and i'm offended rn like

Journalism imply that when writing articles, you’re supposed to be as objective as possible (except for reviews). Jeff Benjamin has not only been spreading misinformation, but he’s belittling major kpop acts such as BIGBANG, Wonder Girld and Girls’ Generation, making it seem like they had it easy just because they’re from the big 3. And he does it because he got personally offended when kpop fans joked about billboard, and continues to do this because certain fans are praising him and calling him daddy. What the fuck? Btw I’m not discrediting BTS here, they won the social media award, an award fcking created because of beliebers - an award won by Bieber the past like 6 years until this year, when BTS won and that’s amazing!!! I saw their thank you speech, I was genuinly happy for them as that was a major milestone for them and for kpop yes! However belittling the success senior kpop has, by stepping on the fact that they literally paved the way? Giving misinformation about kpop in general; Just because Jeff get off by the thought that a bunch of teens calls him daddy? I have no fucking respect for Jeff Benjamin.

Okay this literally happened right now I really felt like talking to someone and my head just went “send jungkook a meme” and i legit opened my contacts and then went “oh…”

I honestly hate discourse posts so much. The amount that I see is honestly so annoying and negative, and there are people that love reblogging it and sometimes my feed is full of it. I hate discourse

In my English class in year 9, we had to do an essay on why a piece of media deserves an award. My friends’ class did Schindler’s List and mine did Sherlock and I nearly fucking screamed

Ship talk under cut. I’m so furious.

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