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Hogwarts's 20th Anniversary Party
  • <b> Hermione:</b> [clanks glass with spoon] Attention everyone- attention! Please shut up, thank you. Quiet, please. Harry would like to say a few words.
  • <b> Harry:</b> [Stands up] Uhh, wow... 20 years... that's a- that's a long time. I'd like to say a few words, if that's all right.
  • <b> Harry:</b> Hermione, without you I'd be dead. Ron, Fred, George, Gin, you gave me a home. Dean, Nev, Luna and Seamus, you guys taught me things worth knowing about friendships. Everyone here did, really. Thank you, all of you.
  • <b> Ron:</b> Thanks mate, really. Now! On with the fea-
  • <b> Harry:</b> And Draco...
  • <b> Draco:</b>
  • <b> Ron:</b>
  • <b> Snape:</b>
  • <b> Obama:</b>
  • <b> Moaning Myrtle:</b>
  • <b> Harry:</b> You taught me how to have fantastic sex BOOM OUT I'M GAY SURPRISE BITCHES
  • <b> Harry:</b> [mic drop]

I am so tired of seeing everyone shit on Keith because Shiro asked him to lead Voltron if things go south in season 2? Like really just so tired of watching people say the same rude things to justify why he would be a bad leader (which really aren’t even justifications at all?) lmao you’re not cute or original. 

So let’s talk about why Keith would actually be a good leader for Voltron, please and thanks:

  • We know that Shiro has been like a mentor for Keith, both pre-series and during the show (”Remember; patience yields focus”)
  • That being said, it means that Shiro has been there for him as he has grown and matured (excluding the time he was held captive, obviously)
    • While Keith is not at the fullest capacity to lead due to his poor impulse control and hot-headedness, it doesn’t mean that he will never get to that stage of maturity and rationality
    • It means that Shiro obviously sees those qualities in Keith (which is why he put this responsibility on his shoulders) and challenges him to hone them, which will in turn force him to grow as a character to become more level-headed and rational, as a leader needs to be
  • I mean y’all are so quick to make positive posts about your faves’ character developments but refuse to think that Keith is going to have an arc that transforms him and pushes him to focus on his leadership qualities and what is best for the team? bye lmao
  • Keith actually already knows how to think of the greater good; he argued against going to save Allura because it would be hand delivering the universe’s greatest weapon to Zarkon, something Allura has said can never happen
    • Yes, it was seen as callous and cold, but strategic-wise? Actually a smart move to avoid sending the universe’s last hope straight into the hands of the evil alien mastermind who has been conquering everyone left, right, and center for the past 10,000 years
  • The kid is dedicated to his teammates in every way possible
    • At the end of the first ep, he says “It’s been on honor flying with you boys” like ?? they had their lions together for 10 minutes and Keith is talking like they’ve gone through a hundred and three battles together? he loves his peeps
    • Flies through an asteroid field to get Lance’s lion back when Nyma and Rolo were a bunch of sneaks
    • Gets all up in Zarkon’s business for attacking Shiro
      • Point being that the Black Lion takes “someone whose men will follow without hesitation"
      • Keith has proven that he is dedicated to his fellow paladins, and they have proven the same to him 
  • When the time comes that leadership is needed in Shiro’s absence, is it really that far of a stretch to believe that the other paladins will follow Keith, who Shiro has been grooming for this kind of position already?
    • the answer is no, it’s not that hard to believe, so y’all can shove your ‘he’s hot-headed and an idiot bc he just rushes into things’ logic somewhere else it’s called character development let the second season actually air before making assumptions that just make an ass out of u and me! sound good?
  • In the original series, Keith literally is the leader of Voltron lmao sucks to suck it’s gonna be canon anyway just give it time

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I really don't mean to start anything so I'm sorry In advance. I understand that you love reign and all but saying that he's a good person is kind of.... Delusional in a way. Ignoring Reigens bad side is something the fandom just loves to do. He is a felon and committed some serious crimes, used a child for money, lies to costumers and so on. He is not that good???? I don't get it???? It's pretty I easy to prove that he's kind of an ass. Like he did okay things at times but.... Come on everyone

Woah, hold the fuck up anon. YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE?


“ I really don’t mean to start anything so I’m sorry In advance.”


“ He is a felon and committed some serious crimes, used a child for money, lies to costumers  and so on. “


So, Mob goes to Reigen, thinking he’s a psychic, looking for someone to help him with his powers, right. Reigen, clearly was skeptical about it, but he never denies Mob, and he lets Mob come to him everyday.

“Oh he’s just using Mob!”

Ah yes, I haven’t this a million times before. 

Okay. Look you. Reigen could have easily turned Mob away, but he doesn’t, so Mob ends up working for him. Mob ends up learning from Reigen “Never use your powers on people”, “Just try to be a good person”, “Psychic Powers don’t make you special”, “You’re the protagonist of your own life” you can see where I’m going. He ends up really helping Mob, instilling in him this kind of advice, acting like a moral compass of sorts, a guide so to speak.

Now I bet your thinking something like: “Oh well Reigen just told him that so he could use him!”

And I got to call you out for being so absolutely dismissive. 

And I’m not touching the whole “Reigen doesn’t care for Mob!” thing again. *cough* Gratitude *cough* *wheezes* when he calls for Mob immediately in the tunnel with the ghosts in the first episode* wheezes*

I think I need my inhaler


Reigen still pays Mob, yeah 300 yen isn’t much, but Reigen still takes Mob out to eat, he even bought him a cell phone? Also Reigen’s prices are the cheapest in town, and he’s been shown to barter for his services; like when they helped the farmer, and he asked for a share of the crop instead of money.

Where I’m going with this is that Reigen isn’t filthy rich, he’s actually pretty strapped for cash, but he still pays Mob. But he’s just using him after all.

lies to costumers

People go to Reigen, looking for help, as some spirit has afflicted them. Most of the time though, that spirit on their shoulder is actually just a stiff shoulder. So Reigen gives them a massage. The times it’s actually the work on a spirit, is when he calls in Mob to help. At the end of the day, Reigen still helps his customers, and gives them peace of mind.

Were they misled? Sure, you can say that. But they still end up leaving happy and content, except for very few occasions, like the one guy who wanted Reigen to curse a man, and the group of college kids who wanted the ghost family exorcised.

“ It’s pretty I easy to prove that he’s kind of an ass. “

Yeah he certainly is at times, I won’t deny that, but he ends up suffering for it. And boy does he suffer it for, hello Separation Arc. Just read chapters 68-73. Reigen ends up saying some pretty bad things to Mob,causing Mob to stop showing up for work, and there’s a whole downward spiral for Reigen. People always mention how much SUFFERING the Mogami arc is.

While the Mogami Arc broke my heart, hurt my soul, The Seperation Arc came right after and absolutely shattered me into a million pieces.

Now, let’s go back to the time Mob first met Reigen. The flashback in the anime shows Mob’s point of view, when that flashback actually occurs later on and it’s from Reigen’s point of view.

Reigen’s pretty unsatisfied, he was going to close up shop, probably move somewhere else and start a new job, as he had done previous times before.

But then Mob shows up, changes all of that.

“You’ve Grown Up”

So yes, we have Reigen coming to a realization about his relationship with Mob, as he’s being dragged and publicly lynched.

Now, let me raise another point, cause clearly Reigen’s a bad person.


We have Mob, not only saying he always knew Reigen didn’t have powers, he also knows that REIGEN IS A GOOD PERSON. 

I’m not saying it, Mob is.

Yes, Reigen does do questionable things, but that does not mean he is not a good person! He is flawed and complex, but an incredibly REAL character. He’s not some LAWFUL GOOD goody two-shoes piece of cardboard character who is as bland as stale bread, and absolutely FAR from being perfect, but that is what makes him so good and great. 


How about the fact that Mob has known for a good 3-4 years that Reigen never actually had powers, but still practically used him and had Reigen keep putting on the psychic charade for Mob’s sake for his own benefit? 

hold up hold up hold the frikfrack up

I was looking through recent Nomura interviews and this line about KHUX jumped out at me:

- Little by little, we’re getting to see Ephemer. Will his role be more important?

Nomura: Ephemer and Skuld are becoming considerably more important in the second season of KH Unchained X. Although the story of KHX (PC) has concluded, the story of Unchained Chi exists in another dimension. The relationship around that will be told in the second season, so please wait for the next report.

BARRING THE FACT that I follow the global version so I could be missing some critical info and be way off in my thinking here–

“another dimension.”

Rewind to Ava talking about Ephemer in mission 425: “He’s fallen into an unchained state and now finds himself in a different realm. From that realm, I believe he tried reaching out to [the player].” He was in our dream. He tried to reach us through sleep.

Fast forward to when we meet Skuld. She also said that Ephemer reached out to her in a dream.

Fast forward to Union X. Ven is somehow present, with Ephemer and Skuld, hundreds if not a thousand+ years before he’s living in the present KH timeline. What is Ven associated with? Sleep. He suffers from two comas that we know of, one of which was around the age that he appears to be in KHUX. What did we learn from the Terra+Namine dialogue from the concert? There’s a possibility that memory can transcend time, allowing a person in the present to speak with a person in the past through memory.


A recap of that conversation between Dad!Kane and his murder child
  • Dad!Kane: JFC, what is it with you Blakes? Last season your brother was a little murder child, this season I gotta deal with you being a murder child...
  • Octavia: Hey, I was just tryna do what I think is best for our people
  • Dad!Kane: Oh, ffs, you know you can't just say that phrase and have it excuse all your bad behavior
  • Octavia: but like...can't i though? because i'm pretty sure it works for everyone else
  • Dad!Kane: well, it doesn't work for this particular plot point. your decisions have consequences, you can't -
  • Octavia: *rolls eyes* whatever dude, you're lame, i'm out
  • Dad!Kane: *with patented Dad Voice™* SIT DOWN YA MURDER CHILD.
  • Octavia: *sits down and does what she's told for the first time ever in her life*
  • Dad!Kane: You, young lady, are grounded. I'm sending you back to Arkadia, where I want you to sit and think about what you've done.
  • Octavia: You can't tell me what to do
  • Dad!Kane: I'm pretty sure I just did *mic drop, dad!kane out*

although ed have messed up so much lately, i actually love the fact that even though rob and aaron seem to be on good terms, there’s still that underlying tension present where there’s still so many things which have been unspoken, which keeps the sl sort of consistent (in the sense that even though aaron has forgiven robert, they’ve still got a lot to work through). aaron’s insecurities are so evident and robert’s fear of losing aaron is showing as well; especially through his constant desire to disassociate himself with the baby and back away. the fact that their actions address their fears makes the situation more believable, i guess. i wish there wouldn’t have been this situation in the first place but their emotions, i believe, will lead to a more intense breakdown of some sort where they both express what they’re feeling in a clearer manner (probably when robert finds out the baby isn’t his 😌)

Let’s not forget that Scarlet Vision is one of the purest ships out there. He’s not even human, his apparence is weird and yet, Wanda loves him for who he is, for the soul that he’s carrying. He could be yellow, red, blue; he could even be in another body, but she’ll still love him, because his soul, his mind waves would be the same, the same man in another body.

And let’s not forget the MTV interview in which they were asked about Vision not having genitalia, and Elizabeth’s answer was:  What’s really important in your relationships then? Meaning they could never have intercourse, they will probably be asexual, but they’ll love each other, because physical stuff doesn’t actually matters with them. You are worrying about purely sexual things when you have to understand that that’s not what really matters with them!

And let’s be honest, if the actors felt weird about kissing each other, they would have never agreed to play the part. You are playing Wanda when you know there’s going to be a Vision, and Elizabeth is a comic book fan, what were you expecting? 

Ness out *drops mic*

  • Kise: You're weird.
  • Nijimura: Oh, so I'M weird?
  • Nijimura: [points at Akashi] He stabs people with scissors.
  • Nijimura: [points at Midorima] He brings weird shit everywhere.
  • Nijimura: [points at Murasakibara] He eats nothing but junk food everyday and he's still built like a tank.
  • Nijimura: [points at Aomine] He talks about never getting defeated, gets defeated, and still talks about never getting defeated.
  • Nijimura: [points at Kise] You're gay for everyone.
  • Nijimura: [points at Kuroko] HE LIVES LIKE A GHOST.
  • Nijimura: I'm out.

Barry finding out that Len has feelings for someone and doesn’t know that it’s him so he tries to find out who the other person is and get them together because he’s used to people not liking him back and yeah it will hurt, but he wants nothing more than Len’s happiness.

the problem with am/////uto isn’t that they’re incapable of coming to develop a relationship - yeah, there are plenty of relationships that develop between people who are six years apart in age and the emotional development is certainly there between the two of them in particular. the problem is that they formed that kind of relationship when there was a huge gap in power between them due to age difference, not to mention that peach pit somehow found it funny to drown ikuto in pedophilic tropes abound when they seriously didn’t even need to in order to make him an interesting character. his trauma and journey to relocate his father and reconcile with his sister, mother, tadase, and amu should have been enough to constitute that. in fact, those facets of his character are what made him such a compelling person to read about. at the core, ikuto was someone who cared deeply about those closest to him and to muddle his character development with unnecessary pedophilic gags was just tasteless. also, what with the semi flash forward into the future at the wedding in the last chapter of encore, it would have been totally reasonable for him and amu to not have developed a romantic relationship at present but for it to be shown that they somehow grew closer years later when there was less of a difference in maturity and power. like seriously - can you imagine yourself, as a sixth grader who is twelve years old, being in a relationship with a twelfth grader who is eighteen ? my brother just finished sixth grade and i literally cannot grasp such a concept. if peach pit really wanted for amu and ikuto to be together so badly, they should have made all of the characters older and in high school rather than bumble along happily with a completely unrealistic relationship as it was presently portrayed within the manga canon. the majority of ppl who dislike the ship don’t do so out of a lack of comprehension for the relationship between these two - we dislike it bc the way it was portrayed was incredibly irresponsible when it absolutely didn’t have to be.