and i'm so excited i can't sleep

i want to
  • take you to concerts you love to watch your face light up
  • give you the last of my food if you want it
  • watch your favourite movies with you - give me running commentary of all your favourite parts if you like
  • learn about your whole life, good and bad
  • play with your hair while you doze in my lap
  • get random texts from you about stupid things
  • see every cat picture you think is funny
  • feel my heart in my mouth the first time i hold your hand
  • dance with you (i’ll sit in a wheelchair with you in my lap if i have to) 
  • see you first thing in the morning with bed hair and old pjs
  • show you the stars and make up ridiculous constellations
  • make you blush with every compliment
  • make you soup when you’re sick and risk a cold with my shit immune system
  • make you sneeze your drink in laughter
  • watch you grow as a person
  • be the one you want to text in the middle of the night
  • make you snacks when you’re busy and forget to eat
  • one day get the chance to fuck up your lipstick

Imagine sleeping in with Woozi on days where he doesn’t have a busy schedule.

So, I’m not sure if you’re aware but the guy who voiced Wrench was also the voice of Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower and Outlast 2 main characters. So where is my Outlast AU where Wrench’s real name is Waylon Park(let’s pretend he’s younger and doesn’t has a family like in the game) or even Miles Upshur and he has sick Walrider powers he hides from Marcus and DedSec?

I’m so nervous/excited for my trip tomorrow. It’s always been my #1 dream to travel the world and I can’t believe I actually have the means to do it at 22. I was very poor growing up; my family never took any vacations so I guess the idea of traveling has always intrigued me because I never got to do it. The first time I ever left the country was just 2 years ago. And now I’m going to be traveling to the other side of the world tomorrow. I’m very anxious but so excited. This is the first of (hopefully) many more adventures!

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I honestly can't wait for the week to end, I'm so excited for the last chapter. YOU ARE AN AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING.

Aw thank you! I stayed up till 2am last night (and got back up at 6.30 because lmao what is a normal sleep schedule) and managed to finish up to about 25,000 words of what is looking to probably be about a 30,000 word chapter written. The quality is absolutely horrendous and it’ll have to go through some serious rewrites before I can even think about showing it to the public but now that I’ve got part of the groundwork done hopefully I will be able to meet the Sunday deadline if my irl deadlines don’t kill me first

this probably won’t make any sense but i wish we got to experience harry’s solo career go from tiny to huge like he’s already got such a massive platform from the success of 1d and i’m so proud of the milestones he’s already accomplished but the selfish side of me wishes i got to watch harry go from not-so-famous to widely known to a mega super star like i wish we got to experience all of those stages of his career but his name is already out there so we’ve just jumped ahead a bit and idk i think from being a fan of 1d since literally 2010 and watching them become more and more famous it’s weird for me to be a fan of someone who’s so new but also not new at all?

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Hello beautiful 💕 Today we have Monday(of course 😅) and also new month! I'm so excited 😆 I can't wait what will happen in May(CBX comeback omg) I don't know what to write here more 😭 Oh stay hydrated and sleep a lot! It's good for your complexion✨✨ I asked before about your fav EXO song so this time I'll ask you to post photo of your bias with the hairstyle that you think suite him the most 🌸 Love ya 💕 Ps. Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING 😂

No it’s okay Xiumin, it’s not like you’re making me want to dedicate my life to you, not at all.

Not at all

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Hello beautiful 💕 Today we have Monday(of course 😅) and also new month! I'm so excited 😆 I can't wait what will happen in May(CBX comeback omg) I don't know what to write here more 😭 Oh stay hydrated and sleep a lot! It's good for your complexion✨✨ I asked before about your fav EXO song so this time I'll ask you to post photo of your bias with the hairstyle that you think suite him the most 🌸 Love ya 💕 Ps. Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING 😂

Okay first of all i wanna apologize for answering this so late!! I had wifi problems for the past 2-3 days and when i had my wifi actually working i had to do homework cant wait till i get to go home so i dont gotta deal with this ndjdj anyways as for my fav hairstyles for yixings… pretty much every hairstyle he’s had since lotto??? idk i rly like the kinda shaved sides/hair pushed to a side ( ??? im bad at describing things excuse me) look but here are some pic i saved on my camera roll of it. 

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If they already slept together at 12k...That leaves a lot of things for the rest of the chapter. I feel like this is gonna be the chapter we see Viktor tries to move on from Yuuri ahhhh I'm super excited! (As always, I know you can't give away any spoilers so don't worry haha)

I mean, this is one of the chapters where they sleep together very early on and a lot happens after, including the crash and the dinner scene. So the sex scene is relatively near the beginning but there is still a long way to go before the chapter ends!

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Hello beautiful 💕 Today we have Monday(of course 😅) and also new month! I'm so excited 😆 I can't wait what will happen in May(CBX comeback omg) I don't know what to write here more 😭 Oh stay hydrated and sleep a lot! It's good for your complexion✨✨ I asked before about your fav EXO song so this time I'll ask you to post photo of your bias with the hairstyle that you think suite him the most 🌸 Love ya 💕 Ps. Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING 😂

thank you for your msg  dear Natalie, I’m sorry for the late reply. I wish you a happy, good week. As for CBX they took me by surprise in a good way.I’m listening to it since last night.

As for Jongin’s styles, besides his nature one that i adore

i have too say i liked him more with the extreme ones // pink

overdose blonde

The Bridges We Cannot Cross- Chapter 12: Writing One's Own Legend (Finale~*!)

Aaaaaaa I couldn’t wait, so before I go to sleep here is the ending! And this completes the first multi chapter fic I’ve ever succeeded in finishing! Thank you guys so much for all your support, and I’ll keep writing more dazatsu for y'all~ if you are as much of a nerd as me I’ll be doing a post-fic pointout of all the nerdy occult references I made on my ao3 so check it out if you want to listen to a pun maker rant


Ango found a letter pressed into his desk. Well, it was barely a letter. A note scrawled that was folded neatly, with no formalities- no departments and no details on its blank ‘cover side’.

In it was a request- a request that would normally be discarded on the merit that it wasn’t even close to being addressed to his department, the explanation being 'I don’t know much about government stuff so I asked one of the secretaries to give it to you.’

Ango rolled his eyes at the naïveté, letting his hand linger over the trash, before his eye was caught on the words.

It was a simple request, merely a single 'shrine-looking’ pillar, with a blank plague. A client who had no idea what they were even doing even in the event that Ango was in the sector of putting memorials up.

It was the sentences after.

'I also know how much Odasaku meant to both of you, so I’d like to give him a grave. It doesn’t have to be anything, just his name. Just to know he existed is enough.’

'I know it’s been hard for you, I know you probably don’t even want to do this- but it would mean a lot to me if you did. If you discard this letter I will accept it, and make my own attempt, but given your precaution around the bridge (at least I think it was you that put that sign there) I know that somewhere you can find the time. And for that I will be eternally grateful for your blessing. Signed, Atsushi Nakajima’

Ango sighed, and walked over to a coffee machine. “New death threat?” An all-too casual subordinate asked.

“No, quite the opposite.” A sip, hiding a smile, “Do you think you could pull some strings for me? Just a little whim, won’t take a moment of your time.”


Dazai was right, transcending into a supernatural being wasn’t exactly a planned 'wow you are now not human- here is ingrained knowledge on everything and a brochure’.

On the nights that passed, they were still the same, but longer.

“The constellation was pretty accurate- almost a mirror image.” Dazai snickered.

Atsushi rolled his eyes, “It looks nothing like it! I spent a day just trying to connect it with that…” despite 'inventing’ it, there still wasn’t a designated name for it. “Anti…curse.”

“The names get worse.”

“W-Well I didn’t have much to work with! I didn’t know what was even going to happen!” Atsushi flushed, trying to defend himself, “It wasn’t even in any of the books at the observatory…”

“That’s probably right. It’s a pretty archaic one, no one even uses it anymore.” Dazai smirked, “That’s probably why you got to make up the rules yourself. You could’ve shortened the time and fate would’ve said 'why not’.”

Atsushi pouts, “Well I figured it would be 21 for 21.” His expression drops, looking up. “You ever told me what it actually meant.”

“Well…it didn’t mean anything. It was a symbol, the tiger that would run as fast as the winds in the western sky. About things like 'virtuousness’ and what have you.” Dazai shrugs, “To me it’s you making your own cult of one.”

“I wanted to become a…celestial?”

“That’s probably not right, but considering the whole 'sky thing, we’ll take it.” Dazai sighs, “You’re just Atsushi to me, and a nightlight with all the glowing stuff.”

“That’s…realistically sweet.” Atsushi chuckled wrapping his arms around Dazai.

“…I still can’t understand it though.” Dazai murmurs, “Why did you do it?”

“I didn’t know what to do. There was no more instructions, and everything felt like…I was alone but I had paper. And I wanted to make something.”


And Atsushi did. The sign was gone, and in place there was merely a 'shrine-like’ pillar and a blank slate, and a note.

'Thank you. Start writing, Odasaku always loved writing. -Ango’

“Can I borrow a stake?” Atsushi called out.

“Are there vampires now?” Dazai frowned, “Just when I was getting used to everything.”

“You told me not to call it your 'cursing tools’?” Atsushi raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, right…” Dazai hands it over. “…What’s this for?”

“A story. Go out for a bit on the boat for a while, I’ll have it done by then.”


“It’s ready!” Atsushi called out.

Sadly the pillar was a few steps away from the bridge, causing Dazai to wince at the pain. He let his eyes fall upon the work, and pain was quickly thrown to the wayside.

It was a legend, of a byakko and a hashihime. And at the bottom, where the grass lay there was a small grave. It wasn’t Dazai’s, but Oda Sakunosuke’s. A feeling of melancholic relief.

It was not a legendary legend. There were no rescues or miraculous curses saved by kisses. Love didn’t save the day, and nothing turned back to normal.

But that was fine. It was not the initial ideal, but when the sky and sea connected, and heaven and hell rejoiced not in death, but in life, it was a legend that changed everything. When the two held each other, it felt like living more than any blessing or curse or magic- nor the past or future. It was a relished 'human’ present.

It was a bridge they couldn’t cross, so they built their lives beside it.

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Bri, do you have any headcanons about little things Bucky does that make Steve stop and think, "God, I love you so much! I can't believe I'm yours" and vice versa? ^-^

Things Bucky does that gets this reaction from Steve:
- He sets an alarm for 8.30am every morning, and every morning he pulls Steve closer to him and hides his face in Steve’s shoulder and asks Steve to turn the damn thing off before pressing a kiss to Steve’s neck and going back to sleep until 10am.
- He watches the science channel a lot, and then he gets really excited about topics on there like space travel and discoveries of new species and the dangers of climate change and he researches them and every so often he’ll just drop a random fact like “Hey Steve, did you know that 20% of the earths animals are ants? Do you think Scott knows? We should tell Scott.”
- He loves to bake and Steve loves watching him bake because he gets flour everywhere, in his hair, smudged on his face, all over his apron, and he’s just carefree and happy. Also he always brings the cakes over to Steve with a piping bag of icing and a smile so that Steve can decorate them.
- Sometimes Steve’ll come home to Bucky napping on the couch in one of Steve’s jumpers with their golden retriever puppy Apollo napping on Bucky’s chest, and Steve basically melts he’s so fond

Things Steve does that gets this reaction from Bucky:
- He’s not a great cook but he tries to cook them dinner at least once every week bc Bucky cooks pretty much every other night of the week and Steve insists on it bc “it’s romantic or some shit buck, now shut up and let me cook…whatever this was supposed to be”
- He draws Bucky all the time but tries not to be obvious about it, but it’s pretty obvious when he keeps looking up at him every two minutes but Bucky loves it
- He bites his bottom lip and frowns a little bit when he’s concentrating hard on something, which Bucky thinks is adorable in itself, but what he loves more is watching how Steve’s face softens when he looks up/over and see’s Bucky
- He never goes to bed without telling Bucky he loves him, even if he’s away on a mission, he’ll text it, if he’s been gone all day and Bucky’s in bed when he gets home, he kisses Bucky’s temple and tells him anyway.
- He’s always surprised when kids recognise him or call him a hero and there’s a moment of hesitation before he reacts and smiles really big, and Bucky loves that moment where Steve realised he had an impact on this kids life and can’t quite believe it