and i'm pretty sure i'm failing

“So, uh, fun party, huh?”

“Are you trying to hit on me?”

“Is it working?”

“Not really. I’m just awfully conscious of the fact that you’re putting your hand all over what looks like a very expensive painting.”

Seriously tho if Zuko hadn’t interrupted them, Mai would have called out Ruon’s cool act and he’d end up melting into a puddle of awkward and silly in front of her.


Logic: Can you guess what my shirt is made up of
Morality: Cotton!
Logic: Boyfriend Material… I’m attempting to flirt with you. *looks at notes*
Morality: No I’m pretty sure it’s cotton

HELP! I think I saw someone posted about the correlation of the 7 deadly sins divided for all KJY songs but I can’t remember where and if I saw it here or on twitter… if anyone knows please link me!~ <3

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Omg, my friend who I introduced to Haikyuu just referenced it by comparing me to Asahi. I'm pretty damn pessimistic, and I was talking about how I'm probably gonna fail my exam I've got in a couple of weeks, and she just yelled "NEGATIVITY BEGONE!" and karate chopped me. I'm not sure if I should high five her for that reference to one of my favourite scenes, or hit her back 'cause that karate chop freaking hurt ^_^''



Everyone in the fandom knows that the Shiro with the Voltron team right now is a clone right? This isn’t still being debated, correct??
Cause I’m watching season 3 episode 5 rn for the first time and damn it’s so fucking obvious imo LOL

  • The rooftop of 780 Mercer. John is in a bomb vest set to go off in less than a minute. Harold is trying to hack into the phone that will trigger the explosion. They have five possible unlock codes but only three attempts before the phone locks them out. Two attempts have failed. This is their last chance.
  • Harold, catching John looking at him: "What?" *looks back down at his phone, trying to decide what to do*
  • John, smiling and looking at Harold: "Something you said once. About how sooner or later we'd both probably end up dead."
  • Harold, still looking down at his phone: "I'd prefer later. After all, I'm the one that got you into this in the first place."
  • John, still smiling, looking at the sky: "I'm pretty sure I'd be dead already if you hadn't found me."
  • Harold, still looking down at his phone: "It's hard to say."
  • John, still fucking smiling, looking back down, directly at Harold: "Not really."
  • Harold: *looks up*
  • -- PERSON OF INTEREST || 2x13 || Dead Reckoning

Supergirl aesthetics - Alex x Astra - Harry Potter AU

Being the captain of Slytherin’s Quidditch team, Alex Danvers doesn’t have time for drama, or romance for that matter. Especially not when it means getting hit by a bludger during practice, because that girl always sits at the edge of the field, book in lap and mumbling under her breath.

A trip into the forbidden forest, and a failed curse later, Alex knows never to piss Astra off. Not only because she wants to know her better, but because Alex is pretty sure she saw the edges of a black imprint on Astra’s arm.

After FINALLY being able to watch episode 19

Gabriel, you stressing real hard….chill

Aw Nina and Alessand….new ship?…NAH!

Rita with the “names” XD

Idk if I liked El more when he could or couldn’t speak…???

Aaaaand she fell. Aaaand she fail.

Hamsa, figure this out!

Rita, you’re smart, please figure this out!!!

Oh he knows. I forgot Favaro knew…


He’s thinking…

I knew it!

“I don’t wanna!” “Get you azz out there and make some money!”

This dude has insight on Chari’s feelings?! Without Chari speaking???! How are they so close?

For a split second I thought “what if Chari sees him grabbing her like that and gets mad?” Then I remembered he hadn’t come out yet

I’ve been busy.

Fiancé??? Giiiiiirl, you lyin’! Bet, that dude is gonna be a gag.

Aw, “Alland”.

I don’t like the way this looks…Chari rude af…maybe if you danced you wouldn’t be so bored, just saying

Nina’s going go up there! She knows she can get him to move!

He’s surprised af.

Nina, you a bold one. (Also, Cinderella)

Why is he so tall?? Also, I can’t be the only one eyeballing her tiara real hard right now.

“That’s a first” Thank you sir for a good laugh.

That black girl’s cute. Also, yes - yes it did that’s because…

insert gag

Why is she so small?

The angles…..I’m dizzy

It’s like Welcome to the Ballroom! (also, Nina’s obviously happy and he’s like….*CONCEAL, DON’T FEEL, DON’T LET THEM KNOOOOOOW*)


The moment Bacchus realized what he had done.

Lol. NOPE! He’s taken…

I hope you see everything.

Cry or Nah?

You’re so bright right now…

I love how they flipped the gender role of the girl saying “we need to talk”

He’s finna say something to maker her upset….

Isn’t he?


Chari…you may be many things, but a good actor is not one of them, that was SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO obvious…try harder (I can legit see the mental preparation he’s doing)

hehehe, the break up…I knew he was gonna do this



Going over the top now Chari, notice his eyes boi~~~ His face has two different faces right now.

Aw, Nina.

FAVAROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (this reminds me of Dads pulling out guns on guys)

I knew that bracelet was stuck

FAVAROOOOOOO! SAVAGE! If Kaisar can do it, he can do it.


TRUE. true.

Sounds cool but I know you won’t (I wanna see it though)

Dang Nina.

Errrbody saw that go down.

Inset gag, but i don’t care to add him

Aw, Dang, Nina…


Though I understand your point and reasoning, Feel BAD! *CONCEAL, DON’T FEEL, DON’T LET THEM KNOOOOOOW* Probably hurts him more though.

(fight!fight!fight!fight!fight!fight!) I wanted more

hahaha, he looks so pissed!


Yas! I was wanting Bacchus to finally- oh, it’s just a signal…


These are called Emotions

Twice the Cinderella power

Lol. Dias.

You did. Extremely dumped.

Nina, you are precious, the fact that you can still put on a smile…

Dias heard.

OH NO. Is Azazel gonna hurt him? Please don’t.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS! El and Jeanne!!! with a side of fanboy Alessand

I hear running relieves stress.

YAAAAASSSSSS!!!! The mercenary strikes!!!!! I want PAAAAIIINNNN!!!!!

nina is NOT in the mood