and i'm saying it

liz: you’re terrible at keeping secrets

peter, thinking he’s all smooth: you’d be surprised :)


may, walking in on peter wearing the spider suit, deadass walking around in his bedroom WITH THE DOOR OPEN: what the fu–

liz, being flawless somewhere in oregon: that’s strange… i just got the sudden urge to say “i told you so” and i don’t know why

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I trust nobody who says queer is a slur or says not to use it. They sound like a Terf and i dont fuck with terfs. And at the very least are adopting terf rhetoric and being willfully ignorant. Its always cis gay people saying this stuff too

A lot of people on tumblr are probably too young to remember this but every time I see arguments against the word queer I’m always reminded to back in the early 2000s when the most common slur used against us was not queer but gay.

This was SUCH a major problem and the use of gay as a slur was so widespread that there was an entire campaign made to get people to stop using it as a slur—celebrities who used gay as a slur got major backlash and had to go on Late Night shows to apologize, there were commercials on tv, posters in schools, a whole thing made specifically to get people to stop using gay as a slur.

Through alllll of that though? Literally I never heard a single person suggest that gay people should stop calling themselves gay. Never was it suggested that people should censor the word gay. Never was it suggested that people should stop using the word gay except to stop using it in a negative manner or as an insult. The onus on gay no longer being used as a slur was completely on the people who were using it as a slur, gay people were never painted as the ones who needed to change because it was clear that they were not the ones doing something wrong, and that campaigning? It worked. There are still people out there who use gay as a negative word, don’t get me wrong, but it’s certainly not as widespread now as it was then and the awareness campaign probably had a lot to do with that.  

And it just continues to strike me as totally odd that the debate over the term queer is happening on a total opposite level—the answer people have to queer being used as a slur is not to get people to stop using it as a slur but to apparently censor and punish queer people for being queer. The onus on change happening is not being put on the people who are doing something wrong (i.e. people who use queer as a slur) but on people who aren’t.

(Meanwhile, however, these people totally forget that not that long ago gay was being thrown around as the slur of choice, that many people have the same negative connotations with the word gay that they do with the word queer, and yet you KNOW that if anyone ever asked people to tag the ‘g slur’ that they would be going off in a hot minute and talking about how unfair that would be)

And to stop going off and actually finally reply to your message: queer IS a slur but it is not ONLY a slur. It has, on a large level, been reclaimed through many painful years. That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE has to reclaim it if they don’t want to or that people aren’t allowed to be uncomfortable with it being applied to them (because you don’t have to and you can be) but you cannot pretend that queer is, only ever has been, and only ever will be a slur and you cannot pretend that the work that queer people have put into reclaiming it and making a positive out of it did not happen because it did and it’s disrespectful as fuck to pretend otherwise.

And, yeah, a lot of the argument over the word queer—as well as so much of the 'disk horse’ quite frankly—is TERF rhetoric. That doesn’t mean that everyone who perpetuates this argument is a TERF (because they’re not) but r*dfem ideology is an honest to god poison that has infected tumblr and so many people who have consumed it don’t even realize it. They get fed this shit, they believe it because the people who feed it to them are very good at wording their shit in a way that makes sense to people who don’t know any better, and then they repeat it not realizing what the root of it is.

Anyway, here is an additional link to a decent post to read about the word queer if anyone is interested and I want to make it clear that while I won’t use queer as an umbrella term for the entire LGBTQIA+ community (because I respect how people identify and do not identify) and I tag all posts as #queer, I am not going to stop using the term entirely, I’m not going to stop making posts directed at/for queer people, and I’m not going to censor the word. It’s totally valid for people to be uncomfortable being called queer because they have negative connotations with the word but it’s important for people to realize that they’re experiences are not everyone’s and that just because something makes you uncomfortable does not mean that that something should not exist.

The answer to gay being used as a slur was not to punish gay people or to make them stop being gay and the answer to queer being used as a slur is not to punish queer people and make them stop being queer because someone being queer—using the word queer for themself, identifying with it, and finding positivity in it—is not a bad thing and treating like it is is to be ignorant of LGBTQIA+ history and to be callous towards other LGBTQIA+ people who identify as queer and who are not even remotely affecting you (much less harming you) by doing so.

Actually, I’m not done. This is a problem I have not just with Cas, but all of Sam and Dean’s relationships and is a symptom of a problem I have with Sam’s characterization in general.

First: Dean puts all the emotional work into all of their relationships. He talks to Bobby about suicide. He talks to Ellen about Ash’s death. Jo’s dying moment was with Dean; despite Sam supposedly having a big crush on her, he didn’t reach out to her. Speaking of deaths, his reaction to Charlie’s was tepid at best. She’s supposed to be their friend, yet he didn’t react at all. I could be here all day complaining about Sam’s lack of relationship with Garth and Donna and Claire and Kevin and literally everyone who is supposedly friends with both Winchesters, but at the end of the day it boils down to this: Sam almost never has emotional moments with people. Dean is a way better friend to all of their friends. There’s no reason for Sam to be considered a friend to any of these people except that they’re Dean’s friends and he’s related to Dean. In 11 years since leaving school, Sam has no made a single other friend if you don’t count Ruby, who was lying to him the whole time and whose true feelings therefore cannot be assumed.

Second: this is a symptom of the larger problem with Sam which is that his entire character is told, not shown. They tell us that he’s best friends with Cas, but he doesn’t act like it. Every time Cas disappears Sam calls Dean out about worrying about him. If Sam cared about Cas, shouldn’t he be worried, too? Instead he always chastises Dean for caring about Cas. But it’s ok though I guess because Cas tells us he would die for Sam even though we aren’t shown any kind of bond between them. Dean and Cas share secrets and low points and talk about things that aren’t hunting–that’s how we’re shown that they are best friends. We don’t get that with Sam and Cas. It’s just suddenly “I would die for you” and we’re supposed to believe it. They tell us Sam is smart and empathetic, but when has he ever acted those ways? As hunters, Sam and Dean share pretty much equal responsibility for identifying creatures and doing research. Dean has been shown to be quick thinking and creative which are signs of intelligence, but Sam? He went to an ivy so he’s smart end of discussion. Where is the evidence? I’ve asked Sam fans and gotten no response. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon that he’s smarter than Dean because Dean says so, but where are the actions that say that? And as multiple people have pointed out, myself included, he has no empathy at all because he can’t relate to any issue he hasn’t gone through himself. But they keep telling us he’s empathetic so we’re just supposed to swallow it and not ask questions. It’s terrible writing. It’s inconsistent af, too.

part 93684 of Saeran deserving love

***this post contains some spoilers for V route***

I’m currently only on day 8 of V route so I don’t exactly know the whole story but that won’t stop me from talking about Saeran.

I’ve made a post like this before but I’ll make it again (with a couple chat screenshots as visuals). 

Ray is as clearly not entirety devoted to the Mint Eye as he lets the world think. If he was truly devoted to “salvation” then he wouldn’t forget the elixir on multiple occasions. I’m assuming, (correct me if I’m wrong) that he can see that MC’s argument is valid and is slipping up on the treatments. This didn’t really seem like a problem before she showed up. 

Even comparing how he talked about Mint Eye on the first day vs now it seems his morals are being questioned as MC repeatedly tells him that his treatment is the wrong way to solve his problems. Ray clearly cares for MC, this can be seen throughout the route (I’m guessing it continues after day 8) and she is leaving an impression on him.

Ray’s personality is very impressionable. He is trapped with Rika because he is so blindly devoted to his “savior”. Now that Rika has been able to openly chat with Ray and MC together the option to address MC saving Ray herself is reoccurring. Though it is nice to try to help Ray, the idea is always immeadiatly shut down by Rika. He questioned Rika (”Will they?”) because he was starting to doubt the threat of the RFA then he is sucked back into his blind devotion. Rika is putting thoughts into his mind.

I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and it’s very clear that the RFA has nothing but good intentions. The way Rika describes its members is completely incorrect. RIKA IS BRAINWASHING RAY, obviously. 

As seen in previous routes, MC is able to help the RFA members through their difficulties. In each route she helps the current RFA member and I am very confident that she can do the same with Ray.

All in all, Ray or Saeran has every right to a route as V or Saeyoung or anyone for that matter. 

Although he isn’t perfect he is still able to be healed and released from the Mint Eye cult. 

hey so i haven’t looked that much into it but what’s so wrong about b/uckynat? i don’t remember much about their relationship other than it was really popular back when i first got into marvel but i was 14 back then and didn’t know jack shit about unhealthy relationships

  • Me @ myself: hey fam could you pl eas e write just ONE main character who doesn't have an undying love for the arts
  • Me @ myself, hugging all of my music-and-theatre-and-art-loving babies: sorry what? couldn't hear you. Lyra's singing an aria

why do people think bts is losing their “bts-ness” because this album sounds different? even if you prefer their older sound and this album isn’t your favorite, it’s still bts, and it feels like bts. why? because they explore new genres all the time. they explore new sounds. they experiment and aren’t afraid to branch out of their comfort zone. not to mention the lyrics themselves are very bts. just because it’s a different vibe and not your favorite doesn’t mean they’re losing their “bts-ness” whatever that means