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My mum told me today that if you’re a transboy you can’t wear makeup or paint your nails or dress in a feminine way so please reblog if you disagree i want to show her how many do.




H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  T O  M Y  T W O  R E D H E A D  C H I L D R E N


imagine a jake and amy au where it’s a friends-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers(!!!!!!!) scenario and they are at a wedding of a mutual friend and amy catches the bouquet and jake catches the tie (or like whatever the groom throws, idk how weddings work in the US, what??) so they have to dance with each other and like do some other cheesy wedding shit together and i don’t know what happens next bc i havent figured it out yet but obviously they get together somehow, probably at 4am in some guest/hotel room and yeah MAYBE they are a bit drunk but also not drunk enough to not know what they’re doing?? ya know? does anyone want to contribute to this and JOIN ME FOR THIS AU IDEA THATS BEEN HAUNTING ME FOR TWO DAYS NOW?

Tony kinda maybe thinks makeup looks really pretty. Not just on girls–though it does, absolutely!–but in the way that makes his fingers itch with the urge to try out himself. He’s not sure it really would be for him but Pepper’s lipstick always looks incredible and he’d really like to try those smokey eyes Natasha mentioned and well.

It takes him four months to work up the courage to ask Jan about it and he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown by the time he’s got the “Would you mind showing me how to do basic makeup” out without stuttering.

Jan of course is over the moon. 

It’s not just that she loves makeup and loves styling her friends, though that’s part of it. But no, the most important thing is that Tony is asking her for advice regarding something people usually scoff at or ridicule, maybe in rare cases tolerate. Jan isn’t stupid, she sees every eye-roll her raving about the newest eyeshadow palette from Maybelline gains. So this? A genuine (if shy slash terrified) request for help? It means a lot.

Naturally she drags Tony to the closest drugstore as soon as school lets out.

After a long moment of contemplation she stops in front of one of the shelves with a decisive nod.

“Alright,” Jan says. “Let’s start with mascara.”

She gestures wildly at the shelf, filled with products in all kinds of forms and colours.

“Here we’ve got black, brown, orange–you’re only gonna wear that to a costume if ever, got that Tony, I’m serious–oh, and that’s waterproof, here we got the smudgeproof ones, but be warned, they’re never as smudge-proof as advertised. That over there is black and white, and here we’ve got lengthening, curling and volumizing ones.”

Jan turns, her smile radiant. “Any questions?”

Tony stares. Blinks. Feels very, very stupid. “Just one. What’s mascara?”

Jan blinks back. Doesn’t laugh (see, this is why he went to Jan with this). 

“Mascara is used to enhance the eyelashes,” she explains, followed by, “You know what, we’re just gonna take one of each of them.”

Tony doesn’t think he needs fourteen different mascaras but he gets distracted by the nail polish. There are a lot of different colours available and there are so many reds and golds and one of them looks like liquid metal.

Needless to say, they buy a lot more than just fourteen mascaras.


One day Tony is gonna wear bright orange mascara and though Jan will wail and beg and theatrically shudder, she will also throw a bottle of nail polish remover in the face of anyone who dares to make a face. Because it’s taken Tony a long time to become so comfortable and confident where makeup is involved and Jan is invested.

  • Peebee: can you believe that lady at the vortex? Shoving her way to the front of the bar?
  • Vetra: "I'm an asari. By the goddess, I'm too beautiful to wait in line."
  • Peebee: "The time wasted might take up a millionth of a percentage of my life!"
  • Vetra: hey at least it wasn't a turian, huh?
  • Vetra: "The rules didn't tell me what to order to I just waited forever"

Damn deceived again!

Can be seen as Reaper’s retaliation to this but not necessarily so

  • Me when the kids I'm babysitting talk Polish: oh my god this is such a nice language I wanna learn it
  • Me when I see some Chinese instructions on a random thing: oh my god this is such a nice language I wanna learn it
  • Me when I'm watching Skam: oh my god Norwegian is such a nice language I wanna learn it
  • Me when I'm reading a German text on my German exam: oh my god this is such a nice language I wanna learn it