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Michael: what? find my pun shockingly good?


Michael: Are you staring at me because I’m strikingly good looking?

Jeremy: Adios asshole

  • michael: how do you fit 71 people in my car?
  • jeremy: what kind of question is that? wouldn’t that be impossible? do you even know 71 people? i mean why can’t they just--
  • michael: 2 in the front, we 69 in the back
  • jeremy: --uH whAt i mEAn eR HUH tAke pUbLIc tRaNspORt???!!?

since the masterpost for the drawpile is currently marked as sensitive content, I cropped the doodles I made in the drawing session with @audens in commemoration of 600 followers! congrats, and this was a lot of fun!!! I hope we can do another sometime `w`)/

Why are we not discussing these things about today’s G/M/S&G/M/S/More? Link saying to Rhett that he wants him to feel some emotions, any emotions, and continuing to say things like that throughout the episode. All of the flirting. The bit in G/M/S/More where Link mentioned Mexico and Rhett gave him an odd look before quickly making it about the prunes, Then stumbling over what he was saying about prunes being delivered to Link’s room, which included a room number that Link then said “Don’t give out my room number, I’m still there” and then Rhett said “That was my room number” and they just quite and someone (stevie I believe) made a snickering/laughing sound before they started talking about the gummy again. and the bit about “Make us agree on something (their guess for the gummies) our relationship depends on it”

I’m sitting here just really sad and emotional because it’s one of those moments that’s like, okay it’s just over, it’s done and I think it’s just I’m going to miss the friendships on the show and the actors on set and hanging out and mostly just enjoying this whole thing with you guys. 

I’ve changed and grown so much throughout the entire series and you guys have been there for me through it all so thank you. Thank you for your support and friendship. 

That’s a wrap on a chunk of my life and I’m so grateful I got to share it all with you. 

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Would you like to have a lot of fluff again?

@leafeon-daily asked: Pharos! Do you ever miss having fluffy, snuggly wool?

Pharos: If you’re asking if I miss being a Mareep, then the answer is no. Being one was easily the most troubled stage in my life, and I wouldn’t want to go back to that. If I were to turn into a Mareep now, where I am now, away from the farm… I still wouldn’t like it. I was too vulnerable and weak… I’m ok now. Plus, if I want to be fluffy again, I can just mega evolve~

@chocolateflavoredmagicphatmouse asked: Have you ever mega evolved? What does it feel like?

Pharos: Well, mega evolution can be painful, but… I’ve overcome it, so to speak? My trainer always made me feel safe when mega evolving, and I’ve done so so many times for contests that… I no longer feel afraid of it. I won’t say it’s not weird, but it’s a weirdness I’m accustomed to.

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M!A [3/5]


They’re just naturally cute ♡

sometimes you just gotta indulge yourself with some modern buffstrid

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kinda going on your point i always rme at people being like "i was looking forward to lgbt representation with lup and that's why im upset with blupjeans" like. the t. the t???? THE T IN LGBT, IT DOESN'T CHANGE BECAUSE SHE LOVES A DUDE, y'all,

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