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      this  is  a  relationship  call;  now  when  i  mean  relationship,  i’m  referring  to  alliances  between  our  muses,  enemies,  or  something  of  the  sort,  not  particularly  shipping.  even  if  we  DO  or  DON’T  have  a  thread  going,  or  we’re  planning  on  starting  one,  like  this  call  if  you’re  genuinely  interested  in  discussing  a  dynamic  between  our  muses  out  !  HELL  i’m  totally  down  for  enemies,  or  even  a  weird  friendship/allies  thing, ( since sylvanas is complicated when it comes to that ).  just  like  this  call  &&  sometime  soon  i’ll  slide  into  your  IM   to  get  on  discussing  this,  don’t  be  shy !

I’ve been playing the mmbc pretty much nonstop both last night & this morning… I’m finished! I have final stuff to set up & the story that happens after is… well.. I have a lot to lead in to that as well ;) Buuuut the challenge itself is finished & Gabe has a winner… Is it the murderer or someone else?? I suppose you shall know soon enough!!

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flagfighter someone should make a post comparing how Komaeda…

I’ve thought about this a lot too. I’ll wait to see if the anime takes it anywhere in the end, but his reaction to him in the anime seemed like the opposite of what I would’ve expected. Or at least very different.

Well, I think the main difference is in his manga 1) it’s a nightmare. and 2) he sees him as Hinata first, and they’ve already established that he cares about Hinata. Despite it being based off a memory deep within himself, he thinks it’s Hinata at first. (And I don’t…even think the words are the same as in Chapter 0? could be wrong though.)

And then when he turns into Izuru, saying “Boring…it’s all boring…” I think? (I can’t speak Japanese, I just got a translation from a friend ^^; ) That’s when he reacts, and he does not look happy.

This is infinitely fascinating to me, because I thought, initially, that Komaeda would have pushed Hinata into becoming Kamukura in say, despair arc if they had met…but this seems to suggest he cares too much about Hinata to do something like that? Like, this is a nightmare remember. It’s a memory twisted by his sickness and conflict over what Monokuma showed him before. It’s not a good thing to him, and after it in the manga, he looks very resigned, almost kind of…sad is too strong, but I suppose the word would be he’s realized a truth that he didn’t want to, but he’s deciding to face it,feeling like he has no choice.

Granted, like I said, I can’t read this myself - so maybe something contradicts this thought process. This is definitely the feeling I got from it, though.

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Honestly maybe you shouldn't have the dog if you can't afford this kind of stuff. I know no one plans for their animal to get sick but you should always be financially stable before committing to a dog.

Are you serious right now? Get the hell off my blog. No, sorry, I don’t keep $2000 in my back pocket, I’m a college student. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t have a dog because I can’t afford emergency treatment. I don’t need this from people like you.

My friend came over and brought me a beautiful lunch with fresh bread and cheese and salad and cakes, and I tried to explain to her the way Tumblr uses tags as an oblique method of communication; when it’s not a matter of blog organisation but a conversation, instead, held at an angle, like a whisper that subtly changes the message of the post, a crooked finger or a sly aside. And then we started talking about social media in general and how it’s changing the way we experience communication, and how it’s not (like so many alarmist baby boomers seem to think) a degradation of the quality of our conversations but a re-engineering of their structure. Because people are and always have been adaptive; give them a Thing and before very long they will say “but have you considered using this Thing for a different purpose entirely? Have you considered using it sideways? What if you flip it inside out, what if you translate it into mathematics or music or code?” And I am usually at least partially filled with rage and disapproval but this afternoon was perfect, it made me remember what I love about people. Their curiosity, their malleability, how they build and build and build from what they have.

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I think I remember an end card where anna and sukuna meet how do you think that would play out?(post s2)

I know the short story for this one’s already come out though I don’t think it’s been translated, so watch that invalidate my entire answer XD I can imagine them running across each other at some point, assuming Sukuna and Yukari are staying in Shizume and I’d imagine both Homra and Scepter 4 would want to keep a weather eye on them just in case. I feel like Anna wouldn’t be terribly highly disposed towards him at first and he’d probably be a bit standoffish with her, since the two of them were enemies after all and Sukuna especially I could see being stubborn about that (and possibly holding helping to kill Nagare against her though that would be awfully hypocritical considering Totsuka and Mikoto). I like the idea of Anna being kinda stern but friendly, like she’s willing to befriend him and get to know him but she’s not going to stand for any bullshit from him either. And if she knows that he had a hand in making that little video game mocking Totsuka and Mikoto’s deaths I think she’d be a little upset at him and maybe Sukuna tries to deflect like well, that’s what happens when you’re enemies or something like that. And then Anna just gives him this stern Red King glare and Sukuna deflates a little before finally mumbling ’…I’m sorry.’ Anna’s nice so she at least temporarily forgives him and is willing to work towards a friendship where eventually he’ll apologize again and actually mean it this time.


I finally did the bias selfie tag thing that @kookiebaen tagged me in about a million years ago! I’m sorry to be here looking like this, though, haha. A few other people also wanted me to do this lol. @chanyeaoll @normality-is-unnecessary and @foxistrash .. idk @etherealchen also tried to convince me haha. I’ll tag the people who tried to convince me and @jonggdaes to do it haha. (you all look better than me lmao anyways. gl !!)