrap Stiles back up safe in his arms. He leans back on his heels pointedly, doesn’t give in to the tug. Stiles crosses his arms, his head dropped down, and it makes him look small and petulant but Derek figures he’s probably just fighting the same urge Derek is. Working to maintain distance.

Promise brands,” Deaton had said, looking between them with a sort of frowning scrutiny that seemed to indicate both that he was disappointed in them as well as being eager to study the effects of the magic close up. “An outdated form of engagement ritual, I believe. Used to bind the intended couple physically for a period, to assure the families that they were ready for the commitment of marriage. …Or possibly used for prisoner transport. I hadn’t completed a full analysis.

At this point, Derek is leaning decidedly toward the latter.

He paces away now, feeling the itch on his wrist tug like a wolfsbane-laced leash with every step. Ignores the hurt sound that punches out of Stiles when he clears five, and takes another few, determinedly, before dropping too tense onto the edge of his couch. He can’t help leaning forward, every line of his body wrought tension. His breaths have already started to go thin.

Stiles hasn’t moved an inch since Derek started walking, his body drawn tight, heartbeat a wild staccato in the air. Derek doesn’t care. Stiles’ bottom lip is sucked in between his teeth, fingers digging white into the sleeves of his red and black flannel, and Derek doesn’t care.

Worrying about Stiles is what had gotten them into this mess in the first place.

The twelve feet between them feels like twelve miles. Not that twelve miles’ distance from Stiles would bother Derek on a normal day. Would probably be a relief. At least then his heartbeat wouldn’t be drumming through Derek’s brain, pounding frantic, insistent, deafening.

He grits out “come here” and Stiles is moving before the words are even finished, crossing the space at an almost-run and dropping onto the couch. He stops just short of actually collapsing on Derek again, dropping his head against the back of the couch with a sigh.

“I hate you so much” slides out, sounding grateful.

Derek grunts a wordless agreement and threads their fingers together. Hears Stiles’ heart skip and start to settle the second they touch.

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okay so as of right now it is @percyyoulittleshit‘s birthday and that warrants a fancy attire percabeth!!!

Happy birthday my dear friend, I hope today is full of love and excitement! You are such a wonderful person and friend and I’m so glad that we’ve become so close!!! You are amazing!

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I love your blog and I was so happy to discover you have also a youtube channel now! I think I'm not the only one who would love to see a flip through of your bujo in any of your next videos- seriously it's amazing

You’re so sweet anon!!! Thank you for the suggestion, people have been telling me they’d like to see a flipthrough haha :D I’m definitely planning to do that, it just won’t be this week as I already have a video planned, shooted, and edited, and I wouldn’t be able to edit the flipthrough until friday, which I’ve decided will be my posting day. So there will be a different video this friday, but definitely expect it the next friday!! :D it makes me very happy you like my bujo and want to see more of it, thank you for this ^^

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Hey we Klance shippers are EXTRA+ORDINARY (If you know in what song does this part belongs to I'll be so happy) btw I just wanted to say hi! Ki Deus tá cumpanhou Na bu vida, Ki El tá djudabu na momentos de dúvida é tristeza. (Yep I just talked in my native language)

*stares at this ask*

i am a disappointment,,,,,,, i have no idea what language that is and i don’t know the song either so- *nyooms to google*

……….alright mission part one was already a failure, let’s just move on to part two-


……….i am sorry, i don’t know how to answer your ask, so. hi, i guess :’D

today my family has successfully moved into a new home, whee~

it’s a great place and I’m happy for us (and it’s super close to a friend’s house!) but well I’m a simple person so I’d be happy almost anywhere. moving everything was a huge pain and I’m super tired and I have a lot to do tomorrow too so

I wish all my friends my best and it’s time for me to go to sleep in my new gigantic queen sized bed that was my mom’s lol

So I attended evanescence show last night

Guys I am so fucking happy ;3;

Amy’s voice is so magical and strong and I can’t stop thinking about it

I was this close to the stage ;;

I will post Breathe No More fancam soon. I tried to do more fancams, but I was just next to loudspeaker so the sound is terrible ;;


30days of Andi: 3.Andreas Wellinger, who had a serious fall in Kuusamo last November, is close to make a comeback. Together with Sebastian Bradatsch, Tim Fuchs, Paul Winter and Martin Hamann, the 19-year-old team Olympic Champion of the Games in Sochi was named to the German team for the Junior World Championships, which will take place in Almaty (KAZ) next week. This was announced by the German Ski Assocation on Thursday.It’s also possible that Andreas will be at World Championship in Falun.