and i'm really picky about fanfic....


i’m still worried that the (first? i don’t think they’re doing the whole trilogy in one) Chaos Walking film isn’t going to live up to the book because it’s hella complicated and nuanced and? how are they going to fit it all in and HOW’S THE NOISE GONNA WORK agh

i mean i’ve been looking into it more ‘cause like, filming is starting this summer apparently and Ness is writing the screenplay thank goodness. i trust he can keep it faithful to his own books because the adaptation of A Monster Calls is fantastic. STILL i’m a lil salty that the actors’re gonna be too old ahahaha. i mean, i like who they’ve picked for Todd and Viola but? they’re not 14-year-olds by a long way.

AND THEN there’s the reception of it. it’s going to be hell. Chaos Walking is the very definition of grey morality, that’s the entire point, and The Tumblr is going to be awful about it probably because everyone (EVERYONE) is Problematic™. no black and white good and evil nonsense here.

i honestly have -56478457867369384 optimism for how well people are actually going to interpret the characters too. i can’t wait to start holding myself back from arguments. -.-

Gonna leave with one of my favourite quotes from the series:

“It’s always darkest before the dawn, Todd.”

I look at him, baffled. “No, it ain’t! What kinda stupid saying is that? It’s always lightest before the dawn!”

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Hey remember me? Who loves gakurans?? I dunno whatever not important, however!! I haven't read fanfics in ages and I kinda wanna do that again and I wondered if you had any recommendations? I hate looking for them myself because I'm really picky about characterization.. If they're slightly ooc I'll be running the other direction. And I don't like angst unless it's absolutely necessary for a good plot. Soo... do you have anything to rec? Preferably terumob but I'm open for anything good really

Hi! Hahaha, I remember you of course! Sorry for the delayed response, I had to go check out ones I’ve read. Generally I consider myself pretty picky about characterisation too since like, there is a reason I like characters to begin with you know? And I tend to be a little weird about sticking somewhat to canon as well. However I’m finding with Mob Psycho I’m having some leniency because there is kind of a range of characterisation preferences I’ve noticed where it’s not so much in character and not in character but dependent on what particular attributes the writer focuses on (plus the characters are like hard to write, for me anyway). Most people write Reigen… nicer than I generally perceive him as, but I wouldn’t say it’s incorrect in anyway, just different focus. He’s still the dude that does this stuff to me though.

ANYWAY!!! Recommendations!

Return. Continue. (TeruMob) I don’t think you could follow me and not know these because of my, ahem, minor obsession, but I’m going to mention them anyway because for me they are like a PERFECT representation of how I personally view Mob and Teruki.

Temporary Accommodations (General) I’ve mentioned this one before but I’m further into it now and really enjoying it. It’s a nice action one and I like the way Reigen is written.

That’s a Bummer, Dude (TeruMob) I thought this one was cute and heartfelt, it has a nice feeling to it

Tomorrow Isn’t Always Another Day (General) I’ve mentioned this one before too, but best Reigen. I like that this one felt like the same humour as the comics, especially the omake, I haven’t seen that a tonne in the fanfictions.

When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round (TeruMob)This is a set of 8 that was done for Valentine Day prompts i believe and I found them to be very cute.

Turning Slowly (TeruMob) I liked this one, especially since it wasn’t super fluffy and I’m a sucker for anything that has unrequited hahahaha

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (TeruMob) I do like Teruki suffering, just a little bit.

It’s Okay to be Truthful (TeruMob) This one is short and cute and I need like everyone just to give me clueless Mob because it is amazing

Hell Is Real (So Hurry Up and Kiss Already) (TeruMob) It’s almost more about Ritsu than anything else but I found it funny and cute.

How the light gets in (TeruMob) I thought this was very cute, and I like the confusion aspect of it, it made the end scene entertaining to read.

A Way With Words (TeruMob) God damn that ending line

It’s okay to rest  (TeruMob) Like i said, I’m a sucker for clueless Mob hahaha

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitude (TeruMob) This is like the romcom flick version of Mob Psycho. I really like the Teruki in this one.

Okay, this list got quite long. I just have been having a lot of fun reading through these okay? I hope you like some of these as well! I would be interested in hearing which type you prefer since there is quite a range in there!

Oh! And I guess I’ve actually written two as well. One more so than the other. Did it hurt? and Self-destructive Tendencies

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Okay I really LOVE Tell it to the Marines, but i have such high standards for oc fanfics that I'm having a hard time to find more that I like, and I was wondering if you have any recommendations (since i really like your style)?? The only other One Piece oc fanfics that I've enjoyed reading so far (besides tittm) are Inked on Skin (Archaeological), Tea with a Stranger (Synodic), Strikedonia (Cherrydrug) and Twelve Red Lines (Vikingr)- do you know any more similar ones?? :P

Hey there, Chickadee! 

I’m also massively picky about my One Piece OC stories, so I’m afraid I won’t be much help, but I can reccommend two, though I reckon you’ll have read Sol Invictus, which is a SI reborn as female Luffy. Regardless, it’s one of my all-time favs and the first OP SI fic I read.

Secondly, there’s @abalisk‘s fanfiction, Flight of the Albatross, which is 30,000 words despite only being 3 chapters long so far  and she’s also got oneshots and AUs aplenty on her fanfiction oriented tumblr, @fanfiction-by-abalisk

So yeah, here’s hoping you haven’t read either of those two, because otherwise, I’ve got nothing. <3

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Are you the one who wrote The Atrophy and Redemption of Uchiha Sasuke? I'm just wondering because it is literally the BEST fanfic I've ever read (and I've read a lot ok) I'm always super picky about my fics and with the characters actually being in character... and this story just absolutely blows me away. I pretty much binge read it up until this last chapter. I have to ask, do you plan on continuing it at any point? It left off at a really good part and I'm dying to know the rest lol! Thanks!!

Hello, dear Anon!

Oh. My word. I’m both surprised and touched that you found me here.

Yes, I did write “Atrophy and Redemption.” I don’t even want to think about how long it’s been since I uploaded the latest chapter, but I have always intended to finish the story. It’s just that life has made me make other things my priority. I’m sorry that it’s been so long, and that I left off at such a big turning point in the story.

Unfortunately, I can’t make any promises as to when I will update next; I cringe when I think of how many promises I made to you guys in my author’s notes, and I don’t want to break any more. But I have NOT forgotten the story and I will always adore SasuSaku.

I have more free time coming up soon. However, I started writing it when I was in high school. That was obviously quite a while ago, so I need to try and get back into it without cringing during my re-reads and second-guessing every sentence I write. Nevertheless, this story is my baby (excessive melodrama and all), and I do want to finish it.

Again, thank you so much for your kind words and for reaching out. I can’t tell you just how much of an encouragement it is to be remembered. Especially since Naruto has been over for a while now.

This is the spark I needed, and you’re a gem for caring.




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except the continuity issues what did you think of the flashbacks? for me it feeled like they took notes directly from the fandom since lots of scenes were kind of fanfic like? I'm happy they gave us theese scenes and I hope they understand their mistakes and improof it even more. :-)

Same. Like, hands down, the first time combined with the cat eyes reveal felt like being straight out of any fanfic. And it was perfect. Honestly, I said this before, I am usually very picky when it comes to continuity issues and sloppy writing makes me passive-aggressive but those flashbacks were amazing and beautiful and caught me off my feet that I really couldn’t care less about some minor “missteps” here. 

So yes, let’s hope it will continue like this in s3. Not just with Malec, which was after all long overdue lbr, but also when it comes to the general writing and the tone of 2b which is really good so far.

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Can you suggest modern pjo au? I'm starting to read fan fics and I really want to get into it but I don't know where to start.

Okay, first off; I love your picture *_* (be still my little phangirl heart) 

Secondly, I haven’t really read much PJO fan fiction myself, because I too find it hard to find good ones (I’m a very picky fanfic reader). But I do follow an amazingly good fic by @goggles-mcgee called You Are Watching: GHOST KING, which is mainly about solangelo and angst and I just love it. 

If anyone has any great fanfic recs, please feel free to send them in and we’ll make a rec list or something!

- Marge


Ok I desperately need help. I’m oikawa trash. Literally. Like I tried to type ok at the start and it came out as oikawa x_x I don’t know how this happened! Ok (GOD DAMN IT IT HAPPENED AGAIN!) OK well I do, it was all the doujin’s fault but still! I was very back and forth on him in season one but all of a sudden I love him and I don’t know what to do.

But anyway, more specifically, I’m in OiKage hell and this is a recent development and damn you Japan why you give me this ship!! ;w;

So if anyone knows any really good OiKage fanartists on tumblr please let me know! Or even fanfics though I’m really picky about them so…

Like right now all I have is my doujin which I both love and hate so much for doing this to me so any recs are good ^w^

Thankies! ^w^