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pray for me y’all.  During the first wave of acceptance/rejection letters to the honors college back in December I was placed on the wait list.  And I cried, ngl I was really upset.  But then things got worse because my dad called the college to inquire about why i got wait listed, and he did it without telling me. Now I had been talking to a admissions counselor a few weeks prior to getting my wait list letter and she said she absolutely cannot stand when parents call about stuff like that. So when I found out what my dad did it I freaked even more, especially since the guy he called is the guy who is supposed to recommend me to the honors program :))) My dad insisted he was civil, but honestly I have no idea what that means bc we have very different ideas on what civil is, like my definition of civil would have been for me to call for myself and ask how I can improve my chances, possibly e-mail because phone calls are too confrontational for this matter imo. He called the dude and asked why I didn’t get in. One makes me seem like I’m an adult who wants to do things herself the other makes me look like a child who didn’t get her way. Anyway the second wave of acceptance letters will be sent out this spring, I have been constantly stressed bc the honors college was my main reason for staying in state, and I’ll be able to handle it if I dont, but getting in is a huge deal to me.  But I’m worried all this stuff has hurt my chances, like I’m super super worried.  So please please pray for my peace of mind and that I’ll get in, and that if I dont I’ll be able to handle it gracefully and make the best of my situation. thanks

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Some people say that the letters on Fire Fist's tattoo represent his enemies and for every one he burns to death, he crosses them off on his list

“You know, that actually sounds like a cool ide- Ow! Riskua! Why’d you hit me?!”
“Don’t you go doing that, Freckles, you’ll run out of skin to tattoo all those Marines and Luffy-haters on.”
“There are Luffy haters?! Where the fuck have I been when they popped up?!”

Obelisk things

Good news: I just finished the next chapter of Obelisk for Saturday

Bad news: Nothing went according to plan and I know at least one person is going to full on hate me. I’m sorry.

i get so excited when other muses talk to the beast about books because i’m an english major who must extensively delve into literature for my classes so i’m …. home. granted, i’ve yet to read a majority of voltaire, camus, lerous, etc … but i do know shakespeare, at least. [beast voice] i do have an expensive education, of course. no, really, i’m poor from learning,


characters: Lofty Executor, Lofty Anpassen
pairing: ^ (rating: the concept of personal space does not exist)
words: 727
summary: Executor has bunny ears. Anpassen wants to touch them.

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