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Dianakko week Day 6 - AU (years later - no magic AU)

Au where Diana is an excellent doctor in her prestigious family clinic, while Akko is a freelancer in the entertainment field and can work at home


Too often we trivialize
the hardship of survival.
Too often we think what is natural
is also easy.

Too often we pretend to ignore
the glass shards that fill our lungs
with every breath we take—
smiling as they puncture our throats
and we swallow the blood down,
content to choke on the silence.

But I am a warrior—
the kind that is constantly at war
with myself.
My breath is my battle cry,
and my heart is a sound piece,
announcing victory with each beat.

—And the fight goes on.
—  a battle in itself, with itself | m.a.w
Month of Ice / Brigmore Lullaby (Piano Cover)
Dishonored 2
Month of Ice / Brigmore Lullaby (Piano Cover)

Dishonored 2 - Month of Ice / Brigmore Lullaby (Piano Cover)

for @hihohaha15

this turned out way more shippy than I was expecting it to be… well :^)

C'est moi Chat Noir, toujours présent

I’ve been quite fond of the French opening song since I heard it, so I made this animation exercise based on it (~˘▽˘)~

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: feuilly & combeferre

moroccan mint tea, the smell of wood and old books, thinking big, arms slung round shoulders, attending public lectures, falling asleep at your desk, absent-minded sketching, running away with ideas and off on tangents, getting tattoos together, keeping your word no matter what, head-to-head trivia challenges, finding the dorkiest jokes funny, wearing that one same pair of shoes forever, not being able to rest until you’ve found the answer. (requested by @silver-soliloquy)

Inktober 2017 - 2 - Devided

When you return … I’ll have just one question. ‘Was it fun?’ I’ll ask that, so that you have to have such a journey such that you can answer 'Yes’ from the bottom of your heart.

“… My journey may finally begin. But… where would I go…? There is no home for me to return to… and nobody to welcome me back. I have nothing left.”

Phil in the cheese dress again | 10.10.17
  • Phil: I don't want to come on the show like this.
  • Dan: I mean you ruined my hands, it's fine.
  • Phil: I kept my sweatpants because I didn't want a wardrobe malfunction while I was live.
  • Dan: Holy crap, no.
  • *Dan lets out the loudest fond laughter as Phil emerge in the cheese dress*
  • Phil: What have you done to me?
  • Someone in chat: Iconic.
  • Phil: It's actually quite comfortable when you've got trousers on underneath.
  • Dan: How does that feel like someone who's mildly lactose intolerant and doesn't like cheese?
  • Phil: I feel like I'm betraying myself.
  • Dan: That's like me wearing like, what food do I hate?A really smelly fish.
  • Phil: A really smelly fish suit. That's you next year, hello smelly fish.
  • Someone else in chat: What a babe.
Yes, Charlotte Wessels did get married!

It was last weekend, clearly at the place that she posted. I’m sure it was very ~aesthetic~ and hipster-y.

I’ve known since November that she was engaged, and that she was getting married in August. It’s not been a *super* well-kept secret, but I didn’t really want to mention anything unless Charlotte did. So I’ve had all this on my chest since this event, and now I will share bits of what I know!

They’ve been engaged since sometime in September. She was the one who proposed to him. It was a surprise to everybody in her life, who thought that she was never going to get married (because she wasn’t the type). She had some qualms herself, but was so excited about it as well.

Her now-husband and her had been dating for 11 or 12 years. We’ve met, and I’ve spent a bit of time around him. He’s a really nice guy, very quiet and private, but also quite sociable and friendly once he warms up. They have the same sense of humour. They’re adorable together, and very, very much in love.

I’m so, so happy for them.

anonymous asked:

I hate TI at the moment because how can they go on with their lives without not seeing each other? How is that possible? Ok, maybe Flint doesn't know where Silver and Madi went and so he can't find him. But Silver knows where Flint is. Wouldn't he go there and try to see him at least discreetly without Flint knowing? To make sure that Flint is ok?

shhhh anon shhhh treasure island……… fake okay. IT’S FAKE. they one hundred percent see each other again!!! jot it down!!! don’t forget it!!!

it’s like day three and flint is taking one more nap before he and thomas are ready to bust outta there and he opens his eyes and one john silver is standing before him with a smiling madi at his side (they just walked in it’s totally fine shh) and john’s like, “I wasn’t going to come. but then I had a thought and…I had to see you.”

flint: “oh?”

silver: “you never did tell me how you learned to spice and glaze a pig.”


*bangs gavel*

anonymous asked:

I'm showing my age here but to add to the discourse on closeting of artists it's not just about whether an artist is a homosexual. When Bon Jovi started out he was forced to hide the fact that he was married to his High school sweetheart (a woman, for the record) because it didn't fit with attainable womanizer rock image execs seem so fond of. I'm adding this to illustrate that the label can control an artists image how they see fit, read most profitable $$$- The forced closet is real kids

Yep absolutely. 

The same goes for John Lennon. He was married with a kid but they hid it from the fans for years because it ruined their romantic fantasies: 

it probably didn’t help that John and Cynthia had Julian out of wedlock and had to have a shot gun wedding (not quite the dream most young girls dreamed of when they fantasized about marrying their favourite beatle):

Say Sober

Inspired by this song

It was a full week and a half after they met when they finally had a chance to put her plans into action.

“My place,” she told him as they packed up at the end of rehearsal. He was enjoying the process more than he expected so far. But it was also harder on his body than he ever imagined it would be and he was exhausted. “Tonight. Sound good?”

“Only if you enjoy spending time with me passed out on your couch.”

“You are more than welcome to pass out on my couch after a while.” She tied her hair up on top of her head before continuing on. “But first I have to get to know you. After all, there’s more to you than ‘survived a crash that should’ve killed me,’ right?”

“Honestly, that’s my biggest draw.”

She laughed at this. He learned pretty quick how fun it was to make her laugh. Sure, he was like that with everyone in his life, but it was different with her somehow. “Well, I’ll figure it out. There must be something in there.” She tapped her finger to his chest. “I’ll bring the beverages and you bring all your deepest, darkest secrets. You look scared,” she remarked.

He quickly rearranged his face into something more passive. “No. But if I fall asleep and you put my hand in warm water, I’ll quit and you can foxtrot on your own.”

She laughed again and he followed her out the door.

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geekhyena  asked:

Have you already done a breed overview of the Queensland Heeler/Blue Heeler? We had them growing up, and I'm quite fond of them, but we never learned a lot about them in my animal science classes as a breed (they're not super common in the Midwest). We lost one at age ~11 due to heart cancer, but I don't know if that's common for the breed or just bad luck.

Also @osteoarchivist said:

If you are so inclined, would you do a post on Australian Cattle Dogs? I have a 10 month old ACD mix (his father was a handsome stranger) and I’m curious what your take on the breed is. Love your write ups!!         

Two of you have asked about this actually Australian breed. It was absolutely on the list, there’s just a bit of a waiting list, that’s all.

Nobody really uses the term ‘Queensland Heeler’. They’re usually Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, or officially the Australian Cattle Dog.

These dogs are stubborn and in many cases they are more stubborn than their owners. They can be lovely, but they’re equally likely to be undisciplined, spoiled rule breakers with attitude. That’s what happens when you have a breed that’s highly intelligent, but also very willing to be lazy.

Originally posted by butter-and-simba

I kind of like ‘em. Wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them, but like them anyway.

The breed clubs are still very big on screening for hip dysplasia, and I think this is wise. Though it’s rare for me to encounter a Heeler with dysplastic hips, the dogs I see only ever seem to have hips that are great, or atrocious, and no inbetween. I don’t know why this is. While hip dysplasia is not as common as in certain other breeds, it’s still worth screening for.

They tend to reach old age reliably but many seem to have vision problems in their senior years. The bred is known for its cataracts, but I also seem to see them over represented among our diabetics. Whether this is genetic or environmental I cannot be sure. As a breed they will happily pack on a few extra kilos, and this can lead to pancreatitis, but I don’t think I can call that a genetic correlation.

There is reasonably extensive genetic testing for progressive retinal atrophy, and attempts are being made at removing deafness from the breed, though they do pop up occasionally.

I often see these dogs in their old age with arthritis, either secondary to cruciate rupture due to their active, energetic bursts, or ankylosing spondylosis of the spine, which seems more common in any individual dog that has spent a large percentage of its life jumping up onto things.

Oh, and while I haven’t personally encountered this too much, they have a reputation for giving themselves intestinal foreign bodies by eating objects that really shouldn’t have been able to be chewed up and eaten.

It should go without saying, but if you intend to own this breed please be smarter than the dog. They can be loyal and great friends, but they will also push boundaries and have a tendency to snap. It’s all too easy for someone to find themselves cooking steak for the dog’s dinner each night and ending up with a canine shaped more like a wombat and less like a working breed.

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