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A ‘Captive Prince x A Song of Ice and Fire’ AU

He is skilled, he is hot-blooded, he collects his bastards like stray kittens - and he is the Prince of Dorne. But even somebody like Damianos Martell can manage to step into a nest of vipers. He did exactly that when he accidentally crippled the eldest Tyrell son, Auguste, in a tournament, pissing off the whole lot of Highgarden. Auguste Tyrell is not only their heir, but one of the last Blackfyres through his maternal line. And some people want to believe it wasn’t an accident at all…

Despite the rumours and his family bearing a deep grudge against the Martells, Auguste and Damianos quickly became friends after the accident. Even his little brother, Laurent, eventually warmed up after endless months of vicious stares. Tyrell’s little rose turns out to be brilliantly witty, more thorns than petals. Yet, he blushes prettily whenever Auguste teases him with an embarrassing childhood story, in which Laurent thought for the longest time (because of the old Targaryen/Blackfyre traditions) he is to marry his own brother as a grown up, telling every adult complimenting him that he is already promised. The Dornish prince cannot help but to grow fond of the brothers.

Years later, Damianos emerges victoriously in another tournament and is to crown his Queen of Love and Beauty. There’s a flood of shocked gasps going through the crowd when he places the winter roses on Laurent Tyrell’s head, the flowers as blue as his eyes. “Why,” Damianos proclaimes, “it’s all the grace and courtesy he deserves.”

Since then, Damianos has had quite the reputation for letting tournaments turn out scandalously!

Too often we trivialize
the hardship of survival.
Too often we think what is natural
is also easy.

Too often we pretend to ignore
the glass shards that fill our lungs
with every breath we take—
smiling as they puncture our throats
and we swallow the blood down,
content to choke on the silence.

But I am a warrior—
the kind that is constantly at war
with myself.
My breath is my battle cry,
and my heart is a sound piece,
announcing victory with each beat.

—And the fight goes on.
—  a battle in itself, with itself | m.a.w

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I hate TI at the moment because how can they go on with their lives without not seeing each other? How is that possible? Ok, maybe Flint doesn't know where Silver and Madi went and so he can't find him. But Silver knows where Flint is. Wouldn't he go there and try to see him at least discreetly without Flint knowing? To make sure that Flint is ok?

shhhh anon shhhh treasure island……… fake okay. IT’S FAKE. they one hundred percent see each other again!!! jot it down!!! don’t forget it!!!

it’s like day three and flint is taking one more nap before he and thomas are ready to bust outta there and he opens his eyes and one john silver is standing before him with a smiling madi at his side (they just walked in it’s totally fine shh) and john’s like, “I wasn’t going to come. but then I had a thought and…I had to see you.”

flint: “oh?”

silver: “you never did tell me how you learned to spice and glaze a pig.”


*bangs gavel*



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I'm showing my age here but to add to the discourse on closeting of artists it's not just about whether an artist is a homosexual. When Bon Jovi started out he was forced to hide the fact that he was married to his High school sweetheart (a woman, for the record) because it didn't fit with attainable womanizer rock image execs seem so fond of. I'm adding this to illustrate that the label can control an artists image how they see fit, read most profitable $$$- The forced closet is real kids

Yep absolutely. 

The same goes for John Lennon. He was married with a kid but they hid it from the fans for years because it ruined their romantic fantasies: 

it probably didn’t help that John and Cynthia had Julian out of wedlock and had to have a shot gun wedding (not quite the dream most young girls dreamed of when they fantasized about marrying their favourite beatle):

it’s been a long time coming~ but i finally finished my art trade for the lovely @epselion !! (-^   v ^-) i can’t even begin to thank you enough for your patience! i really hope it was worth the wait! these are younger versions of Hux and Ben from Epselion’s fic “The Boy That Witnessed Murder” which you can read >here<, it’s an assassin AU! (O    w O) it’s always a challenge to try to make characters look younger! and… i don’t think i quite succeeded… but! it was fun to try never the less! <3 

I was doodling between classes and I particularly liked this sketch so I attempted (and failed) to colour it in Photoshop.

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Have you already done a breed overview of the Queensland Heeler/Blue Heeler? We had them growing up, and I'm quite fond of them, but we never learned a lot about them in my animal science classes as a breed (they're not super common in the Midwest). We lost one at age ~11 due to heart cancer, but I don't know if that's common for the breed or just bad luck.

Also @osteoarchivist said:

If you are so inclined, would you do a post on Australian Cattle Dogs? I have a 10 month old ACD mix (his father was a handsome stranger) and I’m curious what your take on the breed is. Love your write ups!!         

Two of you have asked about this actually Australian breed. It was absolutely on the list, there’s just a bit of a waiting list, that’s all.

Nobody really uses the term ‘Queensland Heeler’. They’re usually Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, or officially the Australian Cattle Dog.

These dogs are stubborn and in many cases they are more stubborn than their owners. They can be lovely, but they’re equally likely to be undisciplined, spoiled rule breakers with attitude. That’s what happens when you have a breed that’s highly intelligent, but also very willing to be lazy.

Originally posted by butter-and-simba

I kind of like ‘em. Wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them, but like them anyway.

The breed clubs are still very big on screening for hip dysplasia, and I think this is wise. Though it’s rare for me to encounter a Heeler with dysplastic hips, the dogs I see only ever seem to have hips that are great, or atrocious, and no inbetween. I don’t know why this is. While hip dysplasia is not as common as in certain other breeds, it’s still worth screening for.

They tend to reach old age reliably but many seem to have vision problems in their senior years. The bred is known for its cataracts, but I also seem to see them over represented among our diabetics. Whether this is genetic or environmental I cannot be sure. As a breed they will happily pack on a few extra kilos, and this can lead to pancreatitis, but I don’t think I can call that a genetic correlation.

There is reasonably extensive genetic testing for progressive retinal atrophy, and attempts are being made at removing deafness from the breed, though they do pop up occasionally.

I often see these dogs in their old age with arthritis, either secondary to cruciate rupture due to their active, energetic bursts, or ankylosing spondylosis of the spine, which seems more common in any individual dog that has spent a large percentage of its life jumping up onto things.

Oh, and while I haven’t personally encountered this too much, they have a reputation for giving themselves intestinal foreign bodies by eating objects that really shouldn’t have been able to be chewed up and eaten.

It should go without saying, but if you intend to own this breed please be smarter than the dog. They can be loyal and great friends, but they will also push boundaries and have a tendency to snap. It’s all too easy for someone to find themselves cooking steak for the dog’s dinner each night and ending up with a canine shaped more like a wombat and less like a working breed.

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i wrote limericks about trump

remember that art journal i submitted haikus too last semester? well i wrote some limericks about how much i hate trump to submit for the winter edition!

unfortunately something went wrong, either the submission didn’t go through or i just straight up forgot to submit them lmao, so i thought i’d might as well share them here, that way it can gain at least some amount audience

((note: pay attention to the titles))

Donald is the Pig of Animal Farms - A series of limericks about the 45th United States President

“There isn’t much else he can do”
It doesn’t seem Trump understands,
What’s needed to sign off commands.
   'Cause time and again,
   He must use a pen,
Which he can’t, ‘cause he’s got tiny hands.

“But make room in his ass for my shoe”
There once was a man known as Trump
Who brought the whole world to a slump.
   He’s missing his heart,
   and he smells like a fart,
‘Cause his head can be found up his rump. 

“Can he even see?”
He looks as if eaten by squids,
And has eye lips instead of eyelids.
   He’s worse than a mare,
   has fraudulent hair,
It’s no wonder he scares all the kids.

“lmao my b”
He seems like a pretty good fellow
And looks good in orange or yellow.
   He packs quite the punch,
   and goes great with a lunch,
No wait - I’m describing a Cheeto.

“Making fun of his hands #2”
I’d worry that taunts precede bans,
Even though we live on separate lands.
   But what could you do?
   'cause I can’t hear you
Over the sound of my normal-sized hands


knight-commander puppy eyes

(sort of a companion piece to this)

{One time, I killed Sans first.}

For a mere, fragile moment, Gaster almost lashes out.

The thought of it- his boy, his son, killed when he was not there to catch him, to hold him as he slipped to dust, was almost enough to make him forget what was going on in this moment.

But Frisk’s face is solemn, quiet, and while there is no guilt in their face, there is regret, softer and wispier, but still heavy.

Gaster folds back in place; wraps every piece of himself back into this moment, hides the sharp bits of him back away. Frisk smiles at him, tender and soft.

{I was curious. I wanted to see- really see how strong Papyrus was. Because I had fought Sans, and everyone else, but Papyrus-}

They hesitates; or maybe that is not the right word. Pauses, looked at him. Gaster understands what they mean. His son is too kind, too strong to ever kill anyone, and it would never be quite the same, fighting someone with such iron-tight control.

Gaster nods.

{When I came to the Golden Hall, I had killed everyone. No mercy, no forgiveness. And Papyrus met me there.}

Their face goes soft. Fond. It is a face filled with love, with warmth, and Gaster understands it well.

{He did nothing but offer me mercy.}

-It is a moment of sheer awe.

Gaster cannot, for the longest time, parse the words. He cannot understand, because had it been him, he would have ripped the human to shreds.

(it had been him, once)

And even then- not killing the human, Gaster understands. Papyrus is too strong in himself, to steady, but Frisk said nothing but mercy.

No fighting.

Just the offer to lay down arms, and be forgiven.

Frisk is smiling, small and amused, and they tilt their head in agreement with his expression, lips twitching with laughter.

{I was terrified,} they say, and Gaster understands that, too. {So I fled, reset without a thought. Never tried that again, never even thought of it.}

They press their hands to their chest. They’re still smiling, and their eyes are still soft, fond.

{Papyrus is something special,} they say, after a while. {Something none of us will ever quite reach.}

Frisk looks back at him. {You should be proud,} they say, with an amused smile, because Gaster is already proud, but-

This is something else. Something amazing, something that goes beyond pride.

I Am, he says, and pride is not sufficient word for the emotion he feels, in this simple moment.

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hey so I was wondering if you have any other witchy podcasts you know about like the pdx podcast you can recommend because I'm in a groove and would love to listen to some more witchy discussion!

Hey! I don’t know of any others from around our little community other than @thefatfeministwitch and her podcast, which is also fantastic. If you go on the app store and search paganism / witchcraft you can find some also, but i’ve fond them all to be quite hit and miss.

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We know you love/lust over Zen, but what are your opinions on the other 4 MM love interests? Gathering from your posts, it seems you like Yoosung and Jaehee, and either feel meh about or are not fond of Jumin and Seven. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

Thank you for including “love” <3
Let’s see. Falling for a character (or real person for that matter) is actually pretty rare for me. When it happens, it’s BAD.
You’re quite right: *all things considered*, Yoosung is my second favorite character and Jaehee and Jumin are constantly trying to one up eachother for third place, but since I believe you asked about the characters as romantic/sexual partners, here’s what I think:
~ more under cut

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7, 8, 22, 28, 42, and 50 for nessian :)

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

Nesta, definitely. Every now and then she starts worrying that maybe this isn’t working, maybe this isn’t that good for Cass, maybe she’s tying him down and trapping him to her with the bond, maybe, maybe, maybe- and she gets herself all worked up over this. She internalises a lot of it and it doesn’t really show, she shields him from it through the bond so he can’t feel it and it doesn’t really manifest itself outwardly except that maybe all the tension she’s containing manifests in her being a little snappier than usual. Cass is a switched on bat though and eventually he just….coaxes her to stop doing whatever it is she’s doing to distract herself and just talk to him. And Nesta is kind of…all or nothing with this sort of stuff so once Cassian puts that first crack in her armour the whole thing shatters and just pours out of her. He listens patiently to all of it and then helps her carefully go through it and sort everything out (sweeping ‘it’s fine, I love you’ statements don’t work that well with Nesta. they need to argue this stuff out together rationally. Which Cassian is of course only too happy to do for her) 

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pyjamas?

Nesta point blank refuses to sleep naked. She doesn’t like it, she can’t settle if she doesn’t have something on. Even post-sex she’ll crawl back into her nightdress (or more likely Cassian’s shirt) and sleep in that. Cassian’s pretty easy going, he can sleep naked or he can sleep in full pjs it doesn’t really matter? Cass is one of those people who can probably fall asleep on like a washing line in the middle of a hurricane. He’ll tend to sleep in loose trousers and maybe a baggy top or sometimes bare chested, doesn’t really matter. A lot of nights though he’ll sleep on his stomach and Nesta kind of crawls underneath one his wings and uses it like a big blanket to curl up under. Which has…nothing to do with anything except that it’s cute af and I felt like slipping it in here. 

22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?  

Cassian probably would but Nesta…really isn’t that into it? Like at all. It just feels too…forced for her and she doesn’t get into it that much. Cass can kind of take it or leave it like he would like to celebrate it but only for the purpose of showering Nesta in love and hearts and if she doesn’t want that then he’s not going to do it. They maybe use it as an excuse to have a nice date and wander around Velaris hand in hand but that’s about it? (one year though Nesta was having a bit of a tough time so she came home on Valentine’s day and found Cassian in their bedroom, sprawled on the bed, rose between his teeth, flower petals scattered artfully over the bed completely and utterly naked. She laughed until she cried and that was really all he wanted (but also okay you can stop laughing now…Nesta…Nesta it’s not that funny. Nesta stop it. Nesta!!! :( ) 

28. Who is the book worm?

Definitely Nesta (not to say that Cassian doesn’t enjoy a good book, he definitely does he just doesn’t…live and breathe them the way Nesta does) I feel like this is one of the biggest things that Nesta missed most when they lost their fortune? She didn’t really miss the dresses or the huge house or the inordinate luxury she could live without that but the books…she missed the books so much. Okay new headcanon that Nesta is decidedly -_- about Velaris/Prythian until someone takes her into a library and she just…..I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about you and your people Rhysand just leave me here for the rest of my immortal existence okay bye. 

42. Who is the neat freak?

Cassian. It’s a military thing. When you’re used to tiny war camps/incredibly small areas of personal space/rigorous discipline that comes with any organised group of soldiers…It just gets drilled into you. Nesta has a few things that Need to be in the right order (like her books. Just. Don’t. Touch. Them.) and her desk and any work she’s doing is probably very organised. General living space? Forget about it. It drives Cassian insane. He spends his life shutting drawers she hasn’t quite closed or pushing cupboard doors too or picking up stray clothes. He just needs things to be organised and in their places. Nesta does get better at it the longer they live together/she does really try but…She’ll never quite get it the way that Cassian does. 

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?



hollenstein - faceless