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hollenstein - faceless

All right, here’s a thing - it doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, if something you do makes the other person uncomfortable then you probably shouldn’t do it. 

Take Simon Crieff, for instance. “Simon is so fond of you, Martin” is no good reason at all why Simon should feel entitled to hug his little brother when he clearly doesn’t want him to.

People have boundaries, and these should be respected at all times. Hugs may be nice, but only so long as you’re okay with receiving them from that particular person at that particular moment in time. 

We should all try and remember that it’s probably a good idea to double check with the person in question, and it’s entirely up to them to choose one way or the other. Oh, and trying and making them feel guilty if they say no is not okay either, no matter that you’re friends or family or whatever. 

suggested by Rogura4ever. Here’s a little doodle.

she wanted a Rogura family and blamedorange’s OC, Ryoza… I’ll use this as an excuse to draw some Ryoza since I’m quite fond of her design. [The twin sister, Ryozen is already tucked away in bed]


layfon/fon, sweet oc of algen!! an angel with a tragic backstory that got kicked out of heaven for not doing his job properly?? how can you not love him.

god took fon’s halo so he can’t fly anymore, and despite being an angel he’s just an annoying little brat on the inside so watch out!!


it’s official!

all the Shiratori 3rd years are on first name basis with that grumpy child, Ushi.. /clutches heart~

now, @ god and Furudate.. where is my Shiratorizawa backstory? why does it look like as aloof and grumpy Ushijima is, his teammates seem quite fond of him and calling him by his first name no less? I THOUGHT THAT HE’S AN OPPRESSIVE CAPTAIN AND HIS TEAMMATES HATE HIM, HQ fandom whispers.. please elaborate this to us, Furudate.

Gray, Juvia and the ever strong hints of Gruvia in ch.483

This chapter was quite enjoyable, but there’s a handful of panels I loved in particular, and I just had to talk about them. So, I’ll start with my favorite girl.

I’m pretty sure this is a unison raid between the two girls (in which case, this would be Juvia’s third one in the series) but even if it’s not, Meredy’s words are proof enough that this is yet another instance where the amount of trust and fondness Juvia shares with someone has resulted in great power when they combine their magic. And this has happened not once, not twice, but for a third time in the manga, which is frankly a lot for a secondary character. It’s really interesting, considering there are people who always claim Juvia doesn’t really have a solid friendship with any of the characters and that she’s only being shown to care about Gray, especially as of late. But well, this is just one of the many moments that prove how deeply Juvia believes in people and that she genuinely cherishes her friends. xD

Moving on to Gray, just like in the previous chapter, I can’t help but marvel at his character development. Sun village was only a couple of arcs ago, and there Gray was brought to tears by a demon that made him relive his most traumatising memories before he could muster the courage to fight back. Now he’s faced against an enemy that bears Ur’s image and magic and he doesn’t falter in the slightest. This time, he has absolute faith in himself and Lyon that this is nothing they can’t forge through, and holds firmly onto the fact that it’s not truly their master they have before them.

But more than that, I’m so, so proud that he’s come to terms with his mistakes and won’t let them hurt him or stop him from moving forward anymore. 

Gray used to brood over his past, punish himself with the guilt of it and by pushing the people he cares about away. Now, while he acknowledges his mistakes (to Lyon of all people, who blamed him for Ur’s death for years), he’s not going to let them fester in the present, much less his future. The way he deals with those events that scarred him more than a boy should experience is entirely different than before, and it’s fuckin’ beautiful.

Speaking of the future…

When Lyon speaks of invaluable experiences, Gray recalls all the moments that gave him a push further into his path of overcoming the traumas of the past and growing into the person he is today, one by one. He thinks of dead people, people he saved like he was saved, who helped him shed his nightmares, a friend that reminded him the value of living, enemies that made him braver than he was before. And then there’s Juvia. Truthfully, it’s no surprise that the memory of her that slipped into his mind was the one where he bared his sorrow to her, his gratitude for the burden she shouldered for his sake, and a broken, vulnerable side of him he’d hardly shown anyone else.The same moment he buried himself in the warmth of her embrace in the most intimate way he could have done so, the time he didn’t let Juvia give up on him when she thought she didn’t even deserve her own feelings for him. It’s when he realised he can’t go on keeping her at arm’s lenght, and undoubtedly a turning point for Gray, as there are quite a few things that changed in him since then; he’s been softer, more open with his feelings but also more indulgent with Juvia’s own displays of affection, keener on the future than dwelling in the past and there’s more to come.

This wouldn’t be the only time he thought of her while reflecting on the things that matter to him the most though. Of course it isn’t:

Once again, Mashima highlights the importance of Juvia’s presence in Gray’s life, that she’s one of the few things he holds dear and can’t afford to lose. And I can’t wait to see Gray letting her know. With more than words, hopefully. ^^

nothing like the rain

The rain had been lashing down all afternoon, soaking pedestrians and providing a great sense of unease caused by the slippery ground they now carefully treaded. It never had been quite this bad until this month, the term ‘April Showers’ never being so relevant in such horrific conditions. Raincoats had been hung from the stairway railing for as long as you cared to remember, but you had to admit, you were fond of the mid afternoon tea breaks which now seemed more necessary and therefore acceptable as it edged nearer to May and the very idea of a hot summer, rolling around the corner and brightening the dull streets of where you lived.

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oh man if you ever want to make me emotional just talk to me about all the possible ways ray and michael can realize their feelings/get together

like listen i am such a sucker for a slow, gentle, inevitable, rolling glide from friends to More without quite knowing where or when one label ends and the next begins, how every lingering touch and fond smile feels normal, feels natural, feels obvious, so one day they’re kissing between one stupid joke and the next and it’s effortless, all of it is effortless

but then maybe there’s a version where everything’s fine and normal and they’re friends and just friends and that’s it and that’s great—but then michael sees someone flirting with ray and this horrible, unprecedented flare of jealousy and possessiveness nearly knocks him back on his ass 

and it’s like “well this is new and unexpected and confusing and very gay” and then there’s lots of unrequited pining that turns out to be mutual pining because ray’s been gone for michael since, like, forever and it’s very cliched and very ridiculous and VERY SATISFYING when they finally get together

or so ray admits that he thinks about kissing michael a lot, but “i mean, he’s my best friend, everybody thinks that kind of shit about their best friends” and gavin is like no?? they do not??? and then a few weeks later michael’s drunk and confesses that he kind of wants to hook up with ray “once. or a few times. to see what it’s like. but, whatever, people have gay thoughts about their friends, that’s a thing, probably,” and gavin is like no???? it is not????? and they’re oblivious and ridiculous

and then there’s the version where they’re playing video games and, well, michael’s been thinking for a while, and so he goes “dude” and ray goes “dude?” and michael says “you, uh, wanna go to dinner tonight?”

and ray looks over at him for a few seconds, searching his face, and then breaks into a grin and says, “yeah.” and michael goes “okay, cool” and tries to pretend something warm and satisfied isn’t humming in his chest, and he nudges ray’s knee with his own as they go back to the game, and they both kind of smile like idiots for a while.

Bleach 665 “The Princess Dissection” Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you may have noticed that Urahara Kisuke is a character I am somewhat fond of.

Joking aside, when I call Kisuke my favorite, I don’t just mean my favorite character from Bleach, I mean my favorite character period.  From any work of fiction.  So when I say that I have been waiting for this moment for TEN YEARS, I am not kidding.  I won’t get into the details of why I love him so in this review, I have written countless headcanons and about 300k words of fanfiction for this man so far, and I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Suffice it to say that I love him for both the ugliness and the beauty within him, and this chapter… well, this chapter gave me everything I could have ever asked for this wonderful disaster of a man.

No messing with silly gifs this time around.  Let’s get to it.

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