and i'm only at 40 atm

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Do you think they'll reveal the Armored and Colossal's identities next episode and have it be a cliffhanger? Or save it for the week after if it continues to go chapter by chapter and saves it for the episode that will probably be called "warrior"? I'm hoping atm that it will be the latter. Everyone will hate on the warriors even more (not that they wouldn't hate them as is but maybe it might peak a bit more curiosity as well if it showed the full chapter)

No, episode 30 will be the snow scene from 40 and the entirely of 41. It should end with Krista revealing her true identity. Some sleuthing from @guyinlovewitheremika seems to confirm this.

So Episode 31 will likely be “Warrior”. It will cover chapter 42 (and hopefully some of 43). Anime onlies have another week and a half to live in blissful ignorance about our warrior boys.

Although I am smiling in this photo, it was both a happy and sad occasion.

Today was the final day for Ancient Wonders, my local game store. I have been shopping here for about 20 years.

I knew that today was their last day, and I planned to drive over right after dinner. I called at 5:45pm to ask what time they would be closing. 6pm I was told.

Oh crap.

I knew I was 45 minutes away, but I didn’t care. I started driving anyway. I had to say goodbye. I had to give George (the owner) that signed copy of Zombie Loyalists I’d been hanging onto for a couple years now. Why do I always have to be late?!

I arrived at 6:30pm and thankfully George was still there, along with several of his staff. I got to give him the book (he smiled at that) and I got to say goodbye.

I saw they still had several boxes of Magic cards and asked if it was too late to buy one if I paid with cash. They told me they were just commons and uncommons used to make their “grab bags,” but as long as I understood that, I could buy a box of 7,000 cards for $40.

So I ran to an ATM. By the time I got back there was only one guy left, and he said I could go ahead and choose two boxes instead. Then he threw in a box of basic lands.

So this is a photo of me making the VERY LAST sale of the incredible LGS, Ancient Wonders. Buying approximately 20,000 cards for $40.

So long, Ancient Wonders!! And thanks for all the great times.