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Hi Rose, thank you for the sweet message yesterday! (Hoping for pregnancy anon). I took a test today and I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€โค I feel so much joy and love and still can't really believe it. After all this waiting it's finally happening. Thank you again for the kind words x

Anon, I hope you don’t mind my posting this but honestly it made me so damn happy. I almost cried over it, as a couple of friends I was with at the time can verify, but hearing the fear in your words the day before and then the joy afterwards, I am just SO delighted for you. I was sending you all my good wishes for a positive test and now I’m sending you and baby all my best thoughts for a healthy happy pregnancy and a wonderful life together.

I literally just can’t even stop grinning. Thank you for sharing your happy news. So much love to you and all of yours at this joyful moment.

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IM 100% FOR LUCIEN AND TARQUIN and for Elain to be the best friend who gives the two thumps up when she sees them together.

yes, yes, yes….but also Elain being the best mate/girlfriend who fucks them up when she sees them together. this is also fun. 

Hello! This will be my first follow forever since it’s been some time since I’ve become accustomed to Tumblr. Yes I was sucked into this hell, would I be more productive without Tumblr? Most definitely, but who cares. Clearly I don’t 

anyways, here’s to this blog being below average!

also sorry for the graphic that could possibly hurt your eyes to read!

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jesus christ this took so much longer than I had expected it would.

anyways! have a good day y’all!

things that should absolutely be drawn: hiro hamada holding his oscar out to moana but with a sticky note over the nameplate so it reads ‘moana’ instead of ‘big hero 6’

no romance, just disney kids supporting each other

literally tag me if you do the thing i’ll cry


Greg “Mouse” Gerwitz in every scene bc I can.