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i'm honestly curious about a blaise x neville pairing. any ideas? ^^

okay so i have honestly never considered them but as we know i’m literally open up to any pairing so i think i can come up with a few ideas

  • i feel like even though blaise was around people that looked down on neville and made fun of him
  • he felt bad for him and actually wanted to help him
  • but it took a lot of courage for him to even let go of his pompous act to even potentially approach neville
  • his first attempt was fifth year after goyle and crabbe attacked neville
  • his books were scattered all over the hall
  • and blaise could tell that neville was holding back tears
  • so once all his friends left the hallway
  • he went over and helped him
  • neville was caught off guard but just said thanks
  • blaise said no problem
  • and neville walked off and they went on with their day
  • then sixth year came when they were at slughorn’s dinner party
  • he heard slughorn say something about neville that just didn’t rub him the right way
  • blaise then stuck up for him and stunned everyone
  • and neville appeared back in the room because he forgot his coat and overheard
  • neville was once perplexed again
  • blaise felt himself flush for the first time in his life
  • a few weeks later
  • neville approached blaise in the hallway and asked what he was playing at
  • then blaise answered honestly and said he wasn’t, he just wanted to get to know him better
  • no one willingly wanted to be friends with neville
  • and that made neville’s heart race
  • they became secret friends after that
  • they wrote each other letter’s constantly
  • and sooner versus later they changed from platonic to something more
  • but it changed their seventh year
  • their letters became scarce
  • and neville didn’t think it was wise to keep in touch
  • he was fighting for a bigger cause
  • and blaise wanted to protect himself
  • it wasn’t until after neville chopped nagini’s head off that they saw each other again
  • blaise was standing there breathless
  • and now that everything was over
  • blaise just didn’t care who knew anymore
  • he walked up to neville and kissed him
  • some people saw
  • but others were too preoccupied reuniting with their loved ones and mourning the dead
  • and all neville could think was, “this is what i was fighting for”
  • and blaise’s gut was on fire and he knew this shouldn’t feel so right but it did
  • and then that’s when he knew this was what he was holding on for
  • for this moment
  • for this chance

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I just saw your post to an anon that you thought was baiting you & I sent you an ask last night (one of many I am sure after that crapbomb) about Jen associating herself with sleazy misogynists like DOR and now Aronofsky. I wanted to apologize if mine was the one you were referring to, just in bad need to vent my frustration over the news with someone. Wouldn't blame you for thinking it was baiting because in retrospect I see how others have been baited about this. I am sorry for any confusion.

Hello anon. You have to understand that there is a known person who loves to hit inboxes and spread rumor, innuendo, and general discord. Fan the flames if you will. (Just yesterday in fact)

What I can say about Hollywood is that a good 85 - 95% of men in the industry are sleazy misogynist. Especially the ones directing and making movies. They have a lot of power and they like to use it. Jen and other actresses couldn’t get away from that if they tried to. They can and will kill your career if they want to. She has to work them. It’s a fine balance all actors have to walk. I have a colleague who is a screenwriter and we have had in depth conversations on the subject.

As for this new “casual dating”, I think I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….Ewwww. It’s just gross and he’s a major douchebag. Words cannot describe how I’m side-eyeing her PR right now. They have their reasons I guess, but the way this all rolled out screams fauxmance. Jen has said over and over again, we don’t know what happens in her personal life. They put out what they want to/need to. 

And I’ve said this to my friends, but if I can get through my best friend dating a semi-married truck driver almost 20 years older, than this is nothing. At least I’m not personally involved in questionable dating choices. Hell, I’ve survived the shit-show that is Closh for 2 years! And yes in indeed it is a shit show!

In the end, I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I fell into Joshifer but I wouldn’t change a thing (just for the friendships I have gained alone) and I still am a believer. Even if it’s just for their friendship alone because they are so special together. They light up around each other in a way they do with no other people. Just call me a freakin’ romantic. 

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Dialogue 13 with matsuhana (;

13. “You look…”
“Beautiful, I know. Can we move on?”

Hanamaki taps his foot impatiently, glaring accusingly at the sky of pinks and oranges and purples as if it is its fault that his date is late.

Twenty minutes. It is twenty minutes past their scheduled meeting time, and Matsukawa is not here.

Hanamaki swears he’s going to beat him up if he’s late for some inane reason like I forgot to set an alarm again.

Finally, freakin’-nugget-finally, he hears footsteps thumping behind him, and jerks his head back to glare. “For the love of all that is good, it’s been forty minutes, you flipping chicken nugget-” His words die out, when he catches sight of what his boyfriend is wearing. “You look…”

“Beautiful, I know. Can we move on?”

No, they can’t. 

Well, okay, Matsukawa looks beautiful all the time, impeccably gorgeous no matter the circumstance. But this time, Hanamaki admits that his standards are not that low.

“Issei… Did you make a dumb bet with Oikawa again?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Matsukawa sniffs, taking him by the hand and starting to walk. “Am I not allowed to wear a toga for no reason other than the fact that I want to?”

“Issei, please. That looks like one of Oikawa’s curtains.”

“I’m glad you noticed.” Matsukawa says loftily, and Hanamaki chokes on a sob or giggle - he isn’t sure which it is.

“What’s Oikawa wearing, then?”

“Clothes, I hope.”

Hanamaki groans and looks around, flushing when he sees the number of bystanders gawking at them. He quickly pulls his phone out to pretend he has something to do instead of meeting their eyes, and chokes out another sob-giggle at the sight of the spam of messages. He lifts his eyes a little and scans the crowd around him, and has to keep himself from gasping aloud at the sight of a familiar figure.

“Issei, seriously, what did you and Oikawa bet on and what is he wearing?”

“The bet is secret, but if you must know what he is wearing, then ask Iwaizumi.”

“I don’t need to ask, I can see him down the next street - the one with the good takoyaki - wait, no, stop looking - Matsukawa Issei, just what do you think you’re doing-”

His protests go unheard as he is dragged along, and then the four of them are face-to-face, Matsukawa and Oikawa dressed in honestly indecent clothing, Iwaizumi and Hanamaki trying to shrink into the ground behind them.

Oikawa places one hand on his hip, the curtain matching the one Matsukawa is wearing shifting under his hand. “Mattsun.”

“Oikawa.” Matsukawa folds his arms across his chest, and Hanamaki thanks every Shinto god he can remember that at least his boyfriend had the decency to cover his chest. Or one half of it, but that doesn’t matter.

“Tooru, can you please stop this nonsense immediately-”

“No!” Oikawa snaps, his gaze still fixed on Matsukawa. “We said we’d settle this fairly, and we will. “

“Oikawa,” Hanamaki groans, “You’re wearing a sarong and it’s autumn.”

A barely perceptible shiver goes through the brunet, but he holds his ground, despite being naked from the waist up.

“Freezing is the least of his worries right now,” Matsukawa scoffs, unfolding his arms to grab Hanamaki by the hand. “You know what we agreed on. I’ll see you at morning practice tomorrow, Captain.”

“I won’t lose!” Oikawa huffs, turning to stalk away, Iwaizumi chasing after him.

Hanamaki keeps sneaking glances back at them, at the duo now off on their own date, before Matsukawa sighs and tightens his grip on his hand.

“It’s nothing big. Let’s just enjoy our night.”

“Are you sure? You look cold.”

Matsukawa shivers, then promptly pokes Hanamaki in the side. “There is going to be no mention of that word tonight.”

“Oh?” Hanamaki raises an eyebrow. “Any other conditions of the bet?”

Matsukawa sighs. “No warm places.”

Hanamaki hums thoughtfully. “Anything else?”

“Sorry, the number you reached is unavailable. Please, try again later. Thank you.”

The strawberry blond grins and places one of his bare, icy hands on his boyfriend’s waist. Matsukawa yelps and tries to wriggle away, but Hanamaki’s grip is firm. “So you and Oikawa bet you could go out wearing nothing but drapes and still keep warm somehow? Well, do I have news for you.”

“Takahiro, are you seriously telling me that you’re going to make me lose the bet-”

“Aha, so the bet is related to keeping warm!”

Matsukawa shuts his mouth firmly and walks away, leaving Hanamaki to chase after him, laughing.

“Okay, okay, no mention of icy stuff, no being toasty warm. How else can I help you win this bet?”

Matsukawa groans. “You’re a little shit.”

“At your service. Now, I heard that the ice skating rink is great at this hour…”

“Hanamaki Takahiro.”

“No? Well, the really nice ice cream parlour is just down the other street-”


“Oooh, I remember seeing that the yakiniku place near the main shopping hub has an offer today!”

“You’re killing me.”

“Love you too. Oh, I know, I heard there’s a stand that sells snowcones nearby…”

(Hanamaki would never admit it, but one upside of the bet was that he got to sit in Matsukawa’s lap a lot more often than usual, even if he got thrown off fairly often for his ‘insufferably frozen appendages’.)

(And as both Matsukawa and Oikawa were too sick to come to school the next day, Hanamaki and Iwaizumi never found out what they were betting on.)

(Though admittedly, the memory of the date itself was enough.)

okay but twilight is so underappreciated like all the cullen’s back stories about when/before they were vampires way before bella’s time are amazing and all the wolves legends are too like why can’t people see it’s more than just a romance and it’s also about bella figuring out her purpose in life because honestly that’s more what it is than anything else.. bella finding her own personal worth apart from taking care of her mom or even finding love

So I got a friend into Holic and Tsubasa recently and he’s somehow gotten in his head that “Holic is the best magical girl anime! With Watanuki and Doumeki….“ 

And then 30 mins later he sent me that. I can’t. 

And then you posted the Madoka!Watanuki again yesterday. The stars have aligned or something.



I love absolutely everything about this and your friend is a GIFT.

Hey all,

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