and i'm so amused

  • Me: *Sees a post of mine on the front page of the TFHC tag*
  • Me, in tears: nice

LMFAO ~ Look at Taemin wandering around on stage TOTALLY blind with a damn soccer ball on his head

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

#can we just take a moment to picture the double dates#magnus is just so amused and giggly#alec’s half trying and giving the ‘what do you want from me?’ look to izzy#WHO HAS HER ARMS CROSSED BC YOU TWO ARE GOING TO GET ALONG#and simon’s just standing there giving the awkward 'what can you do?’ shrug to magnus#i’m so in love with this tiny moment

trump apologists:

me, remembering the morals and values that define me as a person:

Me, whispering to myself last night as I worked on Inferno:

…I heard Katsuki Yuuri’s shredded, that he has an eight-pack…


Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

  • Annabeth: Piper
  • Piper: Jason
  • Jason: Frank
  • Frank: Hazel
  • Hazel: Percy
  • Percy: Annabeth
  • Leo: Leo
  • Annabeth: Okay, you just said your own name.
  • Leo: It was the only one left!

~ Dragon of Steel ~

{{ At first, an attempt at a Teo as an Overwatch hero thanks to @shen-gaoren and @ask-a-rathalos’ ideas. Became a luminous cyborg releasing explosive powder out of his hands with a super classy outfit }} 

This is the best description I’ve ever seen.

The time Tom’s got a decent number #15 (among 50) in Elle Girl’s “Hottest Guys in Rock, early 2000s” .